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Get statistics approximately Halal and Haram life-style practices inside the Islamic religion. Halal practices are actions that are permissible for Muslims to interact in in keeping with Islamic regulation, at the same time as haram practices are actions which can be prohibited. Apart from this steering on what types of movements are taken into consideration Halal and Haram, as well as the motives in the back of those rules. Also get records on the way to determine if an motion is halal, as well as tips and assets for dwelling a halal life-style. Regard Hafiz Abdul Hameed

What Piercings Are Haram?

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What Piercings Are Haram? In recent years, physical piercings have turn out to be one of the maximum not unusual attractive trends whilst changing one’s body. Therefore, it has grow to be increasingly more important for people who practice Islam…

Is Makeup Haram in Islam?

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Is Makeup Haram in Islam? Makeup isn’t always haram in Islam if it is used for non-public motives and doesn’t include any haram elements. However, it’s far taken into consideration haram if the aim at the back of sporting make-up…

Is Hypnosis Haram in Islam?

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Is Hypnosis Haram in Islam? Hypnosis, a therapeutic technique that involves inducing a state of focused attention, heightened suggestibility, and deep relaxation in individuals, has been a subject of debate within the Islamic community. The question of whether hypnosis is…