Muharram and Sectarian Politics: Understanding Historical Context

Muharram and Sectarian Politics: Exploring the intersection of religious observance and political dynamics during Muharram” The Muslim global will enter the 1442 of the Hijra cycle beginning on August 20 of 2020. Every different will wish others and entertain with minimum concern over the adversities of Muslims in certain parts of the globe. Those who love to term them as Sunnis will focus on the Hejira of the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) from Makkah to Medina in 622 C. E And people who address them as supporters or Shia’s of Ali will wail the martyrdom of Imam Hussein, the grandson of the Prophet in Karbala.

The two Britaianization and the martyrdom of the grandson of the Prophet are inclined in a way that they are interrelated events. However, the non secular leaders, in synergy with rulers in tender, have not relented to perform all that was within their capacity to foster divisions in the network.

Hijra began to fight for rights of religious for a society that appreciates justice, equality ,and fairness for the dignity of human beings. The martyrdom was to eliminate despotism, the law of primogeniture and fascism to embrace a lifestyle that is characterized by liberty, stability and freedom.

When Imam Hussein acted according to the example of his grandfather, he opposed the oppressor, and established the Sharia law about the sanctity of life. However, as long as goals of existence are not at risk, martyrdom will remain pivotal to draw the generations’ attention to justice, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

Among Shias the event that forms a part of their religious significance is the initial ten days of Muharram. Some use these gatherings to recount the stories of martyrdom of Imam Hussein, narrate the moral qualities of the Prophet’s relatives, or occasionally, proclaim evil on the betrayers and usurpers who denied the rightful claim of the Prophet’s cousin and son in law to triumph over him. They reiterate that the rightful political and religious successor to the Prophet was Imam Ali and NOT Abu Bakr, who was the father in-law of the Prophet. In several components of the sector, the Shias also maintain passion plays reciting the events that led to the martyrdom of Imam Hussein.

Sunnis celebrate the brand new yr by way of effectively cancelling processions, distributing candies and presiding over conferences on Hijra. Some groups of South Asia & the Caribbeans continue to march with Taziya; scale models of the Tombs of Karbala, for the most part, made of coloured paper and/or bamboo.

While for the Sunni Muslims, Muharram is a fun frenzy; on the other hand for Shia Muslims, it is sad solemnity.

If the two communities do no longer come to an agreement on how to share mode of approaching each other with the start of new year, then, their behaviors will continue to draw more divide between the two groups. Each Muharram season each wound will be reopened and each night will introduce the enhancement of war because those who shed the blood of Imam Hussein disguised as Muslims.

The silence for Imam Hussein’s martyrdom may very well be seen as an unhappy reflection for earlier Muslim rulers and pupils, and it is a triumphant silence that has even preserved to be triumphant even after the fourteenth centuries.

By urging and relaying the kind words and serene demeanor of the students, tyranny, despotism, the invasion of the Quran, the Prophet’s disrespect, human rights, and justice were deemed justified. They provided the ground of ‘oppression’ which contains within the mindset of everybody who fancies themselves as ‘guiding’ the Muslims.

They brutally martyred the grandson of Propeht within the war field of Karbala and they killed the soul of Islam so as to invent a brand new world of justice and equity.

This has been the category that has seen the Shias and the Sunnis differ in analyzing the month of Muharram and this has to change so that the true values of Hijra and the martyrdom can be brought back.

Shia’s must attention on the characteristics and qualities of the martyrdom of Imam Hussein. They have to reshape cursing with a recompense to the silence and direction of scholars for the oppression. Saying or swearing and using foul language also do not make any positive meaning except to escalate aggression and enmity. They are forced to invite Sunnis to their assemblies bringing their students and leaders to make speeches about justice and equality problems.

On the other side, Sunnis have to not consider martyrdom in the context of the family fighting of the Arabic people. Imam Hussein is greater consultant of the legacy of the Prophet than all of us else now not because he become the grandson of the Prophet, but because he received the Prophet’s steerage in a way no person else did. The Prophet cherished him. Youths, hoes, and even our parents are loved simply because they are dear to the Prophet, and that is a part of our religion.

Although the Sunnis will have to study Imam Hussein’s war for justice and against tyranny and authoritarianism as a real knowledge of the Quran and not as a desire to conquer political rule. They have to country that the regulation of primogeniture adopted by way of associated Sail as the founder of the Ummayad dynasty violated the Quranic precept of governance. They have to distinguish between the respect of the companion of the Prophet and the respect of the regulations which the Prophet was following. It is therefore more sensible to say that Muawiyas, as a partner, is special than Muawiya as a ruler who no longer embodies Islamic ideals.

 The Quran is not shy to state that the fact needed to come before everything else. Nevertheless, Muawiya’s contribution in the process of amplification of the Ummayad empire had its unfavorable effects on the booming of true Islam.

They can turn it into the month of Hijra and martyrdom in the cause of justice, freedom and human dignity. For the first ten days of this month, along with Shias, they can remember the blood and the struggle for establishing justice.

Quite a lot of politics can be seen in the Shia-Sunni conflict. Saudi Arabia with the help of Salafis declares Shias as non-Islamic organisation and deviant. Thanks to the help of its spiritual clergy, Iran accuses all Sunnis of being involved in the conspiracy and an act against Imam Hussein. Their prejudices though rooted absolutely in their tribalism, politics and the need to establish control over the management of Islam, have fuelled the hostilities.

Analyzing and defining the Islam and the Quran with the assistance of the rulers and their paid clergy, the Muslim hundreds will never be allowed to assemble for justice, equality, and liberty for all. Thus, it can be concluded that there is the need for an independent agency with the help of Muslims at the grassroots level.

The non secular division of Shias and Sunnis will not permit this to happen in their present day society. This is where their survival is at the struggle and hostilities. Their source of income is hatred of each other.

Only the ones who’ve the purity of love and respect for the Quran, its eternal values of justice, equality, and freedom and those who look at the divine religion beyond their color, caste, and nationalism can take this call. Let us yearn for the change and we swap our approach to viewing this problem

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