Essence of Hajj: A Profound Journey of Faith and Spiritual Renewal

A Profound Journey of Faith and Spiritual Renewal” Discover the Deeper Meaning and Significance Behind the Sacred Pilgrimage Experience” Junaid ibn Muhammad Abu Al-Qasim al-Khazzaz alBaghdadi, often referred to by the name of Junaid Baghdadi was born in Baghdad (830-910 AD). He was among the earliest Persian scholars and scholars of Islam.

The following tale is believed to be from him in relation to an understanding of the meaning in Hajj.

Once, Junaid Baghdadi sat down with one man who was returning to Hajj (Hajji). After having watched the man for a while, the man asked him “Have you ever been there to Hajj?”

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Hajji Yeah, I am back.

Junaid If you left home in preparation of Hajj Did you repent of your wrongs?

Hajji Then I didn’t consider it.

Junaid If that’s the case you did not leave to Hajj.

Junaid How was your journey, rest-breaks, and stops? As you traveled did you find yourself moving mentally or spiritually towards Allah?

Hajji It was because I got too focused on other aspects of my travels and did not take time to reflect on the experience.

Junaid If you don’t, then it’s not actually been to the home of Allah.

The JunaidHow do you feel about putting on your sheaam and changing your regular clothes, have you thought about getting rid of your bad behavior and attitude?

Hajji The idea didn’t even cross my mind.

Junaid:Alas! You didn’t even put on your Ihraam.

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Junaid Do you feel the influence of Allah as you sat in Arafaat like He was right in your face?

Hajji It’s not true, but I didn’t feel that way.

Junaid This means that you didn’t even get to Arafaat.

Junaid While you were at Muzdalfah Did you contemplate gathering goals and dreams for the future when you picked up the sand to cast them out once you have reached the altars of desire?

Hajji Just thinking about collecting the pebbles.

Junaid You haven’t even been to Muzdalfah.

Junaid How do you throw stones on the pillars? While performing the ritual, did it make a vow to stay away from fraudulent entices and to avert the sins you committed?

Hajji The same thing did not take place either.

Junaid Junaid:Unfortunately you’ve not done Ramy (stoning rituals) neither.

Junaid What was the experience of you feeling during your Tawaaf (circumambulation)? Did you be overwhelmed by a strong fascination for the supreme beauty of Allah in Tawaaf?

Hajji It was not so, but I was just counting the amount of Tawaaf I made.

Junaid This is it is as if you didn’t even perform Tawaaf.

Junaid Maybe you were aware of the meaning, wisdom, and purpose of moving across Mounts Safaa as well as Marwah. Did you consider the battle between Mother Hajira and Mother Hajira? Did you consider her faith and dedication to Allah?

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Hajji It’s not really.

Junaid Also you’ve not done Sayee (running between Safaa and Marwah).

Junaid Please tell me more about your rituals of sacrifice. When you slaughtered your animal did you offer sacrifice to please Allah? Also, did you think of the Prophet Ibrahim and his undying devotion to Allah?

Hajji This didn’t occur to me.

Junaid If that’s the case you do not have to offered the sacrifice.

JunaidAllah God is Most Merciful! It is imperative that you return next year to perform the Hajj in the right mentality and the attitude to become God Conscious. It is important to relive the events of Ibrahim and reflect on his life-style. Keep in mind and consider the verse from the Quran that reads, “And Ibrahim who fulfilled his obligations.” (53:37)

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