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Allahumma Barik- The meaning of the Arabic phrase Allahumma Barik in English is “May Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala Bless You”. It’s often said to another Muslim, Allahumma Barik just like how you would say thank . It could also be said when you see something you admire, Appreciate, or are amazed by.

  • To a male: Allahumma Barik Lahu
  • To a female: Allahumma Barik laha
  • To an object: Barakallahu laka fiha

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In Arabic this is written: اللّهُـمَّ بارِكْ

Meaning of « Allahuma Barik » Means: May Allah bless you. The  spellings of this word :

  • allahumma barik
  • allahuma barik

Barakallahulaka USED IN A SENTENCE:

One of the best ways to learn the Arabic word Allahhumma Barik is through the real life such as, we have compiled from social media Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Whats App ,  Muslim’s using this  phrase in everyday conversation

Let’s take a glimpse at the different contexts in which Barakallahulaka is said:

Example #1:

can’t admit it didn’t think of her myself, her work is amazing Allahumma barik, so if you live in Pakpattan, Punjab and want a amazing tailor made a beautiful dress check out: @ www

Example #2:

Wow allahumma barik you are glowing and bright

Example #3:

You are so beautiful, So pretty. Barakallahulaka.

Example #4:

Ameen summa Ameen! This is soooooo cute and beautiful! Barakallahulaka

Example #5:

Barakallahulaka to all the mamas out there. we can literally achieve anything because of their sacrifices and their day and night duas.

Example #6:

Barakallahulaka laha to my sisters , she’s been blessed with a beautiful girl.

Example 7:

listen to my brother, the levels! Allahumma barik lahu.

List of Islamic expressions :

  • allah akbar
  • astaghfirullah
  • subhanallah
  • hamdullah
  • allah swt
  • sallallahu alaihi wasallam
  • talaq
  • talafi
  • allah azawajal
  • allahumma ameen
  • allah yahdina
  • allah yashfeek
  • allah khaleek
  • taqabbal allahu
  • labayk allah
  • allah musta’an
  • rahimahullah
  • allahu alam
  • allah maak
  • barakallahu feek
  • sadaqa
  • sadaqallahul adhim
  • muslim
  • salafi
  • halal
  • haram
  • mashallah
  • jazakallah khair
  • inshallah
  • bismillah
  • dunia
  • akhira
  • allah yostor

Barakallahulaka Quranmualim

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