Tafseer Ibn Kathir: Volume 7 by Hafiz Ibn Kathir

Ibn KathirTafseer Ibn Kathir: Volume 7

The Tafseer of Ibn Kathir has been and still is held in excessive esteem via Muslims during the world. It is the handiest Tafseer (look at of the Holy Quran) of its type explaining the Quran for the sake of explaining it without any extra-curricular discussions.

Ibn Kathir adapted the technique of first explaining thru the Quran then the Sunnah after which with the quotations of the predecessors (e.g. The Companions and their followers) and ultimately with the help of literary meanings and semantics.

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Additional Information
  • Author/Translator
  • Imaam Ibn Kathir
  • Language
  • Tamil
  • Binding
  • Hardbound
  • Pages
  • 976

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