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Quran For Kids – People learn best when they have help. As in school and college, students need help with paper. It is also important to have a mentor at the beginning of your journey to learn the Qur’an. We began our Quran recitation journey when my daughter was five years old. Ramadan was between, which inspired her to complete her Quran in 5 months alhamdulillah. 

Prior to 5, we only focused on Arabic letters, and Qaida (a book that teaches beginners how to read Quranic Arabic Arabic). Each Islamic store has one. You can also download and print PDF Qaida (in English, Urdu).

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Things you should do before starting the Quran :

Quran For Kids Imagine the rewards of teaching Surah Fatiha and having your child read that Surah in every Salah for many, many years after you ( in shaa Allah). This means it should be recited at least 17 times per day (with fard Salah – 5 obligatory prayers: 2 rak’ahs in Fajr; 4 in Dhuhr; 4 in Asr; 3 in Maghrib; and 4 in ‘Isha). 

This is more than 500 times the recitation of Surah Fatiha per month. Imagine teaching them the entire Quran. Imagine THEM then teaching others the Quran that YOU taught them. It’s beyond their imagination, isn’t it? This is why I’m starting with this statement. Your passion is the first step towards this wonderful journey!

1. Understanding your child’s nature is key to a strong bonding with them

Quran For Kids It is no secret that love is the best way to get a child to love something. This tone of love and connection can be established throughout our lives (and months), which allows us to bring the same love (and maybe more) into the Quran time. 

The closer you get to your child, both the better you will understand them and their nature, the more personalized you can make their Quran education. As a parent, you are the only one who truly knows your child. You live with your child every day. You are able to identify their emotions and reactions. You can use your existing knowledge about your child’s personality to your advantage.

2. Let them fall in love Allah and the Quran

I hope THIS can help you instill love for Quran and Sunnah within your child’s heart , in sha Allah, so that they are inspired to begin their lifelong journey.

3. Do what you preach – practice what you teach

Parents are a major influence on young children. As they get older, their peers may influence them more. The home is where children return to most often, so parents must be trustworthy. Ask your child when the last time they read the Quran and if you were able to understand it. 

You can also rock them to sleep by reciting Quran loudly or rocking them with the Quran. You should ensure that Quran is read and heard in your home daily. You can also learn basic tajweed. Although this might seem like a long process where you have to first learn and then teach your child the Quran, it is vital. It is important that your child can correctly recite the Quran.

You should also set the same standards as yourself. Although you might take longer than theirs, I believe Allah will reward you by allowing your children to bond with the Quran. Basic pronunciation might be sufficient for the beginning. While teaching your child, you may also be able to learn advanced tajweed. As I live across the joint-family, my children visit their paternal grandparents every night. Their paternal aunt and uncle both revise their lessons at maghrib. This helps them to be motivated.

4. Make it part of your daily routine to listen to the Quran frequently

Begin and end each day with the Quran. It will be easy for your child to accept the Quran as part of their home, especially if it is started at an early age. One time, a mother came to my house with her baby of just a few months and said that her child had finished the Quran.

We were confused and a little bit confused. The mother explained that her child had just finished listening to the Quran cover to cover. We were both stunned and then we felt deep warmth. These Divine words are for our children. They deserve to be loved, protected, and guided by them.

Narrated: Abdullah Bin Masud Dy llh nh. The Prophet () asked me to recite the Qur’an to him. I replied, “O Allah’s Messenger () Shall you recite the Qur’an to me while it has been revealed?’ (4.41) I then looked at him and saw! His eyes were full of tears. [Sahih al-Bukhari 5050]

5. Do not push them if they don’t want to, but instead be creative

It is possible for your child to be reluctant to read the Quran if they are not ready. Instead of giving up, find creative ways to motivate your child. One mother once said that her child’s interest was kept up by her using her stuffed toys to be her classmates. 

Her daughter would follow her mother (the mother) in the beginning and her daughter would make her (stuffed toys classmates) repeat the same thing. Her daughter gained confidence and started to lead the class. Her daughter was enthusiastic about it. Use whatever sparks your child’s curiosity to your advantage.

