Is It Haram to Dye Your Hair?

Is It Haram to Dye Your Hair? For some thing purpose, in case your hair isn’t always obviously black anymore, a not unusual question that Muslims have is whether or not it’s far permissible to dye their hair black (or another color for that count number).

I know the way it feels to want to exchange your hair colour and make it look higher, but it’s vital to learn about the Islamic angle in this difficulty before making any choices.

Hence, in this text we’ve responded is it Haram to dye your hair black and different colouring’s in detail, considering Islamic teachings and ideals.

Table of Contents

  • Is It Haram To Dye Your Hair Black?
    • Why Is It Haram To Dye Your Hair Black
    • FAQs
    • Q. Is it Haram to Dye your Eyebrows or Beard?
    • Q. Is it Haram to dye your hair black in case your a lady?
    • Q. Is it Haram to dye your hair black with henna?
    • Q. Is it Haram to color your hair black?
    • Q. Is it Haram to dye your hair darkish brown?
    • Q. Which hair Colour is halal in Islam?
    • Q. Is dying your hair black haram?
    • Q. Can you dye your hair black in Islam?
    • Q. Why can’t you dye your hair black in Islam?
  • Conclusion

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Is It Haram To Dye Your Hair Black?

Is It Haram to Dye Your Hair? Yes, it’s far haram to dye your hair black in Islam. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has forbidden dyeing hair black; in step with Islamic scholars, this is applicable to both men and women. And whatever the Prophet forbade, it is Haram (forbidden) in Islam.

This ruling comes from a hadith (or Islamic saying) in which the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) stated once to Abu Quhafa (the father of Abu Bakr) to dye hair however keep away from black color.

The scene turned into the Prophet got here to Macca. He saw Abu Quhafa with white hair that doesn’t look first-rate. Then, the Prophet advocated that Abu Quhafa dye his hair however keep away from black.

According to Jabir b. ‘Abdullah reported: The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said, “Abu Quhafa head and beard had been white like hyssop whilst he came in the front of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH). So, the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) said, “Change it with something but avoid black”.

This hadith in reality indicates that dyeing hair black is forbidden in Islam, and it’s better to keep away from it. However, according to Islamic teachings, you may dye your hair with every other halal shade this is permissible, like Mehndi and Henna (Avoid black henna).

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Why Is It Haram To Dye Your Hair Black

The main motive why it’s Haram to dye your hair black is that the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has forbidden it.

Besides, dyeing hair black is associated with pride and conceitedness, which is going in opposition to Islamic teachings of humility. It has also been seen as an try to imitate the non-Muslims or human beings of other religions, which is also forbidden in Islam.

Lastly, human beings use it to appearance more youthful, which Islamic students don’t forget an act of pleasure and arrogance.

Therefore, it’s miles higher to keep away from dyeing your hair black and as an alternative opt for a color this is permissible in Islam.

When is it Halal to Dye your Hair Black?

Some scholars have discussed instances whilst dyeing hair black can be permissible. I’ll point out some of them below with the reasons and any disclaimers that come with them.

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Illness or Abnormality

Is It Haram to Dye Your Hair? There is a principle in Islamic jurisprudence (fiqh). If some thing is ordinary then to repair it to it’s regular condition or country is permissible.

So for example, it’s far haram in Islam to mutilate elements of the frame. But if someone has six arms rather than five (i.E. 4 fingers and a thumb), this isn’t ordinary. So in this case it is permissible to surgically remove the more finger to make it ordinary.

Similarly, if a person is of their mid-twenties and has an contamination or genetic disease. Because of this their hair is all grey or white. It isn’t regular for a person in their twenties or maybe early thirties to have all gray or all white hair. In this example it might be permissible to restore the herbal coloration of the hair despite the fact that it is black.

This fatwa of the students comes with a completely crucial disclaimer. You need to no longer dye your hair black to misinform all and sundry regardless of your circumstance.

So for instance, if someone is twenty and is getting married and that they have a genetic situation wherein their herbal hair is grey or white. They need to reveal this facts to all concerning events of the other aspect.

So if a man is presenting to a girl he need to let her know of his circumstance and her wali (father/brother/mother or father). And if a woman is getting married who has the illness then she too ought to make the man aware of her condition too.

