Why Are Lash Extensions Haram?

Yes, Lash Extensions are taken into consideration haram, because lash extensions come beneath the heading of hair extensions. Doctors have referred to that fake eyelashes lead to persistent allergies in the pores and skin and eyes.

In latest years, lash extensions have become a popular splendour fashion amongst women. Lash extensions are synthetic eyelashes which might be glued to natural lashes the usage of semi-permanent adhesive.

They provide the arrival of longer, fuller lashes without the need for mascara or other make-up products. However, as with many splendor traits, there has been a few debate over whether or now not lash extensions are permissible in Islam.

This question has been requested by many Muslim ladies who’re interested by attempting out lash extensions but are hesitant because of their religious beliefs.

In this weblog put up, we can discover the question, “Are lash extensions haram?” and look at the distinct views surrounding this subject matter. We will even look at the viable reasons why some Muslims keep in mind lash extensions to be haram and speak alternative options that can be used in place of lash extensions. So, in case you’re curious approximately this topic, maintain reading to examine extra.

Table of Contents

  • What is Haram?
  • About Lash Extensions
  • Are Lash Extensions Haram?
  • Are Wearing Lash Extensions Bad For Eyes And Skin?
  • What Are The Alternatives To Wearing Lash Extensions?
  • FAQs
    • Can I pray with eyelash extensions on?
    • Can I wear faux lashes with extensions?
    • Are lash extensions bad to your lashes?
  • Conclusion
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What is Haram?

There are certain behaviours which might be taken into consideration haram, or forbidden, in Islam. These include such things as gambling, consuming alcohol, ingesting red meat, and committing adultery.

Muslims who interact in these sports are stated to be sinning and can face punishments from Allah, inclusive of being denied entry into Paradise. Muslims are predicted to avoid these behaviours so as to remain suitable fans of Islam.

About Lash Extensions

Lash extensions have emerge as more and more famous in current years, with many ladies deciding on to enhance their natural lashes for a greater dramatic appearance.

These extensions are typically made from synthetic fibres, silk, or mink, and are connected to the herbal lashes the use of a semi-everlasting adhesive.

The manner of applying lash extensions entails carefully attaching man or woman extensions to every herbal lash, resulting in a fuller, longer look. The extensions may be custom designed to healthy character options, with alternatives ranging from natural-looking lashes to greater dramatic, voluminous ones.

While the initial application can soak up to 2 hours, the outcomes can remaining for up to 6 weeks with proper care. However, some ladies might also experience facet consequences along with allergies, infections, or damage to their natural lashes.

Additionally, there has been a few debate over the permissibility of lash extensions in Islam, with some Muslims considering them to be haram due to using artificial substances. Despite these issues, many women preserve to pick lash extensions as a way to decorate their look and raise their self assurance.

Are Lash Extensions Haram?

Lash extensions are a semi-everlasting manner to beautify your herbal lashes. They are applied one after the other on your personal lashes and can ultimate anywhere from 2-4 weeks with right care. Lash extensions are available in many unique colours, lengths, and thicknesses, so you can customize your appearance to be as subtle or dramatic as you like.

If you’re considering lash extensions, it’s critical to do your studies and find a legit technician who has experience and schooling in making use of them. Lash extensions aren’t one size fits all, so it’s critical to discover a technician who can personalize your look to fit your individual desires and preferences.

When applied efficaciously, lash extensions can be a beautiful manner to beautify your herbal splendor. However, if they may be no longer carried out correctly, they can purpose damage to your natural lashes and even lead to infections. That’s why it’s so essential to discover a qualified technician who can give you the look you want with out compromising the fitness of your lashes.

It is believed that the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) prohibited girls from joining false hair with your hairTherefore, many Islamic scholars agree with that all forms of eyelash extensions are haram. (Source)

Are Wearing Lash Extensions Bad For Eyes And Skin?

While lash extensions can decorate the advent of your natural lashes, there are a few capability risks associated with them. The semi-everlasting adhesive used to attach the extensions to your herbal lashes can reason an allergy in a few human beings, leading to redness, swelling, and itching of the eyes and pores and skin.

Additionally, if the extensions are not nicely carried out or maintained, they can reason damage to the herbal lashes, leading to breakage or even loss of lashes. In some instances, the burden of the extensions can purpose the herbal lashes to become weaker and thinner over the years.

Additionally, the extensions can entice dirt and oil round the attention region, doubtlessly leading to eye infections or irritation. It is likewise critical to be careful approximately the hygiene practices of the salon or technician performing the lash extensions, as poor hygiene can growth the chance of contamination.

