Can Muslims Have Dogs? Halal or Haram

Can Muslims Have Dogs? Halal or Haram, – Assalamualaikum In this piece, we will look at the controversial issue of whether it’s permissible or not keeping dogs in the house as pet. There seems to be a lot of disagreement on this subject.

To answer this question, we’ll first look at Quran followed by the hadith, and then what seven scholars have decided on this. If you read the article , you’ll be able to see the various arguments for and against, and be able to make an informed choice.

The Curious Incident of the Dog

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Can Muslims Have Dogs? Halal or Haram, – There are two references to canines within the Quran. The first mention is mentioned in Surat Al-Ma’idah. In the shortest of terms, Allah says it is permissible to consume food that the dog hunted after you.

“They are asking you, Muhammadwhich of the following is legal for them. Speak, “Lawful for you are all foods that are good and game caught by your training of hunting animals you train in the manner that Allah has instructed you. Eat the game they catch for you and make mention of your name to Allah on it, and be afraid of Allah .” Indeed, Allah is swift in account.” ( Quran 5:4)

The second reference to Dogs in The Quran is found in Al-Kahf. In this Surat it tells the account of a young boy who was guarded by a dog which protected the doorway to the cave.

“That was the result of the indications of Allah. The one whom Allah guides is the rightlyand properly] guided, but the one who Allah leads away and never has any protection guide. It is possible to imagine them awake, when in fact they have been asleep.

We moved our heads to the left and left as their dog sat on his legs at the entry point. If you had been looking at them from afar, you could have turned away from them to flee and been engulfed with fear.” ( Quran 18:17-18)

According to these verses, it’s undisputed that dogs are allowed to be kept for hunting or for guarding. The Quran does not make any explicit claim that dogs are not pets. It only says positive remarks about them.

So , how do many Muslims say that dogs are considered to be haram? To answer this question, we’ll turn towards the Hadith.

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Negative Hadith Regarding Dogs

This is the reason why opposition to keeping dogs as pets seems to originate.

Abu Hurairah (May Allah be happy with his) declared the Prophet of Allah (saws) declared, “He who keeps a dog, will lose out of his good deeds equal to one Qirat every day, except one who keeps it for guarding the fields or the herd.” (Al-Bukhari, and MuslimAl-Bukhari and Muslim.

In another narration that is related to Muslim in another narration, The Messenger of Allah (saws) is said to have stated: “He who keeps a dog for any reason other than to guard his property (lands) or his flock of sheep, his good deeds equal to two Qirat will be deducted every day.”

The following hadith clarifies exactly what a Qirat actually is. A Prophet, when askedby the Prophet “What’s the definition of two Qirat?’ and he replied, “Equal to two huge mountains.” The same was said by Bukhari in addition to Muslim.

Ibn al-Mughaffal said Ibn Al-Mughaffal wrote: The Messenger of Allah peace and peace be with him was in charge of the execution of dogs. He declared, “What is the matter about them? What’s wrong regarding animals?” Then he granted concessions to the use of dogs to hunt and herd. The Prophet said “If a dog licks your vessel, then wash it seven times and rub it with earth on the eighth time.” Source: Sahih Muslim 280 Grade: Sahih (authentic) as per Imam Muslim

the Prophet (pbuh) stated: “The angels do not enter a house in which there is a dog or an image.”

Grade : Sahih (Darussalam) Reference : Sunan an-Nasa’i 5347 In-book reference : Book 48, Hadith 308

Positive Hadith Regarding Dogs

Adh-Dhahabi stated: Fudayl ibn Iyad, may Allah be pleased with him, stated, “By Allah, it is not lawful for you to harm a dog or a pig without a just cause, so how can you harm a Muslim?” Source: Siyar A’lam al-Nubala 8/427

Abu Hurairah (May Allah be happy with Allah be pleased with him) said: The Prophet of Allah (saws) stated, “While a man was walking along, was extremely thirsty. He came across a well and the man walked down to it to drink the water.

After leaving the building when he left, he came across a dog who was panting from thirst. The tongue was flapping and the dog was eating moist earth because of extreme thirst. The man was thinking to himself: “This dog is as thirsty just like me. Then he dipped to the water, filled the sock made of leather with water, then securing it in his mouth as he climbed up, he sat up and quenched the dog’s thirst. Allah was pleased with his actions and remitted his transgressions”.

The Companions requested: “Shall we be rewarded for showing kindness to the animals also?” He (saws) stated, “A reward is given in connection with every living creature” [Al-Bukhari and Muslim[Al-Bukhari and Muslim] Muttafaqun Alayhi(authenticity was agreed on)

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In Islam keeping canines as pet animals is not permitted ( Haram) because of their impurity. In Islamic times they were and employed as guard dogs, herding, as well as in the field, but they shouldn’t reside alongside humans within the same space.

At the time, Prophet Mohammed ( SAW) demanded that dogs be killed. Then, the orders were repealed, following which the Prophet allowed dogs to be used to serve practical (work) reasons.

