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Buy 3 PCS Women Scarf, Soft abaya , abaya Online: Super Hijab is often used by the women who dress themselves with abaya. There are many types of scarf. Short abaya are the two major kinds that are in fashion in the markets.

Another term used for the abaya is the stole. Both are equal in the term of use and wearing. The women of South Asia and Middle East are fond of these scarves. Even the women in Europe are resorting to the abaya and stole.

It gives them the sense of protection and security among the men of different categories.   The long-knitted abaya is used to drape and wrap the body especially the upper part of the body starting from chest to head. abaya  Macys is also the type of Buy 3 PCS Women abaya, Scarf Online and is in fashion in the America and other European countries.

The long yellow scarf is used to attribute the wide decorating sash that the women wear over the shoulder to look attractive and pretty. Graduation stole and liturgical stole are the main kinds of the long yellow scarf.

As for as the shape of the scarf is concerned, it can be in many different shapes and styles. It can be thing. It can be long. It can be rectangular. It is like the winter wool scarf that is wrapped around the neck in order to keep warm and avoid the bitter cold. Another shape of the long scarf is its square shape. Often it is in silk abaya and foulard that are worn by the women in the different countries of the world.

In simple words, the long yellow scarf is a kind of fabric item that is generally used to cover the neck to give it warmth and heat. The use of the scarf defines it how long and scarf is to be worn. It can be casual or formal.

The confusion about the abaya is due to the fact that some people call it the evening shawal or wool scarf or wool shawl according to the region and culture.

However, stole and scarf are different from shawl as they are shorter than shawals which are wider and are used to wrap around the whole body.  The long-knitted scarf is a kind of muffler that men wear around their neck in the winter season in subcontinent.


35.5 x 70.9″ / 90 x 180cm.


Crimson, Dark Green


Women Only

Following are the basic features that neck scarves have:

  1. It is made of polyester fiber which is smooth, soft and easy to wear without irritating your body.
  2. Size of the abaya is 5 x 70.9″ / 90 x 180cm.
  3. It can be presented in form of gift for women of every age with confidence and reliability on birthday parties or other such occasion.
  4. Cleaning is just quite easy. Hand wash in the cold water but avoid using bleach and wringing or twisting. After washing, hang it on wire to dry.
  5. Each variety is available from beach wearing to traveling and outdoor functions.

Just contact us if you have any inquiry regarding the colours, quality or guarantee.

  • The company would try its level best to satisfy you as the custom’s trust is our motto and priority.

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