Quran Vocabulary: Unlocking The Power of Sacred Words

Quran Vocabulary: Delve Into the Richness and Significance of Quranic Language for Spiritual Enlightenment” Muslims turn to the Quran for steerage in all regions in their lives.

It is the very last testament in a sequence divine revelations from God. It includes the direct and unaltered phrases of God as located with the aid of the Angel Gibrael to the final Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), 1400 years in the past. 

Islam is the continuation of previous Prophets including Noah (peace be upon him all), David, Moses, Moses, and Jesus (peace additionally be upon them all), who had been some of the ones given divine books. 

Muslims consider that each one Prophets shared the same message: to accept as true with in one God and not companion with Him, to abstain from sins and stay a lifestyles that earns God’s satisfaction. 

All Prophets mentioned existence after lack of lifestyles, and furnished happy tidings for those who obey God. However, they warned of hellfire for folks who disobey God.

Unique because of the fact the Quran is the only recognized discovered e book these days that is in the genuine shape and with the identical content material as it become revealed, It modified into additionally actively recorded at the time of the establishment of the religion. Its non secular message carries realistic commands that goal to enhance the welfare of society, individuals and the environment.

This is the Quran’s particular technique. The message of the Quran is normal and everlasting, transcending all variations in race, colour, ethnicity, and nationality. 

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It offers steerage in all components of human lifestyles from the economics of exchange and inheritance to marriage, divorce, gender and parenting. It does no longer condemn or torture the flesh, nor overlook approximately the soul. 

It would no longer deify God or humanize God. The Quran discusses signs and symptoms of God’s lifestyles inside the universe, and the manner the entirety is positioned within the everyday scheme of advent.

“Everything made enjoy. Although I wasn’t yet a Muslim, I felt that the Quran turned into my most effective solution and God had dispatched it.

Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam), former British pop famous person.

This brochure addresses two questions which might be frequently requested with the useful resource of those who need to apprehend the origins and authorships of the Quran. 1) What proof helps Quran’s authenticity declare, i.E. That it has no longer been altered? 2) What proof does it assist that the Quran is the Word and now not Muhammad’s (pbuh), personal writings, although it has been preserved?

Preservation of the Quran

Parallel memorization and writing have preserved the Quran for greater than 1400 years.

“We have sent the Message, and we’re able to guard it (from corruption)” [Quran 15.9]

Millions have memorized the complete Quran. Millions have memorized the entire Quran. [John Burton, An introduction to the Hadith; Edinburgh University Press, 1994, p27].

Muhammad (pbuh), grow to be relatively vigilant about keeping the complete Quran in writing form. The Prophet (pbuh), being not able to study or write, called upon his scribes for help.

A committee headed via using the leader scribe (pbuh), assembled an entire Quran manuscript. They located strict standards to avoid any mistakes. The complete manuscript become legal unanimously via all of the Prophet’s partners (pbuh), which blanketed loads of those who had memorized the entire Quran. 

The zero.33 caliph prepared numerous copies of the manuscript and allotted them to the foremost Muslim facilities. One duplicate of the manuscript is positioned at the museum in Tashkent (Soviet Union), and another facsimile, made in 1905, may be determined in Columbia University Library (USA).

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Who wrote the Quran?

Muslims trust the Quran is God’s Speech and now not a e book written completely via Muhammad (pbuh). While the above data is proof of the Qur’an’s renovation, what does it suggest that it have become the Word of God?

1) Historical bills and the Quran truely declare that Muhammad (pbuh), changed into no longer literate.

O Muhammad, you have been not a preceding reader of any Scripture, and you did no longer write it collectively with your right hand. Those who remember falsehood may moreover (have a right to) doubt it. [Quran, 29.48]

2) The Quran turned into discovered in a time when Arabs had been able to examine poetry orally. In the marketplace have been held poetry competitions much like brand new rap contests. The beauty of Muhammad’s (pbuh),

Arabic recitation surprised its listeners. Many human beings transformed via clearly taking note of the Quranic verses’ deep acoustic rhythms and literary advantage. Contrary to this, the Arabic 1400 years ago could satisfactory particular the fundamental lifestyles of wasteland guys.