The keeping of dogs as pets is prohibited in the eyes of Muslims However, Islam orders us to show compassion and kindness to them.

2. Dogs Can Infect Us With More Than 100 Diseases

How Do We Catch Dog Diseases?

The vets have said that, today the odds of contracting diseases in a dog in a modern household are extremely low. If your dog is clean and wormed, and is properly cared for, and regularly visits to the vet, they are able to, but they don’t usually do us any harm.

For a reason, the majority of us are scared of dogs biting us. Any disease they may carry can be found within their saliva. A bite can tear the skin, and bacteria could enter our bodies through their saliva.

The mere act of touching saliva from dogs or dog’s skin soil, water surfaces or the surroundings that dogs inhabit can cause serious illnesses for other animals and humans.

Dog Bite Statistics

In the US Dogs bite around 4.5 million people each year. As the result, 40 people die.

350,000 patients have to visit emergency rooms, and 750,000 require some type of medical attention. Dog bites cost the nation over $1 billion every year.

Dogs also can slobber. When they slobber saliva, it can splash on the surface of our home. When we touch the surfaces, they can take in their saliva and then put it on our eyes, faces, and mouths.

Children are the most vulnerable.

The germs we collect from our pets can trigger minor infections too, as well as certain very serious diseases. The symptoms include stomach pain, severe vomiting, diarrhea, organ failure, and even death

 Here is the list of most frequent diseases we get from dogs, as well as the signs and symptoms.( Best read on the horizontal screen of a mobile phone)

Animal Contact
Drinking raw milk
Flu-like symptoms
Injuries to reproductive organs
Contact With Feces
Food, Water
Nausea, Diarrhea
Touching Dog Mouthblisters
pain around bite
Joint or muscle pain or joint
Contact Feces
food items or surfaces
massive, watery diarrhea that is watery and profuse.
Abdominal discomfort
Tapeworms from the Flea
Suck an insectCrawling the worms inside anus/poop
parasitic tapeworm
Contact the dog, or Feces
Suck in eggs
Invasive cysts
Liver and lungs
Feces and surfaces
water, soil
severe diarrhea, gas
gut pain
Contact with skin
infected soil/sand
The skin is prone to breakouts.
Intestinal inflammation
Contact with urine
high fever
Chills, muscle pains
conjunctivitis (red eyes)
Abdominal discomfort
Diarrhea, or a rash.
can lead toliver and kidney failure.
hemorrhagic pneumonia
Staphylococcus aureus
Touching dogsThere are no symptoms
It is possible to cause lung cancer
And bloodstream
Bubonic Plague
Flea bites
Touching sick or dead dogs
painful, swollen lymph nodes
high fever
septicemic plague
Plague pneumonia can trigger more serious symptoms.
Contact saliva
dog scratches
fungal parasite
Touching dog
Ring-shaped round rash
skin cracking
hair falls out
Discolored nails with thicker tips
Contact Feces
ingested eggs
(eye) larvae in eye
vision loss
Eye inflammation
Damage to the retina
liver, lungs nervous system
Wheezing, fatigue, fever
Abdominal discomfort
Contact dogs, food
water, surfaces
The fever
abdominal cramps
Sarcoptic mange
parasitic mite
Contact dogsNo infestation
Minor skin irritation
Tickborne Diseases
Tick bites
(Dog Saliva)
The fever
Body aches

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How To Protect Yourself From The Diseases That Dogs Carry

1. Veterinarians suggest that you clean your hands and disinfect your surroundings to eliminate parasites and germs that can be carried by dogs.

That means that after handling your dog, clean your hands. When you feed your dog, clean your hands. After you take care of your dog, clean up and work in the area that dogs reside in it is time to wash and sanitize your hands.

2. Bring your dog to the vet on a regular basis for checks as well as deworming and regular maintenance.

3. Place your dog in a kennel , away from the normal surroundings. Place them in an open enclosed area, and in a dry, warm area. Make sure that your dog is fed regularly and water. Be sure to wash your dog’s poop on a regular routine.

Never chain or cage your dog for extended periods of time. It is Haram. Dogs require be active and move around. They are animals of socialization and are awestruck by the company of other canines.

3. Most Muslims Are Hostile Towards Dogs Or Simply Don’t Care At All

The truth is that in Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Muslim world, it is commonplace to not allow dogs to be pets at home. Because they are considered as unclean ( Narjis) They have an unpopular opinion of those who are allowed to.

But, as those in Western countries, there are a few dog owners in the Philippines are devoted to and take care of their pets. Since most people live in apartments and have pets, owners tend to have small, well-trained house breeds such as dogs, poodles or terriers.

The majority of dogs you will encounter are the mongrel breeds that serve as guard dogs at farmlands, homesteads and commercial properties.

The Problem Of Stray Dogs

In the Arab world there are thousands of dogs that roam the streets of cities. In the evening, they gather together and search the city’s dumpsters to find food.

Due to stray dogs and stray dogs, streets in countries such as Egypt and Morocco can be dangerous. Dogs can strike at people who are walking alone in the daytime, and particularly at night.