You must now not below any occasions attempt to misinform anybody. Deception is a chief sin in Islam and you should now not dye your hair black for this purpose.

In the Army

Some pupils of Islam mention that while you’re in the navy it’s miles permissible to dye your hair black. This is because it’d make the enemy suppose that there are all young men in your aspect. This could strike worry in their hearts. With grey haired or white haired men this could have the opposite effect.

To Adorn Yourself for your Spouse

Some students have additionally allowed the use of black hair dye if it’s miles done with the sole aim to please your spouse. When a wife beautifies herself for her husband or the husband beautifies himself for his wife. It is a first-rate act of reward to adorn ourselves for our spouses.

This is a minority opinion. To live at the secure facet avoid black as a lot as you can and use a heavy darkish brown coloration.

Using dark brown hair dye will preserve you far from any variations of opinion. And you’ll additionally be able to decorate yourself to your partner.

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Is It Haram to Dye Your Hair? (Blue, Pink, Purple, Green, Silver)?

Majority of the scholars of Islam say it is haram to dye hair with atypical colorations. Such as blue, crimson, crimson, inexperienced, silver etc. And even dyeing hair multicolored just like the rainbow.

The motives for this is that it does not appearance natural, draws pointless attention and is imitating non-believers.

As Muslims we’ve got our symbols and customs. And our pals and associates of different faiths have their symbols and customs. It is probably not unusual amongst some non-believers to dye their hair blue and purple. And it also is probably contemporary among celebrities and singers to do that. But as Muslims this isn’t always our symbols and customs.

We need to be humble and proud with our very own symbols and customs. We have to put on our Muslim identities optimistically. We ought to not lose our identities as Muslims with the aid of imitating other human beings.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) forbade us from imitating people of other faiths. So we should are trying to find the satisfaction of Allah and avoid imitating humans of different faiths.

Another purpose why students kingdom that it’s far haram to dye your hair weird colorations. Such as blue, red, green, purple and many others. Is that conceitedness and pride are main sins in Islam. Seeking the eye of the people in our look can lead a person to come to be vain and prideful.

At the time of the Prophet (peace be upon him) there was a custom a number of the Quraysh. They could drag their decrease clothes on the floor as a sign of looking for interest and being vain.

The Prophet of Allah (peace be upon him) changed into so disgusted with the aid of this vanity that he stated:

Whoever shall we his decrease wrap drag out of conceitedness, Allah will now not look at him on the Day of Resurrection. [Sunan Ibn Majah • Book 32, Hadith 3699 • Graded Authentic – Sahih]

What Colors are Halal to Dye your Hair with?

You are allowed to coloration your hair with any natural hair shade however avoid black. Brown, darkish brown, grey, blonde are all herbal hair colours which are halal to dye your hair with.

The encouraged hair dyes with the aid of the prophet (peace be upon him) are henna (a purple plant dye) and katam (sort of grass).

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “The great matters with which gray hair are modified are henna and katam. [Sunan Abu Dawud 4205 • Book 35, Hadith 47 • Graded Authentic (Sahih)]

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Is it Haram to Dye your Eyebrows or Beard?

It is not haram to dye your eyebrows or beard. The equal ruling as dyeing hair applies. You can use any natural hair coloration dye your eyebrows and beards but keep away from black.

Is it Haram for Men to Dye Their Hair?

It isn’t haram for men to dye their hair. It is truly a very good element and endorsed to dye your hair. Men need to dye their hair if they can. The Prophet (peace be upon him) commanded us to distinguish ourselves from humans of different faiths by using dyeing our hair. It is one of the distinguishing elements of Muslim guys to dye their hair.

Did Prophet Muhammad Dye His Hair?

There is a difference of opinion the various pupils if the Prophet (peace be upon him) dyed his hair or not. We have conflicting narrations within the books of hadith that advise he did dye his blessed hair. There are also different narrations that country he did not dye his hair. On face price this can sound like a contradiction but I’ll give an explanation for why this isn’t always the case.

Different partners followed the Prophet at distinct times in his lifestyles. It’s almost not possible to know precisely at what time in his life a accomplice changed into with the Prophet.

So it’s viable that when a positive companion followed the Prophet he changed into not dyeing his hair. And at over again any other associate was with the Prophet and the Prophet was dyeing his hair.