If you are considering lash extensions, it’s miles critical to do your research and choose a reputable salon or technician who uses top notch merchandise and follows proper hygiene protocols.

What Are The Alternatives To Wearing Lash Extensions?

If you’re searching out options to sporting fake eyelashes, there are some options to don’t forget:

1.   Mascara: Mascara is a famous and easy manner to decorate your herbal lashes. There are many unique forms of mascara to be had on the market, from volumizing to lengthening formulas. Simply observe some coats of mascara in your lashes for a fuller appearance.

2.   Eyelash serum: Eyelash serums are designed to sell lash boom and improve the lashes over the years. They normally incorporate herbal ingredients like biotin, peptides, and vitamins. With everyday use, eyelash serums can assist enhance the arrival of your natural lashes.

3.   Eyelash roller: An eyelash roller can assist deliver your lashes a natural carry and curl. Use it before applying mascara for a greater dramatic impact.

4.   Natural oils: Certain herbal oils, consisting of castor oil, coconut oil, and olive oil, can help nourish and give a boost to the lashes. Apply a small amount of oil to your lashes before mattress and rinse off in the morning for the pleasant results.

5.   False lash strips: If you’re seeking out a temporary answer, false lash strips can be a good option. They are easy to use and come in lots of styles to fit your possibilities. However, it is important to be cautious whilst making use of and doing away with them to avoid detrimental your natural lashes.


Can I pray with eyelash extensions on?

Yes, you could pray with eyelash extensions on. Wearing eyelash extensions does now not affect your capacity to carry out any non secular practices, inclusive of prayer. However, if the eyelash extensions are inflicting pain or hindering your ability to focus, you may pick out to cast off them before praying.

Can I put on fake lashes with extensions?

No, it isn’t recommended to put on faux lashes with extensions. Eyelash extensions are designed to provide a extra herbal appearance and offer extra volume and duration on your lashes. Wearing fake lashes with extensions can harm your natural lashes and can motive them to fall out greater effortlessly.

Are lash extensions horrific on your lashes?

When implemented successfully via a skilled professional, eyelash extensions are not terrible for your herbal lashes. However, flawed software or elimination can reason damage to your herbal lashes. It is essential to select a reputable salon and technician who uses notable products and strategies to limit any capability damage. Additionally, it’s miles crucial to properly take care of your lashes to make sure they live wholesome and strong.

Question: Are eyelash extensions haram in Islam? I want to beautify and decorate myself. Eyelash extensions are some thing I like to use to make my lashes longer, curlier and fuller.

My husband additionally likes it once I dress up for him and observe fake eyelashes to beautify myself. The lashes I use are artificial eyelashes.

However, I am now not certain if fake eyelashes are haram and would really like to recognize the Islamic ruling on them.

I became also thinking about semi-everlasting eyelashes that may closing round 6-eight weeks. These can be made from human or horsehair. Can you furthermore mght inform me if semi-permanent eyelashes are halal or haram?


Thank you in your question expensive sister in Islam. I pray Allah places barakah for your iman and marriage.

Eyelash extensions aren’t something that was practiced at the time of the Prophet (peace be upon him). So we do now not have something express from the Qur’an and Sunnah regarding this depend.

However, the scholars of Islam have derived rulings regarding eyelash extensions. This is based on the knowledge of similar subjects found within the hadith of the Prophet (peace be upon him).

Below is a detailed response with proof from the hadith of the Prophet (peace be upon him).

Are Eyelash Extensions Haram?

The majority of the scholars of Islam don’t forget all forms of eyelash extensions to be haram. This is based on the ruling that the Prophet (peace be upon him) forbade women becoming a member of hair with hair.

The girls at the time of the Prophet would add hair extensions to their hair to beautify themselves. The Prophet (peace be upon him) strictly forbade this practice. He stated Allah’s curse is upon the women who practice hair extensions or do it to others.

We find more than one narrations within the books of hadith where attaching hair to hair is unlawful.

Health Risks of Eyelash Extensions

The scholars of Islam have also pointed out the health dangers of making use of eyelash extensions. Consulting with fitness professionals we examine that eyelash extensions include chemical substances that can be harmful.

According to the reliable health experts at ‘Healthline’ eyelash extensions have many aspect outcomes. These include bloodshot eyes, burning, pain, rash, redness and inflammation of the eye or eyelid, swelling, which may be intense. Source:

Why did some Scholars say Eyelash Extensions are Halal?