My 5 year old daughter used to cry when she mispronounced a word. I held her close, hugged her and then placed her on my lap. Let’s make dua for Allah together. I asked her to repeat my words, as she was still in tears. I held her hands in mine, and she said “Ya Allah!” “Please teach me your words so that I can recite them properly and understand what they are saying to me,” she kept repeating after I, …”O My Lord! Based on the hadith she had told me, I would like to recite Quran in a beautiful voice.

Narrated Abu Huraira. He said that he heard the Prophet (), saying, “Allah doesn’t listen to anything as long as He listens the Qur’an recited by a Prophet who recites them in an attractive audible and sweet-sounding voice.” [ Bukhari 754 ]

I then continued to say “Ya Allah!” “I want to recite Quran with ama, so angels may wrap us with their laaaaaaarge arms” (and I wrapped myself around her after which she began giggling and made a big AAMEEEEENNN).

The Messenger of Allah stated, “When a group gathers for the remembrance Allah, the angels surround them with their wings, (Allah’s) mercy envelopes them, Sakinah or tranquillity descends on them, and Allah makes a mention about them before those who have been near Him.” [ Riyad al-Salihin 1448]

6. Before you begin the Quran, make sure the Qaida has been completed

Before you begin the Qaida, ensure that your children know their Arabic alphabet. There are many Qaidas available on the market. Some Qaidas use the Uthmani text (used in Madina Mul-haf), while others use Indo-pak. Because the latter is more visually clear, it might be easier for children to read because they have more harakaat (signs). However, a child can still do well if he/she practices the Uthmani script. Find what works for your child, and then stick to it. Quran Star Lamp contains Qaida audio embedded that can speed up your child’s progress in sha Allah.

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Things you should do when starting the Quran :

Quran For Kids If you feel that your child is ready for the Quran, the following tips will help.

1.    You can help them to understand their WHY (reason for such hard work).

Quran For Kids This is hard work for children. You will have to learn a new language. Even if you’re an Arab, it’s possible that the Arabic (‘aami/modern-standard) you speak may be different from the Quran’s (fus’ha/classic) Arabic they read. Give them reasons to be excited, and remind them of your (and their) purpose in this life. My 5 year old daughter started crying when she couldn’t read the Quran in a beautiful voice.

She loves Qari Mishari and imitating him. While wiping away my tears, I asked her: “Does your child remember the hadith about the one who recites Quran beautifully and receives a beautiful reward?” She replied that the one who recites Quran with difficulty received the double reward. I smiled and said: “So what’s my baby getting now ( In Shaa Allah )?”.)” She smiled and wiped away her tears before finishing her line. I then told her that we could do the rest tomorrow because we as parents can best understand our child’s capabilities.

The Prophet stated, “Such an individual who memorizes the Qur’an and masters its pronunciation by heart, will be with noble righteous writers (in Heaven).” “And such a person who exerts himself in learning the Qur’an by heart and recites it with great difficulty will have a double rewards.” [ Sahih al-Bukhari 4937]

2. It’s not a race, so be patient and continue practicing.

The child may find it easier to follow if you break down the process step-by-step. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and want fast results. But, a child will take their time, and that’s perfectly okay! It is important to communicate with children that Allah values their efforts, even if they don’t achieve the desired outcome. A growth mindset is about believing that Allah can help us achieve any goal we set our minds to, and being willing to work harder for it.

“So whoever does good equals the weight of an Atom (or a small Ant), shall see it.” [ Quran, 99:07]

3. To teach and listen, place them in your lap

When my child made constant mistakes, I used get frustrated. As she read the Quran, I would place her on my lap and hold her. I could hug her or go through the Quran together with her, while keeping my face covered. If I knew which parts of the Quran she was reading, I would brush her hair or braid her hair while correcting her errors. I found it difficult to be angry about her mistakes because of our physical proximity. I held Quran in my lap, and she had Quran in my lap.

4. Be consistent but not rigid

Your child will be able to say “Yes!” You can do it!”. Keep a glass of water close by. Encourage them to keep going. My daughter used to tell me to only finish verses that were related to one another. Sometimes, I would tell my daughter to stop counting the pages and just keep reading. 

She can always leave the book if she is tired. But she should not count pages because she will be tired. It’s not clear if this makes sense but it is impossible to keep track of our steps and feel that each step is a burden. It helps to see the finish line. However, most days we didn’t put any limit on how much Quran we would recite. We ended up doing way more than I had in mind, alhamdulillah.

