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History For Kids – Discover the story of your children’s Story of Uhud to your youngsters through this fascinating book that explains the significance and lessons in an appropriate manner for children of all ages. Join Zahrah as well as Zain on their quest to learn about some of the most important and most important battles in Islamic time that offer numerous lessons. 

Ghazi Production aims to introduce non-fiction Islamic stories with vibrant illustrations that are guaranteed to entice youngsters. Let’s educate children about the vast, rich , and noble history of Islam with a variety of role models and characters to model and imitate. This is a paperback version of the book (8.5″ by 8.5″) and not the hardcopy larger book (11″ by 11″)

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The Battle of Uhud – First Day

History For Kids – The next conflict between the Quraish and the Quraish of the Muslims was later referred to in the Battle of Uhud the hill, located approximately forty miles away from Medina. The idolaters in retaliation for their defeat at Badr began to prepare massively for another attack against the Muslims. 

They gathered the army to be 3000 soldiers, out of which 700 were equipped with mail coats as well as 200 horses. The soldiers pushed forward under the direction Abu Sufyan and encamped at an area that was six miles from Medina and devoted their lives to the destruction of pastures and flocks belonging to the Medinites. 

His Prophet was not as powerful than his opponents in number, initially opted to stay within the city, and lead them back to the city However, afterward, his advice from a handful of his companions, he prevailed. that he fled with a force of hundred thousand men , of which 100 were outfitted with coats of mail , however it was possible to find only one horse from himselfin the entire army. The army he led came to a stop on Mount Uhud. He was then repelled by ‘Abdullah ibnUbai the leader of the Hypocrites together with 300 of his followers. The tiny strength that the prophet had was reduced by 700.

Then, on Mount Uhud the Muslim troops were able to stay the night there, and in the early hours of the morning, after having offered prayers in the morning, the troops moved toward the flat. The Prophet was able to secure the hill his back. So as to shield his troops from being attacked by enemies He positioned 50 archers up the hill in the rear, just in between the soldiers. 

They were firmly warned not to move away from their positions, no matter the circumstances. If they were prepared to take on the Prophet He was in charge at first. Afterward, however his archers disengaged from their positions and began plundering, and allowed the enemy to attack their fellow Muslims from behind, and then attack them from behind. 

His Prophet fell, and almost ended his own life. He was killed by a hail of stones. He also was wounded in the face by two archers. In addition, one tooth of his facial area was broken. In the days of the Muslims 70 people were killed, among them one of them was Hamza his uncle the Prophet. Hamza. The case involved the infidels Twenty-two men were killed.

It was clear that the Quraish were exhausted in pursuit of their goal, whether it was by pushing over Medina or by driving the Muslims from the mountains of Uhud. They fled their Medinite territory after the brutal killing of the corpses of their fallen enemies.

Allah’s Message to the Believers at the Battle of Uhud

History For Kids – Almighty Allah has spoken that: Do not be vulnerable (against your enemies) or feel depressed. You’ll win (in the end) If you’re a (true) an ardent believer. If an accident (and the resultant death) has been affecting you, ensure that the same incident (and killing) has affected others. It is the time (good as well as bad) that we give every person the opportunity to ensure that Allah will test those who believe and create martyrs of your. Also, Allah doesn’t like Zalimeen (polytheists and criminals).

Also, it is believed Allah will be able to test (or purify) Christians (from iniquities) and expel those who are not believers. Are you confident that you will be taken to Paradise prior to the moment when Allah tests those who have been fighting (in His for His cause) and (also) challenge those with patience? You may have wanted that you would die (Ash-shahadah and martyrdom) prior to encountering it. Now , you are able to discern the truth in your own eyes. Quran Ayah 3:139-143

Allah’s Message to the Cowards – Qur’anic

History For KidsAllah the Almighty has also promised that we would cause fear to the minds of those who do not believe, as they joined others who believe in Allah who did not grant the authority to them. Their home is Fire and it is a shame that it’s home to Zalimeen (polytheists and people who do wrong). 

Also, Allah was successful in fulfilling his promise made to You in that you defeated the Tyrants (your enemies) in His favor until (the moment) where you lost your vigor and started to debate the order, and later refused to obey when Allah gave you (of the the bounty) you love. Some of you are people who wish to remain in the present world, as well as those who look toward the next world. Then, He forced you to run away from them (your opponents) in order to test your character. However, sure enough, He acknowledged your forgiveness, and Allah is the most compassionate to people who believe in Allah.

