The Principles of Sufism byʿĀʾishah al-Bāʿūniyyah

Sufism – A’ishah al Ba’uniyyah, a native of Damascus is one of the most renowned women scholars of Islamic history. Born into a prominent household of revered scholars and Sufi followers, ‘A’ishah received an excellent religious education and learned the Quran at the age of eight. 

A mystic and prolific writer and poet she wrote more writings in Arabic than any other woman prior to the 20th century. But despite her incredible artistic and religious accomplishments, her name is largely obscure. First time ever, her most important publication

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SufismThe Principles of Sufism is accessible as an English translation.
The Principles of Sufism is an inspirational guidebook that will aid others on their spiritual journey. 

It outlines the four principals of repentance, sincerity Remembrance, Love and sincerity It outlines the essential steps and phases of the spiritual novice’s transformational journey, highlighting the importance of accepting the limitations of humankind and God’s unlimited love. 

Sufism Incorporating lessons and readings from the centuries-old Sufi traditions, the ‘A’ishah urges seekers to turn away from selfishness and to live a sincere living a life that is based on love. Alongside his clear translation and a lucid translation. Emil Homerin provides an insightful introduction, notes, and a glossary for ‘A’ishah Al-Ba’uniyyah description of the quest for spiritual illumination.

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A version in English only.

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