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A Short Biography of Al-Tusi Khwajah Nasir (1201-74)

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While Nasir al–Din al–Tusi is his common name, his real name was Muhammad ibn Muhammad ibn al–Hasan al–Tusi. Al-Tusi was actually known under many different names throughout his life, including Muhaqqiq-i Tusi (Khwaja-yi Tusi) and Khwaja Nasir (Khwaja Nasir). Al-Tusi was conceived in…

A Short Biography of Al-Farabi (c.870-950)

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Abu Nasr Muhammad al-Farabi, one of the first Islamic intellectuals, was instrumental in the transmission of the doctrines Aristotle and Plato to the Muslim world. His influence was significant on later Islamic philosophers like Avicenna. He was a remarkable linguist, who…

A Short Biography of Al-Rumi (1207 – 1273)

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Al-Rumi – Jalaluddin Musi (1207-1273) has been a pioneer in travel over the centuries. His spiritual insights are a reason why he is loved by Muslims. Non-Muslims, however, have enjoyed the poetry and insights of this Sufi mystic and theologian. To retain poetic…