Some scholars allowed eyelash extensions ONLY if it is done in front of the husband. This is due to the fact in Islam it’s far worthwhile for each spouses to beautify themselves for every different.

However their expertise is controversial. They quote the hadith of the Prophet (peace be upon him) referenced underneath and state the following…

“The Prophet only forbade the girl from carrying hair extensions because she become getting married. This is due to the fact it might had been deceptive of her no longer to reveal she has an illness and her hair has fallen off. Not that she cannot wear eyelash extensions for her husband.”

According to these scholars it’d be permissible to wear eyelash extensions ONLY in the front of the husband. The hadith in reference is:

It was narrated from Asma’ that:

A lady got here to the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) and said: “O Messenger of Allah, a daughter of mine is going to get married. She got ill and her hair fell out. Is there any sin on me if I give her hair extensions?” He stated: “Allah has cursed the female who affixes hair extensions and the one who has that executed.

[Sunan an-Nasa’i • Book 48, Hadith 211 • Graded Sahih (Authentic)]

However, we find other comparable narrations where the female turned into already married. In these narrations we see that her husband himself is the only who wants her to get hair extensions. Yet the Prophet (peace be upon him) nonetheless forbade this practice.

So the expertise that hair extensions are halal if it’s miles achieved for the husband isn’t accurate.

A’isha mentioned that a woman from the Ansar married her daughter who had misplaced her hair due to contamination. She got here to Allah’s Apostle (peace be upon him) and said:

Her husband desires that false hair have to be added to her head. Thereupon Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him) said: The female who adds false hair has been cursed. [Sahih Muslim • Book 37, Hadith 179 • Graded Sahih (Authentic)]

Asma’, daughter of Abu Bakr, suggested that a female came to Allah’s Apostle (peace be upon him) and said:

I have married my daughter (whose) hair on her head has fallen. Her partner likes them (the long hair). Allah’s Messenger (may additionally add fake hair to her head? He forbade her to do that. [Sahih Muslim • Book 37, Hadith 177 • Graded Sahih (Authentic)]

Narrated `Aisha:

An Ansari female gave her daughter in marriage and the hair of the latter started out falling out. The Ansari girls got here to the Prophet (peace be upon him) and referred to that to him and stated… “My daughter’s husband counseled that I should let her wear false hair.” The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “No, (don’t do that) for Allah sends His curses upon such women who lengthen their hair artificially. [Sahih al-Bukhari • Book 67, Hadith 139 • Graded Sahih]

Can you do Wudu with Eyelash Extensions?

One of the situations for someone’s wudu to be well-known is that the water must contact each region of the pores and skin. Meaning all of the elements of the body that are distinctive to be washed in wudu should be completely soaked in water.

One of the primary frame elements to be washed in wudu is the face.

“…and wipe over your faces and hands with it.” – [Qur’an 5:6]

Synthetic eyelash extensions cover the natural eyelashes. They may additionally cover tiny regions of the eyelid pores and skin. Eyelash extensions would consequently invalidate someone’s wudu. This is due to the fact they prevent water from achieving areas which can be required to be washed all through wudu.

Some can also argue what’s the massive deal? It’s most effective a small place of the skin this is included and may keep in mind it insignificant. But if we flip to the hadith of the Prophet (peace be upon him) we analyze that even ‘leaving an area the size of a hair’ is a primary sin.

The hadith noted is for doing ghusl however would also apply to wudu. Since each of them are ritual acts of purification for the prayer to be valid.

It become narrated from ‘Ali bin Abu Talib (may Allah be pleased with him) that:The Prophet (peace be upon him) said… “Whoever leaves an area the dimensions of a hair on his body and does no longer cleanse it from sexual impurity, such and such will be finished to him inside the Fire. [Sunan Ibn Majah • Book 1, Hadith 642 • Graded Hasan]

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In conclusion, the query of whether or not lash extensions are haram in Islam is a complex one that has specific views and evaluations.

While a few Muslims can also remember them to be haram due to using artificial materials, others argue that they may be permissible as long as they do no longer purpose damage to the herbal lashes or cross in opposition to Islamic concepts of modesty. Ultimately, the choice to get lash extensions is a non-public one which have to be primarily based on person beliefs and values.

For individuals who are hesitant to strive lash extensions, there are opportunity alternatives inclusive of the use of natural oils or mascara to enhance the arrival in their lashes.

Whatever one’s stance may be, it is critical to keep in mind that beauty requirements are subjective and ought to no longer be used to decide one’s faith or character. Instead, it’s miles critical to prioritize self-care and self-love, whilst additionally respecting the ideals of others.

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