It changed into not viable to express metaphysical or religious thoughts. The generation of Arabic grammar emerge as in reality developed after the revelations of the Quran.

It used the Quran to create its hints. It is difficult to anticipate any rationalization aside from revelation that would supply an explanation for how a ebook may also need to exist that turned into so unique from all different Arabic literature. To date, the Quran’s challenge to create a chapter similar to its very own has not been met.

If you have any doubts approximately what We display to Our slave Muhammad (Quran, 2:23), then make a Surah (chapter), and phone Allah or your witnesses in case you are sincere. [Quran, 2:23]

The Quran, a complete ebook that carries Divine truths, metaphysics and religious beliefs, similarly to prayers, regulation, and morality, is pretty endorsed. It contains all the facts of the Other Life, in addition to sociology, records, psychology, epistemology and sociology. 

It is a testomony to the Divine authenticity and truthfulness of the Quran that such an intensive ebook, which changed into published over 23 years, does now not have any contradictory factors.

They will contemplate the Quran. They could have visible many contradictions and incongruities if it had been from a person aside from God. [Quran, 4.82]

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4) Was Muhammad (pbuh), a liar, or encouraged by way of manner of inventing Quran? Persecutions and sorrow characterised the early years of Muhammad’s (pbuh), challenge. 

His fans have been tortured and killed, and pressured to escape. His clan became focused and he became stoned. He became even supplied wealth and kingship with the useful resource of his enemies if he would possibly abandon his perception within the One God. 

The Prophet (pbuh), then again, lived a very modest lifestyles and did no longer are looking for repute, wealth, or power. The lifestyles of Muhammad (pbuh), become an instance of the Divine message.

A check of his existence (via Hadith2) will assist you respect this fact. Before he received the Prophethood he emerge as called Al-Ameen, The Trustworthy, and As-Sadiq, (The Truthful) in his society. 

His honesty and integrity are confirmed by means of each Muslim and non-Muslim college students three

five) The Quran refers to matters that were unknown at the time. These verses are a thriller. How is that this viable? Modern technology has handiest just decided clinical descriptions of the Quran, which were not possible 1400 years in the past.

Man became made from a quintessence of clay. Then, we made the sperm into congealed blood. Next, We made a lump out of the lump bones. Finally, we blanketed the bones with flesh.

Professor Keith Moore (University of Toronto Canada), is a famous scientist in anatomy and embryology. He commented: It turned into a high-quality satisfaction to make clear Quranic statements about human development. These statements should had been given to Muhammad (pbuh), from God or ‘Allah’. Nearly all of this expertise become simplest decided many centuries later. This suggests me that Muhammad (pbuh), need to have been a Messenger from Allah.

The expansion of the universe is described in the Quran:

It is us who built the univrse using (Our creative) electricity. And verily, We are continuously increasing it. [Quran, 51:47].

The scientific reality of the increasing universe changed into only standard in 1925 via Edwin Hubble, who furnished proof of receding galaxies.

Professor Alfred Kroner is a well-known geologist. He defined that he became a Bedouin and perception approximately masses of these questions. It is difficult to agree with that he knew about the not unusual starting of all matters. Scientists have handiest located this in the past few years the use of very superior and complicated technological strategies.

Geographic ideas defined in the Quran are folks who have been proved after its revelation. It modified right into a commonplace belief that the earth turn out to be flat 1400 years within the past. However, the Quran describes it as a sphere with each surrender compressed (like an ostrich egg).

The earth, furthermore, He made eggs4 [Quran 79:30].

The earth became first referred to as a sphere in 1597 when Sir Francis Drake traveled round the world.

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How are we able to offer an reason behind the Quran’s starting place?

The Prophet’s life and man or woman, in addition to the Quranic message and its appeal to the non secular and mundane, are all evidence of the divine foundation of the Quran. These factors pressure us to renowned our loss of capability no longer to provide a proof this is entirely based on material causes. The well-known message of the Quran is the best remedy for the collective despair in a global that lacks love and compassion.

