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Travel Dua – Dua To Travel Islam is a fantastic and practical religion that offers an ideal guideline and method for human beings to live their lives. It is believed that the life of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the ideal model to follow. In addition, the sunnah requires Muslims to follow the teachings of Prophet Muhammad.

Dua For Travelling

“Say (O Muhammad): ‘Travel through the entire land, and discover how Allah created the world and then Allah is going to bring it back into being once more. Absolutely Allah is the most able of all things .

(Surah Al-Ankabut, 29:20)

Because of this, traveling is also an act of worship to God. In addition, in addition to being able to continue to follow our religious obligations , such as prayers when traveling in the role of Muslims we are also required to follow exemplary behavior ( adab) while visiting different nations.

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Travel Dua – This article I’ll list Ten prayers as well as Dua which can be observing at various stages of our journey following the guidelines by our beloved Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. and our previous scholars, insyaAllah

Two Raka’at of Sunnah Prayer

It is recommended to recite two raka’ats of the sunnah prayer with the intention of traveling in the direction of travel, prior to leaving your home.

Our Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. mentioned:

“When you leave your house, perform two raka’at and this will safeguard you against evil. When you enter your home, perform another two raka’at and this will safeguard you against evil. “ (Musnad Al-Bazzar)

Imam An-Nawawi stated in his book “Al-Majmu” that when the performance of this prayer, it’s suggested to repeat Surah Al-Kafirun following the repetition of Surah Al-Fatihah during the first Raka’at and to say Surah Al-Ikhlas in the wake of the repetition of Surah Al-Fatihah during the second raka’at.

Dua after having left the home

Bismillah, tawakkaltu ‘alAllah, wa la hawla wa la quwwata illa billah

“Whoever affirms (upon leaving his home): “In the Name of Allah I put my faith in Allah There is no strength or power other than Allah”,’it will be told to him: “You are enough and safe so the enemy will flee away from you”. (Sunan At-Tirmizi)

Dua at the time of getting on a vehicle
It is highly recommended to perform Dua at the time of boarding any vehicle, as suggested by the Prophet s.a.w. by declaring:

“Subhanal-ladzi sakh-khara lana hadza wa ma kunna lahu muqrinin. Wa inna ila Rabbina lamun-qalibun.”

in the name of Allah and all praise goes to Allah. What a perfect God the one who has put this (transport) in our hands and we would not be able to do this and to Him is our ultimate destiny. (Sahih Muslim)

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Dua for Travel

Travel Dua – After you have completed your 2 Rak’at Sunnah Prayer prior to departing, or any time during your journey towards your destination, you are able to say these Dua:

Allahumma inna nas-aluka fi safarina haza-l-birra wat-taqwa, wa minal-‘amali ma tardho. Allahumma hawwin ‘alaina safarana haza, watwi ‘anna bu’dahu, Allahumma antas-sohibu fis-safar wal-khalifatu fil-ahli. Allahumma inni a-‘uzu bika min wa’atha-is-safar, wa kabbati-manzar, wa su-i-lmunqalabi fil-mal wal-ahli

O Allah We pray to We ask You to guide us in our travels for justice, taqwa and acts of kindness that You are happy with. O Allah allow our travel to be effortless, and cut down our travel time. O Allah We rely on You as our companion in travel as well as the protector for our entire familial (in the absence of us). In the name of Allah O Allah, I pray for refuge from the rigors of travel, the spectre of sadness, and from the unfortunate occurrence of the wealth of my family and. (Sahih Muslim)

When you reach your destination

As told by Suhaib r.a the Prophet s.a.w. would tell his companions when looking at the city he wants to go into:

“Allahumma rabbas samawatis sab’i wa ma azlalna, wa rabbal ardinas sab’i wa ma aqlalna, wa rabbash-shayatini wa ma adlalna, wa rabbar riyahi wa ma zaraina, as’aluka khaira hadzihil qaryah wa khaira ahliha, wa khaira ma fiha, wa a’udzubika min sharriha wa sharri ahliha, wa sharri ma fiha.”

“O Allah, Lord of the seven heavens, and all that they wrap in them, Lord of seven earths, and all they carry Lord of the devils , everyone they misguide Lord of the wind and all the people they take away. I beg You to grant to bless this community and the goodwill of its people and the goodness that is found within it . I am taking refuge in You from the evils of this town, the bad acts of its residents as well as from the all-foolishness that is within it. .” (Mustadrak Al-Hakim)

Dua at the time of entering your hotel

Travel Dua – We don’t know who was the last person to stay or what events have occurred inside the hotel in the past which could affect our stay. It’s a good idea to shield ourselves from injury by saying the following Dua that is stated in the Hadith that was narrated by Khawlah binte Hakim Assulaimiyyah r.a. It is said that the Prophet s.a.w. said:

A’uzu bikalimatillahit-tammati min syarri ma khalaq

Anyone who enters a location and prays:”I take refuge from God’s Perfect Words of Allah from the evil that is made,” Nothing could cause harm to him until he takes his departure from the place. (Sahih Muslim)

One of the most wonderful aspects of Islam is that we can dua on almost every aspect. From eating, sitting, sleep as well as traveling. There are numerous benefits from reciting the duas.

Benefits Of Dua For Travelling

Travel Dua – Every time an Muslim goes out from their homes to go on a trip no matter if it’s an easy or a long distance journey and we pray. To ensure an enjoyable journey and enjoy Allah’s blessings. Almighty Allah.

  1. If someone is able to recite the dua while traveling and travel, then the Angels will protect you until you return to your home.
  2. The act of reciting a dua while travelling can shield a person from a situation that they not even imagined.
  3. If one recites the this dua, one is more likely to do positive actions and enjoy an optimistic day ahead.
  4. Allah will grant the traveler comfort on his way.
  5. Duas that are recited bring Allah’s blessings. Allah.

Many thousands of people are killed from traffic-related accidents that happen in planes, bicycles etc. All over the globe, and so travel is often dangerous. As children we were exposed to many crashes of planes and other dangerous incidents. Therefore, we must seek the help of Allah to be safe and safe. Allah alone is to safeguard us from dangerous dangers and incidents.

We should also do to reduce travel, unless essential or urgent for Muslims. We must recite the duas more often , so that we are secure and free from the shaitan curse while at the same time.

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Travel Dua – The dangers of traveling can be deadly. Many people are killed in traffic accidents every day in motorbikes, cars and other vehicles. The air travel can risky as can be seen when planes crash due to a variety of reasons. Therefore, it is imperative to pray for the protection of Allah. 

He is the only one who can provide protection in the most difficult of circumstances. Therefore it is imperative to use the prayers and invocations mentioned within the Prophetic sunnah.

It is also important to limit traveling to a minimum when it is absolutely necessary. As per Sahih Al-Bukhari The Prophet (PBUH) declared that traveling is a type of torture, that disturbs people’s sleep, eating , and drinking. When one is done with his mission, he must will be quick to return home back home to the family he was with.

There should be no confusion regarding this dua. In reality, it is an “Dua for traveling in vehicle” or “Sawari ki Dua”. This isn’t a Dua for travel, as ” safar ki dua“.

We have gave you the “Dua for Traveling in vehicles”. The below statements are valid in this dua.

  • Dua for car travel.
  • Dua for flying.
  • Dua for biking to go on trips.
  • Dua for Bus
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