Exploring The Prayer of The Heart: A Path to Spiritual Connection

Exploring the Prayer of the Heart: Discover the Depth and Meaning Behind this Ancient Practice of Inner Devotion”


When I arise for a prayer I normally get lots of thoughts and I heard this wasn’t allowed. How do I restore this? 

Assalamu Alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh

Thank you in your query.

The perfection of prayer comes from following the Sunnah of the Beloved Prophet, God bless him and provide him peace. Outwardly, this indicates following the Prophetic teachings [with regards to actions]. Inwardly, this means embodying the Prophetic nation: having presence with, and remembrance of, Allah Most High.

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This has three aspects:

1) During prayer.

This is done by that specialize in what we’re announcing and what we are doing.

One should recognise the which means of what is said, and one should convey to mind why they are praying initially.

2) When you start.

Focus. Gather your thoughts before you step into prayer. Pay interest on your purpose. The large motion isn’t which you are praying, it is which you are praying to ALLAH.

3) Outside of prayer.

Have presence of coronary heart with Allah out of doors of prayer, and you’ll have presence inside it. Strive to keep your tongue moist with the remembrance of Allah in all that you do.

It is a given fact that our worship is not perfect. This is the various wisdoms of the prophetic exercise of pronouncing Astaghfirullah (‘I are seeking the forgiveness of Allah’) three instances right after completing the prayer: one realizes one’s shortcomings in fulfilling the rights of Allah.

At the equal time, Allah has knowledgeable us that, “Allah does now not burden a soul with extra than it can endure.” [2:286] Among the matters scholars point out approximately presence of coronary heart in prayer are:

The manner of reaching presence of coronary heart at some stage in prayer is to realize that having presence of heart with Allah is something sought for the duration of each second in one’s existence, and that the means to it is doing as lots dhikr as you can.

This isn’t to churn up the praise on my own, but in order to be grateful of Allah, to explicit one’s love of Allah, to acquire unto closeness with Allah, and which will strive to meet the obligations of slavehood to Allah Most High. Keep a small prayer bead with you and maintain making dhikr, inclusive of “La Ilaha Illa Allah” or “Allahumma Salli `ala Sayyidina Muhammadin wa Aalihi wa Sallim…”

This, coupled with averting the haram, outwardly and inwardly, are keys to presence of coronary heart with Allah.

Also, don’t just “soar” into prayer. Rather, take out a moment to cognizance your coronary heart on Allah before starting, and then begin. Before starting, make a quick coronary heart-felt dua that Allah furnish you love, thankfulness, sincerity…

Allah has promised us within the Qur’an:

“As for those who try in Us, We sincerely guide them to Our paths, and lo! Allah is with the good. [29:69]

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States of the coronary heart

According to the ebook “Purification of the Soul” written by means of Imam Ibn Rajab, Imam Ghazali and Imam Ibn al-Qayyim, the coronary heart has 3 eminent states: the healthy heart, the useless and the unwell one.

1. The wholesome coronary heart

Imams define it as a coronary heart this is cleansed from any ardour that demanding situations what Allah instructions, or disputes what He forbids. It goes hand at hand with the Qur’an and the hadiths of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). It is unfastened from any impulses which contradict His appropriate.

As a end result, it is safeguarded in opposition to the worship of whatever apart from Him and seek the judgement of no other except that of His Messenger. Its services are completely reserved for Allah, willingly and lovingly, with total reliance, referring to all subjects to Him, in worry, desire and sincere dedication.

When it loves, its love is inside the way of Allah. If it detests, it detests in the light of what He detests. When it offers, it offers for Allah. If it withholds, it withholds for Allah. Nevertheless, all this will not suffice for its salvation, until it’s miles unfastened from following or taking as its manual, all people aside from His Messenger. In the Quran it states,

“The Day when there will no longer advantage [anyone] wealth or youngsters. But handiest one that comes to Allah with a sound heart.” Q (26:88-89)

Sufis describe the Messenger of Allah as the sun that brings light to earth. The saints (awliya’) and each person who possesses a sound coronary heart is described because the moon, which reflects the mild of the sun.

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2. The lifeless coronary heart

Imams mention in regard to the dead heart that it is a heart which does no longer recognize its Lord and does not worship as He instructions within the way He likes, and with which He is thrilled. It clings as a substitute to its lusts and desires, even though those are in all likelihood to incur Allah’s displeasure and wrath.