(And be aware and take note of) the time that you left (dreadfully) and without looking at anyone, while Your messenger (Muhammad) is in your back, beckoning you to come back. It was Allah that provided you with one setback after another as punishment in order to teach you that it is not necessary to be sorrowful for the events you could not escape and also for the things that happened to you. Also, Allah is in control of all you do.

Following the disaster, He delivered the safety of all of you. A group of you. Another group was thinking about themselves (as the best way to assist themselves) but not paying attention to other people and Allah’s Prophet) as they thought in a way on Allah and the notion of ignorance. They inquired, “Have we any part in the affair?” 

They were told (0 Muhammad): “Indeed the affair belongs wholly to Allah.” In their private minds their secrets which they will not reveal to you. They claim: “If we had anything to do with the affair none of us would have been killed here.

” Talk about: “Even if you had remained in your homes, those for whom death was decreed would certainly have gone forth to the place of their death,” but you must make sure that Allah could examine the contents of your breasts. To Mahis to look at and purify from the scum of the walls of your body (sins) in addition to Allah knows everything within (your) the female breasts. ” Quran Ayah 3:151-154

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Muhammad’s Orders His Army

History For Kids – According to al-Baraa’ Ibn Azib: ‘The Prophet named Abdullah IbnJubaar the commander among the infantrymen (archers) from the old group of fifty years old at the period (of of conflict) of the war in Uhud. He instructed them to stick to your place and don’t leave it even if you see the birds taking our hostages until I contact you If you find that we’ve defeated the infidels, and caused them to to leave, you should not go away until I call you.’ 

The infidels then fell. By Allah I saw the women fleeing, and then lifting their garments to reveal the leg-bangles on their legs as well as their leg. The comrades of Abdullah ibn Jubair stated”The booty is a pity that there are no people around the world. It’s yours! friends are victorious.

What are you anticipating? Abdullah ibn Jubair asked: Have you not remembered the words the Messenger of Allah to you? answered”By Allah! We’ll bring it to the crowds (i.e. the enemy) and take home our fair share of the military loot.’ When they came upon the enemies, they were forced to leave defeated. It was the Messenger of Allah at their rear was advising them to go back. Only twelve were remaining with Prophet, and the infidels took seventy-nine people away from us.

Muhammad along with his followers caused the pagans and their followers to the death of hundreds of their followers. Seventy were captured, and seventy were executed. Following that, Abu Sufyan asked three times”Is Muhammad in these people Are Muhammad present among them? The Prophet told his companions to not reply to him. Then , he asked three times the question: Is there an Ibn Abu Qhafa in the group? He repeated three times: is Ibn al-Khattab present among them? Are they there in the group?’ He then came back with his companions and declared”As for the seventy (men) They were executed.’

Umar was not able to keep himself in check and was unable to control himself and he (to Abu Sufyan): You spoke a lie, and that lie was proven to be false fabricated by Allah! There isn’t a foe to Allah! Everyone you’ve mentioned are still alive, and every thing that makes you to feel unhappy is in the world.’ Abu Sufyan said: ‘Our victory today is a way to compensate you for your losses during the The Battle of Badr. 

Battle of Badr and, during war the outcome (the win) is never determined and was shared by the parties fighting. There are certain (killed) soldiers who were mutilated or injured, but I did not suggest my soldiers perform this, and I’m not ashamed of the actions they took.’ 

The Prophet then began to repeat joyfully”0 Hubal Be better than me! In his response Prophet Muhammad Prophet stated (to his friends)”Why do we not respond to him? What is your opinion? Then they replied”0 Allah’s Messenger! So what do you say?’ He replied: “Say, Allah is higher and more magnificent.’ (Then) Abu Sufyan said”We are the owners of Uzza (idol)”Al-Uzza but you don’t possess “Uzza.’

 The Prophet said: (to his group of companions)”Why do we not respond to him? Why don’t you respond to him? These men demanded”0 Muhammad’s messenger! What should we do? He stated: “Say Allah is our Helper , and you don’t have a helper.”

Various Disbelievers Slander Islam

History For Kids – The moral ramifications of this brutal combat was enough to encourage some tribes of nomadic tribes in the region to move into the Medinite regions, however, the majority were defeated.

The Jews were also not afraid to cause trouble, those who admired the Prophet. They tried to create anger among his followers and ridiculed the Prophet as well as his followers. They abused the words of the Qur’an in order to make their meanings offensive. The poets, who were more intelligent and educated and used their influence to create hatred among Muslims. The most famous poets, Ka’b, an associate of Bani An-Nadir, made any effort in expressing his disappointment at the lack of success of idolaters after their defeat in Badr.