1. Pbuh is for peace be upon him and an invocation to respect2. Hadith is the compilation of recorded phrases and movements of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

three. See 877-Why Islam brochure entitled What they have got to mention approximately Muhammad (pbuh).

four. Dahaahaa is the Arabic time period for egg, which means that ostrich egg.

Many statistics are acknowledged approximately the Quran, inclusive of its revelation. Some of those are shared proper here.

Quran’s literal which means is ” the handiest being have a look at“.

Quran additionally has distinctive names: Al Huda (The Guidance), Al Dhikr (The Reminder), Al Furqan (The Criterion for judging proper and incorrect), Al Shifa (The Healing), Al Mauiza (The Admonition), Al Rahmah (The Mercy), Al Nur (The Light), Al Haqq (The Truth) and Al Burhaan (The Clear Argument).

Quran became determined thru the angel Jibril to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

When the first verse from Quran changed into determined, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), have become forty years.

The revelation started out inside the Holy Month of Ramadan.

The revelation of Quran passed off over the length 23 years.

Quran became located to the Holy Prophet in sections, verse via using verse.

The revelation of Quran can without trouble be broken down into foremost additives: the thirteen-12 months period in Makkah that noticed Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and the ten yr duration after His (PBUH), migration to Madinah.

The Holy Quran incorporates 114 Surahs. Each Surah is based totally on a particular theme and conveys a message about basics of faith or the practice of belief.

Makkah has 86 Surahs28 Surahs are found out in Madinah.

It has been damaged down into 30 equal elements , called the Juz. Although the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), organized the Surahs in the modern order, there was no compiled reproduction of Quran. Sahaba also memorized Quran verses by means of using coronary heart and scribed them on stones or animal skins.

Angel Jibril was used to convey the message of Allah (PBUH), which changed into then shared with His companions via the Prophet Muhammad.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), used to revise Quran verses with Angel Jibril every single 12 months. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), revising Quran with Jibril twice in the 365 days previous to his dying.

Abu Bakr, the caliph after the loss of life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), diagnosed the need for a written Quran. He appointed Sahaba because the compiler of Quran verses for future generations.

Other facts about the Quran consist of:

70 instances is the Quranic word Quran in Holy Quran.

Surah Al-Baqrah is the longest Surah, which is the second Surah in keeping with order of compilation.

Surah Al-Kauthar is the shortest Surah.

Surah Al-Baqarah Verse quantity 282 is the longest Quran verse. Also called Ayatul Kursi.

The first Surah of Quransurah Al-Fatiha are also called the Mother of Quran and Ummul Quran.

SurahYAseen may be referred to as the heart Quran.

Quran has been translated into 103 languages round the world.

10 Rewards for reading just one letter of the Holy Quran.

Quran is 24. The Quran incorporates the terms Man and Women identical numbers of times.

The great drink is stated inside the Quran Milk.

Honey is the nice meals. This is a Quranic assertion.

In the Quran, Ramadan is referred to because the terrific month of all.

Laylatul Qadr is the first-rate night time .

The name Muhammad has been cited four times with the aid of the Holy Quran.

6 Surahs, or chapters in Quran, are named after Prophets who have been earlier than Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

25 The Quran mentions the Prophets.

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Friday Is the most effective day in the week referred to by using way of the Quran.

There are certain mannerisms that should be determined at some point of the recital of Quran. One of these is that Holy Quran ought to now not be recited in speedy rhythmic tones as Allah has said in the Quran.

” Bismillah Ir-Rahmaani” appears 112 instances in Holy Quran.

” Bismillah“, that is written earlier than each Surah of the Holy Quran, except in S Urah Tauba is likewise written two times inside Surah Namal.

The Quran mentions three mosques: Masjid-ul-Haram, Makkah, Masjid-ul-Aqsa(Jerusalem), Masjid Qubaa near Madinah.

We may be discussing a few records and records about Quran which each Muslim have to recognize.

Numerous Verses

Different pupils have particular numbers of Quran verses. The following is a listing of Quran verses consistent with super pupils.