5. You will feel your best when you have a morning routine.

Everyone at home knows now that Quran is the first thing and they can then do what they want afterwards. This phrase is often repeated in our home: “Allah first.” “Then everything else.” This is so important that when I get ready to pray, one of my children reminds me that Allah first, then all other things (which allows me to pray peacefully, alhamdulillah). Mornings are blessed with barakah. You have a clear mind, the best you can be all day. 

You’re also well-rested. If you feel you are going to be frustrated due to lack of sleep or any other reason, then you can take a break. Then you can return to the task when you feel ready. My 5yr-old was able to recite the Quran . I would then pass the lesson on to my eldest daughter (), especially when my youngest child or the house chores required my attention.

6. Do not compare your child with others. Your child is unique and has its own strengths.

Their peers, cousins, friends, and age-mates are all unique children with different personality traits/ weaknesses. They were raised by different parents so they shouldn’t be compared to anyone except themselves. They must make progress over what they did yesterday. That should be your primary focus. Your child should give their best and not others’. Instead of shame them, sympathize with them and encourage them to give their best. Remember that your child may have a different best than what you want so be flexible.

7. With your child, set goals

Quran is a book that can be used for all aspects of life. It is a book of God that contains His stories, words, and solutions to many of life’s most complex problems. It is the children’s guide, today, tomorrow, and long after we’re gone. The Quran will teach your child everything they need. Ask your child where they see themselves in the Quran. Tell them the following hadith to help them aim high!

Messenger of Allah (), said: “It shall be said to the companions of the Qur’an, when they enter Paradise:’Recite and rise one Degree for every Verse’ until he recites all that he knows.” [ Sunan Ibn Majah 3780]

8. If necessary, encourage them with positive affirmations and gifts.

Reward stickers can be a great way to motivate children after they have completed a Surah or mastered a tajweed rule. After each lesson, some people give their children ice cream, chocolates, books, and handmade gifts. You can give your child any gift you feel would be encouraging. 

In the first five Juz, I gave my daughter flowers and plants. She now has many plants to care for, which was a wonderful gift and an amazing responsibility. Alhamdulillah, her plants are flourishing now and she considers herself a farmer. After that, I gave her larger goals and spaced out the gifts. 

Positive remarks about their efforts, quality time with parents, or hearing you “bragging” about them/her to close family members can be enough for some children. You could say something like “You worked so hard!” Give me a high-five! Let’s go play our favorite games or read our favorite books. 

That book has given you so many hadanaat! “I can’t wait for the gifts Allah has in store for you!” You can observe the child and see how often they need encouragement. Then, encourage them verbally, positively and enthusiastically. It’s a great way for kids to be encouraged without spending money.

Rewarding children with rewards can sometimes demotivate them and take away their intrinsic motivation to achieve goals. Reward systems can make children dependent. Get to know your family well. You can decide based on what works for you and what doesn’t.

9. Recognize their accomplishments like they are yours (because they are).

My 5yr-old would end a Juz with a loud roar, and my 5yr-old would run around the house celebrating. As she was finishing her last Juz verses, I can still hear the excitement in her voice. After she was done, everyone went into a loud, almost inaudible ” roar. The roar was also shared by siblings. The Quran journey was ended with a special pink-colored cake, which was her favorite. The Quran’s journey is never over. This was only a small step and there are many more in sha Allah.

10. Do the same for them as you do for yourself

Your child’s early lessons can have a lasting impact on their lives. Imagine the rewards! Plant the seed today, and Allah will help you to see that seed grow by His words. Your duas matter. Your child and you are important. May Allah accepts your efforts. Your children should first turn to Quran, before they turn towards you. They will be blessed with a long-lasting relationship with Quran and become your sadaqah jaariyah.

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How to Learn Quran Online (Quran For Kids):

  • These elements are required for distance education from Quran.
  • Self-Determination
  • Motivation
  • Punctuality
  • Learning is a treasure trove
  • A laptop
  • Mike
  • A Headphone
  • Skype ID

Quran For Kids – There is no reason to worry about gender and age. Knowledge does not know the limits of gender and age. We offer our services to every nu, regardless of age or gender.

What was your method of teaching your child the Quran. We would love to hear your ideas. May Allah make it sadaqah jaariyah for you.

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