It worships things other than Allah, and its love, hate, and withholding, rise up from its whims, which are of paramount significance to it and desired above the delight of Allah. Its whims are its imam. Its lust is its manual. Its lack of knowledge is its leader. Its crude impulses are its impetus. It is immersed in its difficulty with worldly objectives.

It is drunk with its personal fancies and its love for hasty and fleeting pleasures. It is known as to Allah and the Hereafter from a distance, but it does respond to advice, and rather it follows any scheming, cunning Satan.

Life angers and pleases it, and passion makes it deaf and blind to whatever except what it’s far evil. To accomplice and keep business enterprise with the proprietor of this kind of coronary heart is to tempt illness: living with him is like taking poison and befriending him means utter destruction.

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3. The unwell heart

A unwell heart means there is usually a danger for it to get higher. However, it is between useless and wholesome. Imams mention that that is a heart with life in it, in addition to contamination.

The former sustains it at one moment, the latter at another, and it follows whichever one of the manages to dominate it. It has love for Allah, faith in Him, sincerity towards Him, and reliance upon Him, and those are what give it life.

It additionally has a craving for lust and pride, and prefers them, and strives to enjoy them. It is complete of self-admiration, that can cause its own destruction. It listens to 2 callers: one calling it to Allah, His Prophet (pbuh) and the Hereafter; and the opposite calling it to the fleeting pleasures of this world. It responds to whichever one of the two occurs to have maximum affect over it on the time.

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Poisons of the coronary heart

Our non secular heart can be poisoned by way of inner and external factors. An internal component that’s complete of whims and yearnings for the materialistic global (dunya) is the soul (nafs).

This internal subtlety can exchange our heart from one nation to some other. Devil is some other outside issue which could affect the country of our heart as properly.

If the heart is unwell, it calls for an immediate interest to curing it first after which searching out preventative care inside the destiny. It could be absurd to search for preventative care first and then cure later.

In the same way, the believer should understand the inner and outside elements which can be causing illness to the spiritual heart and later search for ways on how to maintain coronary heart’s purity. True repentance from sins and substituting a horrific deed with a terrific one may be remedies for the heart. Allah says inside the Quran,

“And establish prayer at the two ends of the day and on the technique of the night. Indeed, desirable deeds take away misdeeds. That is a reminder for individuals who bear in mind.”Q (eleven:114).

Although there are numerous poisons that can reason sickness to the non secular heart, Imams, in the e book Purification of the Soul summarized the ones terrific poisons in four: Unnecessary talking, unrestrained glances, eating excessively and maintaining bad enterprise.

1. Unnecessary communicate

Islam encourages humans to talk while vital. Unnecessary speak can result in exaggeration, lies, backbiting, waste of time, and so forth. It is reported within the ‘Musnad’ of Imam Ahmad (ra), on the authority of Anas (ra) that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) stated:

“The faith of a servant is not placed proper till his heart is placed right, and his heart isn’t always placed right until his tongue is put right.”

In this hadith, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) connected the function of the tongue with servant’s faith. A character will now not have a very good religion until he/she possesses manage over the tongue. It demonstrates in a manner that controlling the tongue can lead to heart refinement, simply as coronary heart refinement results in faith uprightness.

Beside needless speak, Islam also favors the man or woman to combine in conversations wherein there may be the bringing up of God. In a hadith narrated by Abdullah ibn Umar (ra), the blessed Messenger of God (pbuh) said,

“Do now not communicate excessively with out remembering Allah, due to the fact excessive communicate without the mention of Allah causes the coronary heart to harden, and the man or woman furthest from Allah is a person with a difficult coronary heart.” (pronounced with the aid of Imam al-Tirmidhi)

Nowadays, humans not often make citing of God in their conversations. In some settings it reaches the point in which individuals who often noted God, or comprise non secular words of their discussions with others, are appeared down upon.

A manner to avoid useless communicate is actually to stay silent. When a person remains silent, it enables in making the character of someone who thinks extra precisely and also make the man or woman a better listener.Abu Hurairah (r.A) relates that the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said:

“Let whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day both communicate accurate or stay silent.”

Controlling the tongue is remitted from the man or woman if you want to live a righteous life on this international and acquire the closing advantages within the Hereafter; otherwise, it may be disastrous for his/her spirituality.One day, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) approached his accomplice Mu’adh ibn Jabal (r.A) and stated:“Shall I no longer tell you how to control all that?”