– Abdullah Ibn-e-Abbas (R.A.) : 6616 Verses

– Uqba Ibn Nafi (R.A.) : 6217 Verses

  • – Shayba Bin Uthman (R.A.). : 6214 Verses

Scholars of Egypt: 6226 Verses

– Al-Zamahshari : 6666 Verses

– Al-Kufa People: 6236 Verses

  • 2
  • Number of Juz/Chapters/Sections
  • 30
  • 3
  • Number of Surahs
  • 114
  • four
  • Total Rukus
  • 558 Rukus
  • five
  • Total Sajood (Prostation).
  • 14 Sajood
  • 6
  • Preface to Quran / Mother Of Quran
  • Surah Al-Fatihah (1st Surah)
  • 7
  • Longest Surah in Quran
  • Surah Al-Baqarah (2nd Surah)
  • 8
  • Quran’s Shortest Surah
  • Surah Al-Kauthar/Kausar (108th Surah)
  • nine
  • Surah could no longer start with Bismillah
  • Surah Al-Tawba (9th Surah).
  • 10
  • Surah found out times
  • Surah Al-Fatihah
  • eleven
  • Longest Verse in Quran
  • Verse # 282 from Surah Al-Baqarah
  • 12
  • Quran’s shortest verses
  • Verse sixty four of Surah Al-Rahman (fifty fifth Surah).
  • thirteen
  • Maximum amount of instances Arabic letters are used
  • “Alif” ()
  • 14
  • The most often used Arabic letter is the Arabic letter
  • “Zaa” (z)
  • 15
  • Longest phrase
  • ” fa’asqaynakumuwhu ” [Verse # 22 of Surah Al-Hijr (15th Surah]
  • 16
  • Prophet stated most times
  • Prophet Moses (A.S.) (136 times)
  • 17
  • Makkah: Number of Surahs
  • 86 (Makki Surahs)
  • 18
  • Madina has revealed a number of Surahs
  • 28 (Madni Surahs)
  • 19
  • Quran revealed in what number of years
  • 23 years
  • 20
  • No. No.
  • 12 Ghazwas [Battle at which our Prophet (S.A.W.). participated]
  • 21
  • Heart of Quran
  • Surah Yaseen
  • 22
  • Beauty of the Quran
  • Suran Rehman
  • 23
  • Quran’s largest animal point out
  • Elephant
  • 24
  • Quran: Smallest animal mentionned
  • Mosquito
  • 25
  • Quran mentions quality one month
  • Ramadan (Mentioned at Verse #185 of Surah al-Baqarah
  • 26
  • Quran’s Top Drink Mentioned
  • Milk (Verse #66 of Surah al-Nahal (16th Surah).
  • 27
  • Surah, in which Bismillah seems two times
  • Verse # 30 from Surah An Naml (twenty seventh Surah).
  • 28
  • Holy Quran repeats the phrase ‘Quran’
  • 70
  • 29
  • How many Prophets are noted in Quran?
  • 25
  • 30
  • Name of the handiest lady call referred to by way of Quran
  • Mary/Maryam (A.S.). (Verse #87 of Surah Al Baqarah).
  • 31
  • Name of the handiest Sahabi noted through manner of Quran
  • Zayd Ibn Harithah (R.A.) [(Verse 37 of Surah Al-Ahzab (333 rd Surah]]
  • 32
  • The middle of the Quran is Word
  • “walyatalaTWaf” [Verse #19 of Surah Al Kahf (18th Surah]]

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Below is the Quran’s Simple Script. Also called Imla’ei script, this paintings come to be based totally on it. Modern computing technology has been utilized in masses of spiritual texts, including Quran. 

Digital texts remodel the Quranic format right into a Quranic corpus that is broadly used because the material, and an object of Quranic Studies. The virtual Quranic textual content corpus has handed via many modifications. It is widely used in Quranic studies that use the corpus-linguistic method to multidisciplinary techniques in particular fields.