Learn about four stray dogs that killed an innocent girl aged four in Riyadh after she got out from her house.

When I lived living in Alexandria, Egypt, I carried a massive chunk of wood every day as I headed to the mosque to pray for the Fajr themorning prayer, to fight against attacks from dog packs that were always trying to bully me.

Learn the story of two Saudi boys found guilty of hitting an animal in their jeep that was in the desert until it passed away.

Every now and then from time to time, the Egyptian government kills animals, however eventually more dogs are brought back.

Why So Many Strays?

Most likely, the strays are likely to be runaways or abandoned. I’m assuming that most of them have been eluded by their original owners, who used them to protect commercial properties or large buildings, as well as farms.

In those specific situations in those particular environments, they will be confined or tied to a post throughout the day, with no interaction with the owners. It’s an act of kindness to them if they are able to obtain free.

How Muslims Treat Stray Dogs

People from the Arab world are known to feed wild cats, yet are cruel and cruel to dogs who wander around.

It is because these hungry creatures, which are flea-bitten, often poo in front of people’s doors and on the public pathways. They shout, bark, and cry all night long and fight with ferocity throughout the day and at night.

In the evening you’ll see them in a frenzied rush around public dumpsters, searching at food waste. They yell at passersby who come near to dump their garbage or chase drivers.

The thousands of dogs that wander around are a major public nuisance. There are no shelters for animals and the public isn’t particularly concerned about rescuing stray dogs.

In this instance, because of the large amounts that are present, killing them is the best option for humane reasons..

Many people are quick to shoo the dogs off, beat, or avoid them. There is no one who will go out of their means to feed lost dog, or to pet it or even to befriend the animal.

There are many instances of people and groups of teens throwing sticks and rocks at roaming cats and dogs. There are however, a few other instances.


They frequently cite the hadith that we’ve just read, as you’ll discover in the next paragraph.

Synopsis: Dr.Zakir Naik- His response begins at 3:00. “In Islam, keeping dogs is forbidden in your home as pets. However, keeping a dog in the house for hunting isn’t a issue, since it will guard your home isn’t a problem”. One thing I’d like to challenge Dr.Naik in his response in the section where he claims that saliva of dogs can cause illness, one of them being hydrophobia.

The term “hydrophobia” is not a cause of disease, it’s simply an anxiety or fear of water. To claim that the saliva or licks of a dog can cause diseases is also untrue. In fact there is a passage it is stated in the Quran it also refers to a dog that hunts for meat as a way to allow it to consume. What would that mean in the event that saliva was caught on food items?

Summary The Sheikh Assim is aIt is considered haram to own animals reduces your actions through Qirat (mountain). Also, angels should not go into “a house in which there is a statue, or a dog, or a portrait”.

Then he says”as Muslims are not required to inquire for what Allah and the Prophet have given us instructions on how to behave. The majority of the time Allah provides reasons to not allow a particular thing, however, in a limited percentage of cases, he does not. This falls into the tiny number of instances. We are required to obey his orders in the manner that Allah knows the best.

summary: Bilal Phillips- is it possible to keep a dog as a security reasons in the home? When a pet is used for a friend or companion , it’s not allowed. It is permitted if the dog is kept to protect and herding purposes or hunting.

If you have a dog, ensure that you place it in a designated area. The dog shouldn’t be allowed in your room where he wakes up and licks your face. One interesting point Bilal Philips makes is that a dog that licks the hands of an Muslim is not breaking the ablution. The hadith which mentions the licking of a vessel refers to food containers, which must be thoroughly cleaned.

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Related Questions

1. Can I have a dog as a pet if I keep it outside the House In The Garden In this instance there is a difference between the Shafi madhab states that it is not permitted (Haram) however the Maliki madhab states that it is allowed (Halal) however it is discouraged (Makrooh) to confine it to the indoors. Refer to the reference.

2. Are Muslims Permitted To Touch A Dog? Muslims are advised not to pet dogs or hug them. But there is no law against touching dogs. But, if they come into contact with saliva of dogs or excrement, or urine the Muhammad (SAW) advised that Prophet Mohammed (SAW) recommended that they wash their hands using water six times, followed by one more time with soil. Like with all animals, hand washing and sterilization is recommended when handling them.

3. Which Animals Can Muslims Keep As Pets In The Home? Muslims are allowed to keep birds, fish, cats, and other pets in their homes as they feed, treat, and take good care of them. Their saliva are not unclean (Narjis) However dogs are not allowed!

4. Can Muslims Keep A Rabbit As A Pet Inside The Home? No! Rabbits raised in captivity have to get out of their cages for food and exercise. In the house, they devour the furniture and the belongings. If they are released in wilderness, they are not equipped with survival skills and could end up dying. In this instance, you can kill and eat them or donate them to a person who has an outdoor space.


I hope that through this post and my research you’ll be in a position to comprehend the differing opinions and then make a decision your own. I’ll pass this question to you. do you think dogs are considered halal or haram?

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