So each units of narrations are in reality correct. They are sincerely an remark of a partner as he noticed the Prophet (peace be upon him) at that point.

The associate Anas (can also Allah be pleased with him) said the Prophet seemed very young. He only had a few grey hairs on his head so he did no longer want to dye his hair.

Ibn Sirin (can also Allah have mercy on him) reported:

I asked Anas b. Malik whether or not Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him) dyed his hair. He said: “He had now not reached the level whilst (he wanted) dyeing (of his white hair). He had some white hair in his beard“.

I said to him: Did Abu Bakr dye his hair? He said: “Yes, with hina’ (henna)”. [Sahih Muslim • Book 43, Hadith 132 • Graded Authentic (Sahih)]

‘Abdullah, the son of ‘Umar b. Al-Khattab (may additionally Allah be thrilled with them both) become asked approximately why he dyed his hair. He spoke back he saw the Prophet (peace be upon him) dyeing his hair so he favored doing it too.

Narrated via ‘Ubaid Ibn Juraij:

I asked ‘Abdullah bin ‘Umar (can also Allah be pleased with him), “O Abu ‘Abdur-Rahman! I noticed you dyeing your hair with Henna (a form of purple dye). He answered “No doubt I noticed Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him) dyeing his hair with it. That is why I want to dye (my hair with it). [Sahih Al-Bukhari • Book 4, Hadith 32 • Graded Authentic (Sahih)]

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Why do Muslim Men Dye their Beards?

Muslim men dye their beards because this turned into the practice of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The Prophet would dye his beard with henna. Every Muslim strives to emulate the instance of the Prophet of Islam in deed and appearance. This is why Muslim guys dye their beards. It is a Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him.

It changed into narrated that Abu Rimthah stated:

“I came to the Prophet (peace be upon him) and I noticed that he had dyed his beard with yellow dye. [Sunan an-Nasa’i • Book 48, Hadith 45 • Graded Authentic (Sahih)]

I noticed Ibn ‘Umar dyeing his beard yellow and I asked him about that. ‘He stated: “I noticed the Prophet (peace be upon him) dye his beard yellow. [Sunan an-Nasa’i • Book 48, Hadith 204 • Graded Authentic (Sahih)]

Is Highlighting Hair Allowed in Islam?

It is permitted for ladies to spotlight their hair in Islam. You may spotlight your hair in any coloration of natural human hair coloration but avoid black. So when you have brown hair and want to place matching blonde highlight streaks in them this is permissible. But hold analyzing, as there are some Islamic situations to this.

In Islam the principle cause for situation isn’t always the highlighting of hair however as a substitute who will see the highlights.

It is compulsory for Muslim women to cover themselves. This includes overlaying their hair with a hijab in front of every person who isn’t a mahram to them.

Highlighting hair is halal however what would be haram is exposing your beauty in front of weird men. This form of beautification have to most effective be done in the front of your mahram. Basically, your father, blood brother, husband, paternal/maternal uncle and so forth. Or of route in women handiest gatherings.

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Is Garnier, Revlon, Loreal, Bigen Hair Color Halal or Haram?

The substances of hair dye manufacturers which include Garnier, Revlon, Bigen and Loreal may also exchange through the years. So it isn’t always feasible for any pupil to give a blanket ruling on whether or not they may be constantly halal or constantly haram. So you’d must do your own studies for every hair dye product and appearance up if the ingredients are halal or haram.

The elements in hair dyes that frequently situation Muslims are ammonia and alcohol.

Ammonia is a chemical that is a compound of nitrogen and hydrogen. It is made out of nitrogenous animal and vegetable rely. But the quantity is trace quantity. I am now not privy to any faculty of concept that considers the ammonia compound as haram.

There are many hair dyes available available on the market which can be ammonia-loose. So this might be a higher desire for Muslims. Ammonia-unfastened hair dyes smell better because it does no longer supply off fumes. It’s also stated to motive less harm to the hair, safer and protection from harmful UV rays.

The 2d component alcohol is something the scholars have differed over. All Muslim students agree that alcohol is haram to drink as it’s miles an intoxicant. But a few scholars additionally don’t forget it impure (najas) to touch however others classify it as now not impure to touch. This is a large educational discussion the various students this is beyond the scope of this answer.