  • Al-Fatihah
  • 7
  • 29
  • 143
  • Al-Baqarah
  • 286
  • 6,one hundred forty
  • 26,249
  • Ale Imran
  • 2 hundred
  • 3,501
  • 14,985
  • An Nisa
  • 176
  • three,763
  • 16,332
  • Al Maidah
  • 120
  • 2,837
  • 12,206
  • Al Anam
  • a hundred and sixty five
  • 3,056
  • 12,726
  • Al Araf
  • 206
  • 3,341
  • 14,435
  • Al Anfal
  • seventy five
  • 1,242
  • five,387
  • At Tawbah
  • 129
  • 2,505
  • 11,one hundred fifteen
  • Yunus
  • 109
  • 1,839
  • 7,589
  • Hud
  • 123
  • 1,946
  • 7,817
  • Yusuf
  • 111
  • 1,795
  • 7,307
  • Ar Rad
  • forty 3
  • 853
  • three,545
  • Ibrahim
  • 52
  • 830
  • three,539
  • Al Hijr
  • 99
  • 657
  • 2,882
  • An Nahl
  • 128
  • 1,844
  • 7,832
  • Al Isra
  • 111
  • 1,558
  • 6,643
  • Al Kahf
  • a hundred and ten
  • 1,583
  • 6,552
  • Maryam
  • ninety eight
  • 971
  • 3,935
  • Ta Ha
  • a hundred thirty 5
  • 1,353
  • 5,399
  • Al Anbiya
  • 112
  • 1,174
  • 5,094
  • Al Hajj
  • 78
  • 1,279
  • 5,314
  • Al Muminun
  • 118
  • 1,052
  • four,483
  • An Noor
  • sixty four
  • 1,319
  • five,754
  • Al Furqan
  • 77
  • 896
  • 3,878
  • Ash Shuara
  • 227
  • 1,320
  • 5,630
  • An Naml
  • ninety three
  • 1,159
  • four,790
  • Al Qasas
  • 88
  • 1,438
  • 5,930
  • Al Ankabut
  • 69
  • 978
  • 4,317
  • Arrum
  • 60
  • 817
  • three,472
  • Luqman
  • 34
  • 550
  • 2,171
  • As Sajdah
  • 30
  • 372
  • 1,563
  • Al Ahzab
  • seventy 3
  • 1,303
  • five,788
  • Saba
  • 54
  • 884
  • three,594
  • Fatir
  • forty five
  • 778
  • three,238
  • Yasin
  • eighty three
  • 730
  • 3,068
  • As Saffaat
  • 182
  • 865
  • 3,899
  • Sad
  • 88
  • 735
  • 3,1/2
  • Az Zumar
  • 75
  • 1,177
  • four,869
  • Ghafir
  • 85
  • 1,226
  • 5,108
  • Fussilat
  • 54
  • 794
  • three,365
  • Ash Shura
  • fifty three
  • 860
  • three,522
  • Az Zukhruf
  • 89
  • 836
  • 3,609
  • Ad Dukhan
  • 59
  • 346
  • 1,474
  • Al Jathiyah
  • 37
  • 488
  • 2,zero.5
  • Al Ahqaf
  • 35
  • 645
  • 2,667
  • Muhammad
  • 38
  • 542
  • 2,423
  • Al Fath
  • 29
  • 560
  • 2,510
  • Al Hujurat
  • 18
  • 353
  • 1,533
  • NO. NO.
  • Qaf
  • forty five
  • 373
  • 1,507
  • Ad Dhariyat
  • 60
  • 360
  • 1,546
  • At Tur
  • 49
  • 312
  • 1,324
  • An Najm
  • sixty two
  • 360
  • 1,433
  • Al Qamar
  • 55
  • 342
  • 1,469
  • Ar Rahman
  • 78
  • 352
  • 1,647
  • Al Waqiah
  • 96
  • 379
  • 1,756
  • Al Hadid
  • 29
  • 575
  • 2,545
  • Al Mujadilah
  • 22
  • 475
  • 2,046
  • Al Hashr
  • 24
  • 447
  • 1,970
  • Al Mumtahanah
  • 13
  • 352
  • 1,560
  • As Saff
  • 14
  • 226
  • 966
  • Al Jumuah
  • 11
  • 177
  • 768
  • Al Munafiqun
  • eleven
  • 181
  • 801
  • Taghabun
  • 18
  • 242
  • 1,091
  • At Talaq
  • 12
  • 289
  • 1,203
  • At Tahrim
  • 12
  • 254
  • 1,one hundred and five
  • Al Mulk
  • 30
  • 333
  • 1,347
  • Al Qalam
  • 52
  • 301
  • 1,289
  • Al Haqqah
  • fifty two
  • 260
  • 1,133
  • Al Maarij
  • forty four
  • 217
  • 971
  • NO. NO.
  • Nuh
  • 28
  • 227
  • 965
  • Al Jinn
  • 28
  • 286
  • 1,109
  • Al Muzzammil
  • 20
  • 200
  • 854
  • Al Muddathir
  • 56
  • 256
  • 1,zero.Five
  • Al Qiyamah
  • forty
  • 164
  • 676
  • Al Insan
  • 31
  • 243
  • 1,087
  • Al Mursalat
  • 50
  • 181
  • 841
  • An Naba
  • forty
  • 174
  • 796
  • An Naziat
  • forty six
  • 179
  • 785
  • Abasa
  • forty
  • 133
  • 552
  • At Takwir
  • 29
  • 104
  • 435
  • Al Infitar
  • 19
  • eighty one
  • 333
  • Al Mutaffifeen
  • 36
  • 169
  • 750
  • Al Inshiqaq
  • 25
  • 108
  • 445
  • Al Burooj
  • 22
  • 109
  • 469
  • At Tariq
  • 17
  • sixty one
  • 254
  • Al Ala
  • 19
  • seventy
  • 296
  • Al Ghashiyah
  • 26
  • ninety two
  • 382
  • Al Fajr
  • 30
  • 139
  • 584
  • Al Balad
  • 20
  • 82
  • 342
  • Ash Shams
  • 15
  • fifty 4
  • 253
  • Al Lail
  • 21
  • seventy one
  • 314
  • Ad Dhuha
  • eleven
  • forty
  • one hundred sixty five
  • Al Inshirah
  • 8
  • 27
  • 102
  • At Tin
  • 8
  • 34
  • 162
  • Al Alaq
  • 19
  • seventy
  • 288
  • Al Qadr
  • 5
  • 30
  • one hundred fifteen
  • Al Bayyinah
  • eight
  • 90 4
  • 404





