Write A brief summary about religious istighathah?

Mary about religious istighathah?

A brief summary:

These are a few of the observations, experiences and sayings, which span centuries of human existence. They clearly prove that the graves and tombs of the chosen people of Allāh are a steady source of divine blessings and benefit s for mankind. The discerning persons do not treat these spots of the saints as worthless or as mere heaps of mud and mortar; rather they believe that they are men of distinction and Allāh has specially rewarded them for their piety and human service. Some of these saint s are looked upon as ultra-magnanimous. Therefore, no one should entertain any doubt or reservation about their purity and exceptional stat us.

 A person, who himself is stripped of spiritual vision, has no right to misguide people about these favourites of Allāh. He has no right to say that these people are dead, lying inert and lifeless in their graves, and therefore, lack the power and the energy to help anyone. His statement is completely baseless and is just ified neither by historical precedent nor by rational argument.

 An important point to be noted in this context is that only those residents of the tombs deserve our reverence who had attained access to the nearness and the pleasure of Allāh and whose pious acts and virt uous deeds had made them popular during their lives. Only such persons are to be implored for help. This point has been clarified by Shāh ‘Abd-ul-‘Azīz Muhaddith Dihlawī in unmistakable terms. He said:

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Help should be sought only from the famous saints.

as the public opinion is the litmus test of the popularity or unpopularity of a saint. He has also prescribed a method for discovering the stat ure of a saint and for seeking help from him. This can be looked up in Fatāwā ‘Azīzī.

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