I stated, “Yes do, O Messenger of Allah.” So, he held his tongue among his fingers, and then he stated: “Restrain this.” I said, O Prophet of Allah, are we responsible for what we say?” He said, “May your mother be bereft by means of your loss! Is there something greater than the harvest of the tongues that throws people on their faces (or he stated on their noses) into the Fire?

A man or woman who talks needlessly, talks a lot; consequently, he/she received’t be able to flavor the insight from the smart human beings. In a meeting, the needlessly talking person can be the cause to prevent hi/herself and others from obtaining knowledge.

As a result, humans round will no longer be able to narrate their essential thoughts, nor will they learn something new from every other. Al-Hassan (ra) stated:“Whoever does not maintain his tongue cannot apprehend his religion.”

An person who’s frequently engaged in unnecessary speak and preoccupied with topics that do not problem him/her is an indication of God’s abandonment of that man or woman. The associate of the Messenger of God, Abu Ubaida related that Prophet’s grandson, al-Hassan (r.A) said,

“One of the signs and symptoms of Allah’s forsaking a servant is His making him preoccupied with what does now not problem him.”

One who’s deserted from God, has a extreme problem, for all human beings need God’s mercy, forgiveness, blessings, etc. Without them we may be more vulnerable to evil and gained’t be able to stay a tranquil lifestyles.

In the category of needless speak there may be different treacherous behaviors which are related to talking. Some of them can be far worse than others. Imams list the following treacherous behaviors that are related to speaking.

They are: backbiting, slandering, obscene and misleading communicate, two-faced and hypocritical communicate, displaying off, quarrelling, bickering, singing, mendacity, mockery, decision and falsehood; and there are numerous extra faults that can have an effect on a servant’s tongue, ruining his faults and causing him to lose each his happiness and pleasure in this lifestyles, and his fulfillment and profit within the next life.

In order for one to be absolved from the needless speak, one should analyze his/her conversations continuously. As a result of this analysis or self-reflection the character can be capable of see what really is vital and critical to be included within the future conversations and what is not. The reflections of a trainer who guides others spiritually (murshid) or someone wise and sincere can help immensely thru their comments.

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2. Unrestrained gaze

Some scholars say that there is no barrier between the gaze and the coronary heart. Looking at something properly, it pleases his coronary heart concurrently. On the contrary, searching at something horrific or prohibited, it poisons the heart. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said in a hadith narrated with the aid of Hudhayfah (ra),

“The look is a poisoned arrow of Satan. Whoever lowers his gaze for Allah, He will bestow upon him a clean sweetness of religion which he’ll discover in his heart on the day that he meets Him.” (stated by using at-Tabarani, al-Hakim and Ahmad ibn Hanbal)

The liked Prophet (pbuh) as compared the evil look to a poisoned arrow. If a person receives hit by means of an arrow, chances are that he might also or won’t continue to exist. However, if a poisoned arrow hits the man or woman, the harm should very well be devastating. Therefore, reducing the gaze is a tremendous conflict with the self (nafs): however, the ultimate praise that could accept to the struggling person is the sweetness of faith.

Satan implores the unrestrained glances to go into the human thoughts and whisper in his/her coronary heart. In the e-book The Purification of the Soul, it states, “He (Satan) makes what is visible appear greater lovely than it honestly is and transforms it into an idol for the coronary heart to worship.

Satan creates an illusionary image inside the heart and the individual’s coronary heart gets linked with it, for that reason impairing the capability of the coronary heart. Then he guarantees it fake rewards, lighting fixtures the fireplace of desires within it, and fuels it with the wood of forbidden moves, which the servant could no longer have committed had it no longer been for this distorted photo.”

This may be similarly elaborated with an instance from the Quran. In surah Yusuf, Allah describes the moment when the wife of Aziz (the government official) asked from Prophet Yusuf (pbuh) to dedicate together with her adultery, to which he expressed his undesirability. In the Quran it says,

“And she, in whose house he become, sought to seduce him. She closed the doorways and stated, “Come, you.” He said, “[I seek] the refuge of Allah. Indeed, he’s my master, who has made appropriate my residence. Indeed, wrongdoers will now not prevail.” Q. (12:23)

Scholars of tafsirmention that once Aziz’s wife, Zulaykha requested Prophet Yusuf (pbuh) to commit adultery together with her, Allah exposed to him the horrendous fact of fornication which made Prophet Yusuf (pbuh) abstain from committing it.

