Quran French (Le Sens DES Versets Du Saint Qouran)

Quran French (Le Sens DES Versets Du Saint Qouran) – The leading online source for Quran translation in French by Muhammad Hamidullah. Subqo Islamic Center – Quran Translation – Explore, Read and Search Recite Now.

In Islamic theology, the translation of the Qur’an into modern languages has been a challenging issue. Muslims consider the Quran miraculous and unique (ijaz Al-Quran). Therefore, they believe that the Quranic text shouldn’t be separated from its original form or written form. 

A word in Arabic, such as a Hebrew or Aramaic one, can have many meanings, depending on its context. This feature is present in all Semitic languages. It makes it difficult to translate accurately.

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Quran French (Le Sens DES Versets Du Saint Qouran) – The Qur’an is an Islamic revelation that must be read in Arabic according to Islamic theology. Translations from Arabic into other languages are a human task and, therefore, Muslims believe that they no longer have the sacred nature of the Arabic original. .

It is difficult work to translate the Quran. Some native Arab speakers will tell you that certain Quranic passages can be hard to read even in the original Arabic script. Part of this is due to the inherent difficulty of translations; in Arabic as in other languages, one word can have many meanings. 

Understanding and translating text requires human judgment. This is complicated by the differences in the way words are used between modern Arabic and classical Arabic. Quranic verses that seem clear to native Arab speakers who are familiar with modern vocabulary and usage might not be the original meaning.

The historical context of the Prophet Muhammad’s early community and life will have an impact on the original meaning of Quranic passages. It is usually necessary to have a deep understanding of sirah and hadith, which are complex texts. This adds an element of uncertainty that cannot be eliminated by any translation linguistic rules.

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