History of Islamic Fiqh: تاريخ الفقه الإسلامي by Dr Umar Sulayman al-Ashqar

History of Islamic Fiqh: تاريخ الفقه الإسلامي by Dr Umar Sulayman al-Ashqar – The history of Islamic Fiqh is a wonderful overview of Islamic legal system. It is an authoritative, easy-to-follow guide for those who are beginning to learn about studying fiqh or Islamic Jurisprudence. 

The late, highly respected scholar Dr. ‘Umar al-Ashqar gives a thorough overview of this discipline’s origins and the reliability of its rational and scriptural sources, and the broad range in legal concepts and views throughout the mainstream of Sunni Islam.

 In addition, he discusses the evolution of fiqhand it’s rise to prominence, its principal theological schools (madhahib) and their periods of growth and stagnation and their interdependence in attempting to address the complex and dynamic nature of our times.

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The author was graciously able to have his work translated to the benefit of the English people and his heirs kindly gave up any financial rights to the non-profit publication. We pray to Allah to bless Dr. al-Ashqar as well as his loved ones in the ways only He can and allow the value of this book to reach to all generations to come. Amin.

As children from Ibrahim (Abraham), Jews, Christians, and Muslims are worshipping one God who’s teachings have been revealed by various Messengers of the prophets however most notably through Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad. 

For Jews and Muslims specific revelations from God are the sole source of authority. But, the two monotheistic religions view the One God in a different way although they share their conception of God the Almighty. God of the Jews. God is the God of Jews is portrayed with the greatest respect in the holy letters “YHWH,” is the unimaginable God that is mentioned in Moses’ First Commandment (which Jews as well as certain fundamentalist Christians believe was communicated through God). 

This view of God is similar to that of Islam as well as identical in Christianity up to when the Council of Nicaea in 325 CE, who interpreted God as having three elements in one The third one being Jesus who was interpreted as God’s son. God or the incorporation of God into human flesh. Judaism along with Islam specifically oppose this belief in God as the Oneness God. God.

For the three Abrahamic religions, God is the ultimate source of law. Human beings must follow God’s laws. Legal concepts across all three religions have come from Theologians’ work. The reader should realize that in the context of a Muslim society the law is not only secular in the sense that it has its roots in God.

 It is the same in that of the Jewish Orthodox community. This is even true when the legal techniques, methods and practices are influenced through secular sources. Legal matters, no matter how they are in relation to substance, procedure remedies, evidence, or penalties, have to conform to the primary source, which is that is the usul which can be described as known as the Shariah C the

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In this sense this the shari is is a is akin to secular states’ constitutions to which treaties and adopted laws must adhere. The Shariah C is a does not prohibit modern codifications of procedures, laws, and evidentiary regulations, or the creation of judicial systems that are similar to those in secular non-muslim states. In actuality, several of Muslim states have done so.

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