Many humans fall for acts which are forbidden because they’re no longer decided, and their religion is weak. In such situations, Satan creates a distorted image of the sin and makes it attractive to human beings, in an effort to indulge themselves into it.

This poison makes the individual forget about the more critical worries. It stands between it and them; and so, the coronary heart loses its directly direction and falls into the pit of preference and lack of knowledge. Allah, the Almighty warns humans within the Quran by saying,

And hold your self patient [by being] with people who call upon their Lord inside the morning and the evening, looking for His countenance. And let now not your eyes pass beyond them, wanting adornments of the worldly existence, and do no longer obey one whose coronary heart We have made heedless of Our remembrance and who follows his desire and whose affair is ever [in] forget“.Q. (18:28)

A righteous man once stated: “Whoever enriches his outward behavior by means of following the Sunnah, and makes his inward soul rich via contemplation, and averts his gaze faraway from looking at what’s forbidden, and avoids some thing of a dubious nature, and feeds solely on what is halal (permissible), his inner sight will in no way falter.”

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3. Eating excessively

Some might also ask; how is consuming excessively dangerous to 1’s religious coronary heart? The human nature is created in a this sort of way that after bodily pride in a frame is extended, the spiritual coronary heart is weakened.

Often, after eating a heavy meal, human beings look to discover a sofa, in an effort to loosen up, lay down, or even sleep. Carrying out vital responsibilities would now not be in their agenda for the instant, not to mention turning into spiritually prompted. Ibrahim ibn Adham who became a few of the awesome saints said: “

Anyone who controls his belly is on top of things of his religion, and every body who controls his hunger is on top of things of true behavior. Disobedience closer to Allah is nearest to someone who’s satiated with a complete stomach, and furthest far from a person who’s hungry”.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) used to consume small portions of meals and would train his followers to fill no more than one third in their stomachs with food and leave the remaining one thirds for drink and the rest for air.

Doing so, ensures tenderness of the heart, strengthens the intellect, will increase humility, weakness the whims, and decreases the temperament. Excessive eating brings approximately the other of these praiseworthy qualities. In a hadith pronounced by means of Prophet’s present day, Al-Miqdam ibn Ma’d Yakrib (ra), it is stated that he heard the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) say:“

The son of Adam fills no vessel greater displeasing to Allah than his belly. A few morsels have to be sufficient for him to preserve his power. If he should fill it, then he need to permit a third for his meals, a 3rd for his drink and depart a third empty for smooth respiratory.”(Narrated with the aid of Ahmad ibn Hanbal and at-Tirmidhi)

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4. Keeping horrific organization

It is in the human nature to socialise among ourselves, whether or not thrugh conversations, spending time with each other, or even sharing thoughts. In the book, The Purifacation of the Soulit mentions that one have to divide humans round him/her into four categories and be careful no longer to get them combined up.

a) The first category consists of those whose enterprise is like food. You need to be in their organisation often. These are human beings equipped with know-how of Allah (ma’rifat allah) and His instructions. They are the best practicing believers. Being in their employer is a true blessing: however, the unhappy reality is that humans have a tendency to live faraway from such human beings.

b) The second category includes the ones whose business enterprise is like a medicine. They are handiest required while a ailment sets in. For example, while one is stressed and would love to be consulted or guided, he/she could name the qualified individual who may be able to seek advice from or manual the man or woman, and not someone who’s unwise, nor lost.

c) The third class are those people whose corporation is dangerous. Socializing with these people might convey a devastation to the man or woman’s existence and have a negative impact on his/her Hereafter. Amongst such people are those who neither speak any accurate that would benefit you, nor listen closely to you in order that they could benefit from you.

Often, you may not escape them because they may be your family, or coworkers. If that’s the case, one is suggested to hold a distance and be affected person whilst around them.

d) The fourth class are the ones people whose corporation is a disaster itself. It is like taking poison: its victim either unearths an antidote or perishes. People of this category are folks who are erroneous, have abandoned the Islamic practices, and may as nicely promote the values of different believes. These people have to be prevented at any value.