  • Az Zilzal
  • eight
  • 36
  • 158
  • Al Adiyat
  • 11
  • 40
  • 169
  • Al Qariah
  • 11
  • 36
  • 160
  • At Takathur
  • eight
  • 28
  • 123
  • Al Asr
  • three
  • 14
  • seventy three
  • Al Humazah
  • nine
  • 33
  • 134
  • Feel
  • 5
  • 23
  • ninety seven
  • Al Quraysh
  • 4
  • 17
  • seventy seven
  • Al Maun
  • 7
  • 25
  • 114
  • Al Kawthar
  • 3
  • 10
  • 40 3
  • Al Kafirun
  • 6
  • 27
  • ninety nine
  • An Nasr
  • 3
  • 19
  • 80
  • Al Masad/Lahab
  • 5
  • 23
  • 80 one
  • Al Ikhlas
  • 4
  • 15
  • 47
  • Al Falaq
  • five
  • 23
  • seventy 3
  • An Nas
  • 6
  • 20
  • 80

Most Frequently Asked Questions

What does the term “Qur’an” suggest?

The only issue this is examine

Where modified into Qur’an first found?

In the cave at Hira (Makkah).

When turned into the Qur’an located out for the first time?

Lailatul-Qadr, the Night of the Power, within the Month of Ramadhan

Who posted the Qur’an?”

Allah (God), observed out the Qur’an

Through whom was Qur’an determined out to you?