Through his satires of the Prophet and his followers, and his eulogies for the Meccans who were killed in Badr Ka’b succeeded in provoking the Quraish to rage into revenge, which broke out at Uhud. Ka’b later went back to Medina where Ka’b continued to denigrate the Prophet and the Muslims and males and females in the most offensive language. 

He was a member of the Bani AnNadir tribe Bani AnNadir had signed a contract with Muslims and pledged to defend the security of the State, both internal and external. of the State , however Ka’b vehemently opposed acts of violence against the commonwealth of which he was a member.

A distinct Jew, Sallam by name from a similar tribe, behaved similarly in a bitter and violent way towards the Muslims. He was a member of the tribe located in Khaibar that is tiny village that is located just 5 days’ drive from in the northwestern part of Medina. 

He was determined to incite the nearby Arab tribes to fight Muslims. The Muslim commonwealth was aiming at making sure that the population was secure was able to impose an outlawed punishment to Ka’b and Sallam.

Jewish Tribes Break the Medina Contract

History For Kids – Members of a distinct Jewish tribe called Bani Qainuqa, were sentenced to exile from the Medinite region for having clear and conscious manner , violated the rules in the Covenant. It was essential to end their violence in order to guarantee the peace of their community and security. 

The Prophet was required to go towards their headquarters. He demanded that they be admitted into the Muslim commonwealth after accepting of Islam or leave Medina. They replied with the most offensive phrases: “You’ve had a disagreement with men who were ignorant of the art of warfare. If you’re interested in engaging in any sort of business with us, we’ll prove that we are not just men.” They then took refuge inside their fortress and put the authority of the Prophet at the crossing. 

The Muslims made the decision to decrease their number and to occupy their fortress but without losing the time. In the course of 15 days, they abandoned. Even though the Muslims initially intended to inflict a serious punishment on them, they decided to accept their fate to their exile to Bani Qainuqa. Bani Qainuqa.

Bani An-Nadir was Bani An-Nadir was performing the same way as Bani Qainuqa’. They also, through their manner of public speaking had violated the rules of the Charter. The Prophet sent them a message which was similar to that they received from their brethren in the form of”the Qainuqa’. 

They, who count on the support of Hypocrites and their party were quick to respond with a smart response. After a prolonged siege that lasted 15 days and a lawsuit was filed to enforce conditions. The Muslims extended their offer in the past too, and they were able to accept. 

They accepted. Jews of An-Nadir made the decision to flee Medina. They were allowed to leave with all the things they could move, with the exception to their weapons. Prior to leaving Medina they burned their homes to stop the Muslims from invading their home. Their weapons and possessions they could not transport together were given to the Prophet with the blessing of their Ansar and Emigrants. Ansar and Emigrants. The law was then enacted that any purchase made for war is the responsibility of the state and its use must be based on the discretion of the authorities in charge.

The Division of War Booty – Qur’anic

History For Kids – Almighty Allah has declared that: (And there is also an opportunity to distribute these rewards) to the emigrants in need who were exiled from their properties and homes to earn rewards from Allah and please Allah. Also, aiding Allah (i.e. helping His religion) and also the messenger of Allah (Muhammad). 

They are the most authentic (to the extent they say) In addition people who previously were in their home (in Al-Madina) and had accepted the Faith to love the people who have migrated to them and can show no jealousy of the things they’ve been given (from the riches of Bani An-Nadir), and offer them (emigrants) an advantage over themselves in case they require to use it. If any person can be free of his desire for power and greed then they will succeed. Quran Ayah 59:8-9

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Blocking Attacks After the Battle of Uhud

History For Kids – The expulsion of the Bani An-Nadir was carried out in the year 4 of hijrah. The rest of the year and the start of the next year were devoted to stopping the retaliatory efforts of nomadic tribes towards the Muslims and to impose punishments for various massacres in the Mdinite territory. 

One of the most famous was the military war against an individual from the Christian Arabs of Dumat Al-Jandal (a region that was about seven days drive away across the southwest region of Damsacus) which had halted Medinite transport to Syria in the hope of threatening to attack Medina. The marauders escaped before the eyes of Muslims and the Prophet returned to Medina after having reached a peace treaty with a local chief to whom was granted the right to use pasturage within the Medinite area.

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