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Heart Remedies

There are many ways to treatment a coronary heart this is sick from religious deceases like; vanity, envy, heedlessness, etc. Nonetheless, earlier than citing the remedies could be crucial to mention the prevention from the ones deceases. Just as in medicine, prevention from decease avoids sufferings, medicines and remedies, in addition, a regular remembrance of God(dhikr) prevents a person from falling into religious deceases. In the Quran it is cited,

“Those who have believed and whose hearts are confident via the remembrance of Allah. Unquestionably, by way of the remembrance of Allah hearts are confident.”Q. (thirteen:28)

How does dhikrprevent one from experiencing spiritual deceases? During the time the believer is engaged in dhikr, he/she is in truth related to God. For so long as one remains continuously connected to God, He will unfastened the man or woman from the inner or outside spiritual harms.

However, this requires for dhikrnot be performed best as a proper ritual, however sincerity and attentiveness have to additionally be integrated in it. In the e book, The Purification of the Soul, imams point out the following practices to cleanse the coronary heart:

1. Recitation of the Qur’an (qira’at al-Quran)

According to prophetic narrations and verses of the Quran, the person that recites its verses or its chapters (suwar) will find peace, cure and steering. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) encouraged his followers to recite as a lot as they can, particularly all through precise times at some stage in the day and night time. In the Quran it says,

“O mankind, there has to come to you preparation from your Lord and healing for what’s within the breasts and steerage and mercy for the believers.” Q (10:57).

2. Seek forgiveness from Allah (istighfar)

Many assume that sins have dangerous outcomes in the Hereafter, and neglect about their effect on this world. Sins can clearly motive harm to at least one’s spiritual heart. Seeking forgiveness would be the first step closer to its purifications. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) mentioned in a hadith which is reported via Abu Huraryah (ra),

“Verily, while the servant commits a sin a black spot seems upon his heart. If he abandons the sin, seeks forgiveness, and repents, then his heart can be polished. If he returns to the sin, the blackness will be extended till it overcomes his coronary heart. It is the masking that Allah has stated: No, but on their hearts is a overlaying due to what they have got earned.” (Narrated by means of al-Tirmidhi)

3. Supplicate to Him (dua)

Supplication to God can bring about fulfillment of requests. One of the supplications that someone might also make, it could be for his/her coronary heart or soul purification. Allah is the One who created the whole lot, which include our hearts, spirit and souls, consequently; He would be the most Proficient to help the believers of their inner purification. The partner of the Messenger of God, Zayd bin Arqam (ra) pronounced that most of the supplications Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) became,

“O Allah! Grant me the feel of piety and purify my soul as You are the Best to purify it. You are its Guardian and its Protecting Friend.” (Muslim)

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4. Invoke benefits upon Prophet Muhammad (salawat)

Invoking benefits upon Prophet Muhammad (salawat) may be said every time, via which the believer can attain heart purification, spiritual closeness to the Messenger of God and lots of more blessings. Every believer should invoke salawaton each day foundation as a great deal as viable. In a hadith it is mentioned that Ubayy ibn Ka’b (ra) stated,

“When -thirds of the night time had surpassed, the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) could say: “O people, don’t forget Allah. The first Trumpet is about to sound and could soon be observed by means of the second one; dying has include all that it includes, loss of life has come with all that it involves.” Ubayy stated: I said: O Messenger of Allah, I supplicate for benefits upon you a terrific deal; how a good deal of my supplication should be for you? He said: “Whatever you wish.”

I stated: One area? He said: “Whatever you want, and if you do greater it is higher for you.”

I said: Half? He stated: “Whatever you want, and in case you do greater it’s far better for you.”

I stated: Two thirds? He said: “Whatever you wish, and in case you do greater it’s miles better for you.”

I stated: Should I make all my supplication for you? He said: “Then your issues may be sorted and your sins might be forgiven.” (Narrated by way of al-Tirmidhi)

5. Performing the night time prayers (tahajjud)

Performing the extra night time prayers is a prophetic lifestyle (sunnat) our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) who used to perform it often. This practice requires one to leave the mattress while others are dozing and devote some time for God alone. This is a genuine sign of sincerity, and sincerity beautifies the heart and the man or woman of the person. In the Quran states,

“And from [part of] the night time, pray with it as additional [worship] for you; it is predicted that your Lord will resurrect you to a praised station.” Q (17:seventy nine).

Our Lord! We ask you humbly to guide and purify our hearts for so long as we live in this international and convey us to You in the Hereafter with a legitimate coronary heart! Amin.

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