Through Angel Jibreel, Gabriel

To whom turn out to be Qur’an discovered out

To the closing Prophet, Prophet Muhammed (peace and benefits be upon him).

When become Qur’an first found to Prophet Muhammed (peace and advantages be upon him), what modified into his age?

forty years

Where is the number one Surah observed to you?

In Makkah

Where is the ultimate Surah observed

In Madinah

How a few years did Prophet Muhammed (peace and benefits be upon him), receive the revelation of Qur’an from Makkah?

thirteen years

For how lengthy did Prophet Muhammed (peace and benefits be upon him), acquire the revelation of Qur’an from Madinah?

10 Years

How long did it take to show the Qur’an really?

23 years

What other names are there for the Qur’an?

Al-Furqaan, Al-Kitaab, Al-Zikr, Al-Noor, Al-Huda

Where have been the Quran’s first verses determined?

Surah Al’Alaq (The Clot), chapter 96

What is the longest Surah or Chapter in the Qur’an?

Surah Al-Baqarah (financial disaster 2)

What is the smallest phase of the Qur’an’s Qur’an?

Surah Al-Kausar (financial ruin 108)

What bankruptcy of the Qur’an have to be look at in every raka’at (prayer) of Salah?

Surah Al-Fatihah (financial disaster 1)

Who is the only female whose call seems within the Holy Qur’an and

Maryam / Mary (mother to Jesus) (peace and advantages)

How many Makki Surahs are in the Qur’an (chapters?

86 Chapters

How many Madani Suahs (chapters in the Qur’an) are there?

28 Chapters

How many Manzils are there inside the Qur’an?

7 stages

How many Para (or Juz) components are inside the Qur’an?

30 factors

How many Surahs are there within the Qur’an?

114 Chapters

How many Rukoo paragraphs are within the Qur’an?

540 paragraphs

Who changed into the number one Haafiz (memorizer of the Qur’an)?

Prophet Muhammed (peace and blessings upon him)

In which chapter of Holy Quran is the name “Allah” in every verse?

Surah Al-Mujadila (The Pleading Woman) – chapter 58

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Where are you capable of discover the number one verse regarding Sajda (prostration), wherein bankruptcy?

Surah Al-A’raf – Chapter 7

In what Qur’an verse has Prophet Muhammed (peace and blessings be upon him), been called ‘Ahmad?

Surah As-Saf – Chapter sixty one verse 6

Mention that Jesus, the son and daughter of Mary stated, “O youngsters Israel, indeed, I am the messenger Allah to you confirming the Torah and bringing top information of a messenger to conform with me, whose call is Ahmad.” But they stated, “This magic is apparent.”

Name the Prophet stated most customarily within the Qur’an.

Prophet Musa (Moses), (peace be upon Him)

What financial ruin of the Qur’an did Prophet Muhammed (peace and advantages be upon him), reciting even as praying?

Surah At-Tur (The Mount), financial disaster fifty two

This changed into the Surah from the Qur’an that Prophet Muhammed (peace and blessings be upon him), had recited after Utba, one in every of his enemies, fell in Sajda. (Prostration).

Surah Fussilat bankruptcy 41 – the primary five verses

Who is this man, Allah has stated in the Qur’an approximately him that his frame can be stored for example for future generations.

Fir’aun (Pharaoh)

Other than the body of Pharaoh what other element is preserved as an instance to destiny generations?

Noah’s Ark

Where is the region of relaxation after the destruction of Prophet Noah’s Ark?

Mountain of Judi

The Qur’an mentions a Prophet who became known as by way of way of his mom’s surname. Who was he?

Jesus [Prophet Isa, peace be upon him] is referred to as Isa Ibn Maryam (“Jesus the Son of Mary”)

This become the agreement titled Fathhum-Mubeen’, while not having to combat a conflict.

Treaty of Hudaibiya

What names are used to refer to Satan and Devil within the Qur’an?

Idees and Ash-shaitaan

In which class of creature did the Qur’an area ‘iblees’?


What had been the worships and prayers which Allah ordered to the Bani Israel network and had been then continued by the usage of the Muslim Ummah?

