What Piercings Are Haram?

What Piercings Are Haram? In recent years, physical piercings have turn out to be one of the maximum not unusual attractive trends whilst changing one’s body. Therefore, it has grow to be increasingly more important for people who practice Islam to recognise their rights to their body.

The Quran teaches us that the human frame is a present given to us from Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala), but the manner wherein we employ the body need to be within the hints of its genuine proprietor, which is Allah. Therefore, Allah has made many suggestions on what is Halaal and permissible regarding the use of our frame and what’s Haram and forbidden for Muslims.

Among this kind of suggestions is to protect your frame from any useless alterations which incorporates punctures for your frame, along with piercings. In reality there are only some exceptions to changing your body, one example being if you ought to have surgical procedure for a medical purpose. Although this may lead to changing the frame, that is permissible as it’s miles essential for survival.

Therefore, with this reasoning, physical piercings, in particular in modern times, has become a much debated topic on whether this bodily alteration is a need in Islam.

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Which Piercings Are Allowed in Islam? 


After sizable studies, students have come to the realization that for ladies and women handiest, ear piercings are authorized. This become learnt through the research of the Sunnah and Shariah that described girls from the time of the Prophet (salAllahu alayhi wa salaam) as having their nostril and their ears pierced. In truth, they might wear the jewellery that is common amongst ladies.

Allah defined ladies in the Qur’an as a creature who’s obviously added up on adornment. The Almighty says: “A creature who is delivered up in adornments (sporting silk and gold adorns, i.E. Girls), and in dispute can’t make herself clean?” [Qur’an 43: 18).

Scholars move back to this quote and unanimously have agreed that it is permissible for girls to use all types of gold and silver embellishes inclusive of necklaces, rings, bracelets, anklets, amulets and all what they like to put on as long as it does no longer reach the diploma of extravagance or imitating men.

Allah granted this privilege to ladies because earrings is seen as a standard form of adornment for ladies and Allah says that women are allowed the privilege of beautification, which guys aren’t. With this permission that is granted to women and girls only, pupils have come to the belief that despite the fact that piercings are frame altering and purpose ache which is usually Haram, earrings are permissible for girls.

It is likewise stated that it’s miles satisfactory to provide piercings to toddler women as that is the age wherein they may have the speediest restoration and the least ache. If you would like to keep away from the ache real piercings may additionally cause, magnetic piercings and clip-ons also are available which might be each authorized in Islam for girls.

In Islam, ladies are approved to wear earrings. To verify this, we are able to talk to the Quranic verse in Surah Zukhruf:

“Do they attribute to Him˺ individuals who are brought up in fineries and are not commanding in disputes?”

Surah Al-Zukhruf 18:forty three (source)

This verse confirms the permissibility of ornaments for ladies – it regards carrying rings as natural for the woman gender. The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in addition elaborated on this expertise with the following hadith, narrated by Abu Musa Ashari:

“Wearing of silken garments and ornaments of gold is unlawful for the guys of my Ummah however lawful for the women.”

Narrated through Abu Musa Ashari (source)

This hadith in reality confirms the permissibility of gold embellishes for ladies. However, it further declares that it is unlawful for guys to wear them.

Since each the Quran and the hadith affirm the permissibility for ladies to put on rings, we understand that earrings are halal in Islam for girls.

Scholars agree unanimously that carrying earrings is permissible for women in Islam. This consists of all sorts of silver and gold portions like amulets, necklaces, rings, and bracelets. Learn greater about while gold is considered halal or haram.

The most effective circumstance is that the embellishes shouldn’t be specifically extravagant or something that imitates guys. (supply)

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what piercings are haram, body piercing for women, piercings for women, women with body piercings, female piercings, women's piercings body, which side of nose to pierce female, types of body piercings female, are piercings sinful

However, wearing earrings calls for the individual to have a piercing. As a ways as ear piercings are involved, scholars are divided at the subject.


The nose is up for more of a debate however majority of Islamic students agree that both the nose and ears are permissible. Studies have proven that ladies from the Prophet’s time did indeed wear nostril earrings because it became customary for girls at the time.

This tradition has considering that persevered on mainly in the Middle East and South Asian regions. Furthermore, pupils state that if the nose ring is some thing with which women enhance themselves, as is the case in a few nations, then it is like piercing the ears i.E., in phrases of it being permissible.

This manner that if this is the cultural look for girls for your vicinity that it is permissible for you as properly.

Other Piercings

Beyond the conventional nose and ear piercing, pupils have come to the conclusion that body piercings are Haram, or forbidden in Islam. In reality, Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala stated inside the Holy Qur’an: “And Satan made their moves seem to them as lovely and attractive. Thus he averted them from the (proper) direction, for this reason they are now not receiving steerage.”

Here, He is describing how Shaytaan will manual humans off the proper route through making them consider that it’s far appealing to modify one’s body. This is reflecting in our current society in which many Muslims have body piercings which are false dreams and towards Allah’s will. Other body elements which have grow to be stylish to pierce encompass nose, stomach button, tongue, lips, clitoris, penis, vaginal lips, and stomach button.

Private Parts and Belly Button

If having the piercing done includes uncovering the ‘awrah and having a stranger or non-mahram, male or female, study it, which is certain to show up, as all piercings ought to be accomplished with the aid of a professional, then this is certainly a haraam motion.

