Realizing Islam (Islamic Civilization and Muslim Networks)

Islam– The Tijaniyya is the largest Sufi group in West and North Africa. In this groundbreaking examination of the Tijaniya’s origins and its growth during the second part of 18th-century Zachary Valentine Wright situates the group in the larger intellectual history of Islam in the period of early modern. 

The founder of the group was Ahmad al-Tijani (1737-1815), Wright analyzes the wider network that al-Tijani played a part of, and shows that it was a true global Islamic revival, whose leaders controlled massive audiences, spread the most significant ideas, and published writings which were read by many all over all of the Muslim world. 

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They were linked by chains of knowledge transfer that led to lively discussions of revival against perceived social and political corruption.Wright says that this group of exceptional Muslim intellectuals, despite of the uncertainty of their day and encouraged the individualization of the study of religion. 

Particularly concerned with the idea of the human being’s realization and the universal human state The Tijaniyya recognized the significance of the evolution of the notion that is Muslim identity. Since its beginnings in North Africa in the eighteenth century, and beyond the Tijaniyya has been gradually expanding its reach to include all of Africa and has an important presence in regions including that of the Middle East, Southeast Asia and North America.

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Zachary Valentine Wright

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