Salat (prayer), and Zakat (compulsory taxes to be paid through Muslims for the horrible and the needy).

The Qur’an warns time and again approximately a positive day. What day is it?

Yaum-ul Qiyamah (The Day of Judgment).

Who were the people with whom Allah turn out to be thrilled, and that they have got been glad with Him?

Companions to Prophet Muhammed (peace and advantages be upon him) [Quran 9,100]

What’s the degree or scale of dignity in line with Qur’an?

Thaqwa (Piety)

In the Quran, water is called the deliver of all life.

Surah Al-Anbya (financial disaster-21 verse-30)

Did people who believed in God now not understand that the heavens have been one entity and the earth changed into another? And that We created water from all of them? They will now not agree with.

What Surah (Chapter), does no longer begin with Bismillah in it?

Surah At-Tawbah (chapter 9)

At-Tauba, or “repentance”, exposes the hypocrites’ right nature and threatens them to their doom. It will be in comparison to a harsh warning in the most powerful terms. An starting up that emphasizes divine mercy and compassion does now not seem like appropriate for the Surah’s difficulty rely. 

Allah has now not commenced with the phrase that you said, that is the start of each different Surah in Qur’an. This phrase is forbidden as it’s far an addition to the Qur’an that isn’t part of it.

In what financial disaster (surah) of the Qur’an Bismillah are two Surahs repeated?

Surah An-Naml (bankruptcy-27)

One at the beginning (verse-1), and some different inside the middle (verse-30).

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How many Surahs or chapters within the Qur’an are titled after precise Prophets’ names?

6 Surahs:

  • Surah al-Yunus (bankruptcy-10)
  • Surah al-Hud (bankruptcy-eleven)
  • Surah al-Yusuf (financial disaster-12)
  • Surah al- Ibrahim (bankruptcy-14)
  • Surah al-Nuh (financial ruin-seventy one)
  • Surah al-Muhammad (chapter-forty seven)

Who are the 3 non-prophets, whose names are given due recognize in Qur’an?

Luqman, Aziz from Egypt and Zulqarnain

Where inside the Qur’an is ‘Ayat-ul-Kursi’?

Surat Al-Baqarah (chapter-2 verse-255)

How many names of Allah are listed in the Qur’an?

99 Names (go to 99 Names of Allah )

What is our situation at ‘The Day of the Judgement’ according the Qur’an.

Everyone will experience tension (said at bankruptcy-79 verse-eight).

Who emerge as this Prophet noted in Qur’an, whose 3 generations had been prophets.

Ibrahim (Alaihis-salaam)

What does Qur’an have to mention about wealth and belongings?

They are assessments of religion [2:155]

According the Qur’an, who is “khaatamun Naabiyyeen”, (the last of all the Prophets? )?

Prophet Muhammed (peace and advantages upon him)

What different call is the Qur’an giving to Makkah?

Bakkah [chapter-3 verse-96]

Baladul Ameen, the secure metropolis [chapter 95 verse-3]

Ummul Qura (mother City) [chapter 42 verse-7]

What other call has the Qur’an given to Madinah?

Yathrib [chapter-33 verse-13]

Whose technology is known as “Bani Israel” according the Qur’an.

The technology of Prophet Yaqoob (peace and benefits be upon him), also known as Israel

What verse inside the Qur’an forbids alcohol intake?

Surah Al-Ma’idah [chapter-5 verse-90]

You who recall that intoxicants, gambling and [sacrificing on] stones alters [to Allah] are defilements from the art work Satan, so try to avoid them.

A time period that Muslims use to give an explanation for humans who have memorized all of the Holy Qur’an.



It is important to consider that Al-Ilm (the principle of understanding) is the Guiding Light in Islam. This mild separates proper from incorrect (Al furqan). Al-Ilm offers steering and light for seeing the signs and symptoms of Allah (SWT) inside the international. These statistics are only a few of many that have been noted within the Quran. They will also be showed in the future through the use of mankind, as Allah (SWT), says in Surah Ar-Rahman: “So which choose of your Lord ought to ye negate?”

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