The evil of uncovering the ‘awrah is more than any benefit in wearing adornments, due to the fact uncovering the ‘awrah is one of the matters that are definitively forbidden in our faith.

Uncovering in front of a stranger results in the transgression of human dignity and this temptation to devote sin is lots extra critical than achieving the cause of adornment which can be achieved by means of definitely carrying rings. Therefore, getting any of your “non-public” elements or stomach pierced is forbidden for the reason that you are never intended to show your private areas to non-mahrams or strangers.

Furthermore, sporting an adornment in such places may be visible as an imitation of a kuffar or an immoral, evil, person.

For example, if carrying adornment within the stomach button, or personal part is handiest known amongst immoral girls, evildoers and kuffar for your place, then it is not permissible to adopt this practice due to the fact that is imitating them, and imitating evildoers isn’t always allowed.


Piercings at the tongue also are forbidden, for the damaging effects it causes to the human fitness and body. Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala) has dominated that if the piercing will have an detrimental effect on one’s fitness, whether or not right now or inside the future, then it’s miles haraam and it isn’t permissible to do it on any a part of the body.

Studies have shown that tongue piercings can purpose the unfold of cancer of the tongue, gum disease and loss of enamel among ladies, so it isn’t permissible to do it. The lips additionally have negative fitness effects, maximum commonly an infection. Furthermore, all of the previously said piercings are immoral as they imitate that of a kafir or an immoral girl.

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Prohibition of converting Allah’s introduction

At this factor, it is obvious that best girls are authorized to wear earrings. Furthermore, some kinds of earrings, together with earrings and nostril rings, require piercing the ear and nostril.

It is our duty as Muslims to apprehend properly how we have to deal with our frame. Islam truly prohibits altering/ enhancing one’s frame permanently with out necessity. 

“And do not kill yourselves (or each other). Indeed, Allah is to you ever Merciful.” – [Qur’an 4:29] (source)

“And spend inside the manner of Allah and do no longer throw [yourselves] with your [own] palms into destruction [by refraining]. And do desirable; certainly, Allah loves the doers of excellent.” – [Qur’an 2”125] (source)

In the case of piercings, Muslim scholars have divided critiques. (supply)

Shafi’i scholars consider body piercings as a kind of mutilation and tampering with one’s body, hence impermissible. 

On the opposite hand, different pupils (along with Hanafi and Hanbali students) don’t have any objection to ladies piercing their body components for adornment reason (i.E., carrying jewelry) this is part of their culture and doesn’t pose any subsequent damage.

“The completed students maintained that Islamic law gave women’s love for adornment in step with the degree of necessity.

Based on this, it’s miles authorized for ladies to beautify themselves in this manner [piercing] so long as it is in settlement with their customs and supplied it does not pose harm.” Source: Dar Al-Ifta

In Islam, there are many factors that are permissible for women but not for men. One of them is getting piercings. Women are accepted to pierce their our bodies (specifically ear and nose) because Allah offers them a privilege to wear earrings to decorate themselves, which doesn’t apply to men.

Furthermore, the permissibility of piercing is also challenge to the following factors. (source)

1.      Piercing is haram if the process involves uncovering the ‘awrah to non-mahram or stranger.

2.     It shouldn’t have any adverse health results within the future.

3.    It shouldn’t be completed following unislamic tradition, and it shouldn’t be an imitation of non-Muslims or kuffar.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) stated: “Whoever imitates a people is certainly one of them” – narrated by Abu Dawood.

Which Side of The Nostril Should Women Pierce?

Many human beings partner Muslim girls with having nostril piercings, but the exercise of nose piercings isn’t a religious one however instead a cultural one. Nose piercings come with a protracted cultural history, spanning numerous thousand years mainly in and across the Indian Subcontinent, which includes India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and extra.

In those nations commonplace practices, the nose piercing symbolizes a woman’s fertility and sexual fitness. Therefore, although there are infinite interpretations of subculture and lifestyle, the most distinguished and influential of cultures generally practices piercing the left aspect of the nose.

This practice took place as science found that the roof of the nasal hollow space has many nerve endings and the left (out of doors) a part of the nostril is related to female reproductive organs. Therefore, piercing the left side is assumed to bolster a lady’s womb and suppress menstrual and childbirth ache.

Are Piercings Considered Haram for Men?

There are many things which are permissible for ladies but are forbidden for guys, one of those being piercings. For boys of every age it’s far Haram to get any type of piercing until it is for a scientific cause. This is because ladies are given the permission from Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala) for decoration and beautification, which He has not offered to men.

In fact, while girls are accepted to put on silks, gold and silver jewelry, absolutely the handiest form of jewellery that men are authorised to wear is a silver ring. The purpose in the back of males not being allowed to embellish themselves with rings is due to the fact it’s miles seen as an imitation of girls, which isn’t always permissible within the eyes of Allah.

It turned into narrated from Ibn ‘Abbas (may additionally Allah be thrilled with him) that the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) cursed effeminate men in addition to ladies who imitate men.

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what piercings are haram, body piercing for women, piercings for women, women with body piercings, female piercings, women's piercings body, which side of nose to pierce female, types of body piercings female, are piercings sinful

What Piercings Are Haram? In fact, he stated to “expel them from your homes.” Allah has instructed us to keep in mind that during Islam, ladies and men have exclusive roles and consequently, men are not granted the equal right as ladies to pierce their ears.

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