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Naguib Mahfouz is one of the famous writers of Egypt. Though, he spent most part of his life in the West yet his love for his country and people never let him turn away from the problems and social injustice that was being done with his people back in his dear home land. He was a professor by profession. So he had a close look at the way people were living in different era and under different social set up. The early works of Naguib Mahfouz were set in the capital city of Cairo. These were a sort of historical novels which were the result of the inspiration from great Western written Walter Scot. He aimed at covering the thorough history of Egypt but he could not maintain his interest for long and shifted his interest towards the modern and current issues faced by his dear country and people.

Naguib Mahfouz was very blunt and bold writer and attempted the themes and topics which were rather considered taboos and forbidden to some extent. Besides other so many vast majorities of topics, he touched the core issues of socialism, homosexuality and God. These subjects were prohibited in his country but he had courage enough to address these subjects boldly. The main theme and subject of his writings were the development of his country Egypt during the 20th century. He studied deeply the influences which were becoming the part of the Egyptian society from West as well as east.



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Naguib Mahfouz was brought up with the inborn keen interest for literature especially the Western literature. He admired and read Western detective stories, Russian classics and the modern writer as. These modern writers included Marcel Proust, Franz Kafka and James Joyce. Like these, his stories also revolve round the populated urban areas of the surrounding of the Cairo. He painted his characters in the ordinary class of the society. These people are struggling to cope with the modernization of the society and the great attractions of the Western values that were creating great impact on their lives.

The main work that won him everlasting fame and popularity was the Cairo trilogy. This book came on the scene in 1950 and was completed before the July Revolution. The work consists of three books namely Palace WalkPalace of Desire, and Sugar Street. These entire novels describe the story of a patriarch el-Sayyed Ahmed Abdel Gawad and his family over three generations. After these works, the king farauq was overthrown and Naguib Mahfouz stopped writing for some times. However, he restarted during 1959 and again produced some good works. He was great fan of Nasser, the new king of Egypt. This time, he published short stories, essays, journalism, memoirs and screen plays. 

1960 and 1970 brought about another change in him and he started writing about the topics regarding the people’s distancing from god and the involvement in the worldly affairs. His novels now started revolving round the interior monologues and the use of the first person narration became his favorite method to bring out the different values of socialism and Nasseritism.

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