My instructors and I follow the group of scholars that do not bear in mind alcohol haram to apply in products at the pores and skin. If the alcohol is in small quantities, modified through chemical procedures and does not intoxicate then it’s far halal.

Example is vinegar that is crafted from fermented wine/alcohol or hand sanitizers. These products comprise alcohol however the alcohol has gone through a chemical method. The alcohol may also be in its purest shape which means it can’t intoxicate you even if you tried to drink it. Most probably ingesting such alcohol would motive someone to die, no longer intoxicate.

I asked my spouse which emblem she uses so I can recommend it to the human beings. She stated to be at the safe facet she avoids black and prefers to use a dark brown coloration. This is the product she uses that’s a four.0 grade darkish brown hair dye and is ammonia-free.

At the time of penning this submit this hair dye is halal, in’sha’Allah. The elements for this product might also exchange through the years. You need to do your own due diligence and appearance up the elements on the time if they may be still halal or now not.

Is it Haram to Dye your Hair whilst Fasting at some stage in Ramadan?

It isn’t haram to dye your hair even as fasting in the course of Ramadan. Dyeing hair has no effect at the validity of your speedy. Your fast will no longer spoil if you dye your hair.

The matters that invalidate fasting are; intercourse, consuming, drinking, blood, vomiting and menstruating. Dyeing hair does now not come beneath any of those rulings that destroy the short.

So in case you’re fasting and have some free time this is the first-rate time to dye your hair.

If you’re a man dyeing your beard and mustache then just be careful now not to ingest any hair dye. Which normally have to no longer appear besides so it shouldn’t even be a trouble.

Is Bleaching Hair Haram?

Scholars have differed whether bleaching hair is haram or now not. Some have allowed women to bleach their hair if it is accomplished only to please the husband. They additionally make it a factor to understand that the chemical that you use to bleach your hair is halal. It have to not incorporate any haram substances.

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Q. Is it Haram to Dye your Eyebrows or Beard?

A. It is Haram to dye your eyebrows and beard with black as it is not permissible consistent with Islamic teachings. However, you can dye your eyebrows or beard with Mehndi because it consists of red and brown coloration, that is permissible in Islam.

Q. Is it Haram to dye your hair black in case your a lady?

A. Yes, it is Haram to dye your hair black in case you’re a female or a boy. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has not forbidden black shade to specify gender, so each males and females ought to avoid dyeing their hair black.

Q. Is it Haram to dye your hair black with henna?

A. Yes, it’s Haram to dye your hair black with henna. However, you can use henna to get a reddish-brown or brown color that’s permissible in Islam. This is because herbal henna is in no way black, it’s made scientifically, and additionally the Prophet has recommended keeping off black shade.

Q. Is it Haram to color your hair black?

A. Yes, it is Haram to color your hair black, as it is forbidden by using the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). However, you can use different halal colorations, which can be permissible in Islam.

Q. Is it Haram to dye your hair dark brown?

A. No, it’s no longer Haram to dye your hair dark brown, as it’s far permissible in Islam. But you ought to make certain that the darkish brown colour isn’t too close to black and is made naturally.

Q. Which hair Colour is halal in Islam?

A. It is permissible to dye your hair with any halal shade in Islam such as Mehndi and Henna (apart from black henna). You also can use herbal hues like brown, chestnut, and dark brown. But keep away from the use of black as it’s miles Haram in Islam.

Q. Is demise your hair black haram?

A. Yes, it’s far haram to dye your hair black in Islam. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has forbidden dyeing hair black.

Q. Can you dye your hair black in Islam?

A. No, it’s far haram to dye your hair black in Islam. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has forbidden dyeing hair black.

Q. Why can’t you dye your hair black in Islam?

A. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has forbidden dyeing hair black. Hence it is haram in Islam.

If you shave or taking into account shaving your chest and unibrows hair, you have to first examine, is it haram to shave chest hair and unibrows.


Dyeing hair is permissible in Islam as long because it doesn’t involve whatever Haram, together with black coloration. There are many other options of natural hues to select from which are halal and permissible in Islam.

So it’s higher to opt for a shade this is permissible and now not forbidden by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Ultimately, it’s miles crucial to are trying to find advice from a reliable pupil if you doubt any aspect of dyeing your hair.

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