After Sunset With The Prophet: Illuminating The Activities of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)” – Exploring the Enlightening Practices and Teachings of the Prophet After Nightfall for Spiritual Insight and Inspiration” When the decision is made for the sundown prayer, Maghrib, the Prophet tarries little before heading for the mosque.

He enters to discover a number of his companions already engaged in voluntary prayer. This is some thing he encourages, announcing:

“Offer devices of prayer before Maghrib. Offer gadgets of prayer earlier than Maghrib.””

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Though he repeats it two times, he makes positive to feature:

“This is non-compulsory.”

These extra units of prayer are offered very quickly, since the time between the call for Maghrib and the graduation of prayer could be very short.

When the Prophet arrives, congregational prayer commences. He usually leads Maghrib on the earliest part of its time. There continues to be a terrific amount of mild inside the sky whilst the prayer is over. It is shiny enough that a marksman would nonetheless be able to have interaction in target exercise and make the bull’s-eye. 

The Prophet hardly ever prolongs this prayer. He reads brief passages from the Quran. On one event, he reads the long bankruptcy al-A`raf, and on any other he reads al-Tur, but such occasions are rare. (The very last prayer he’ll ever lead his partners in may be the Maghrib prayer. On that event, he’s going to read al-Mursalat.)

Prophet Muhammad does not take a seat and communicate after Maghrib like he does after the other prayers. He is aware of that people need to get home and have dinner.

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Prophet Muhammad returns domestic and offers in addition units of prayer, which are the Sunnah prayers for Maghrib. Then he eats his meal. This is the standard time for dinner. Sometimes, if he’s fasting, he’s taking this meal earlier than Maghrib prayer. This is why he says:

“If dinner is served, then start with it earlier than praying Maghrib. Do no longer be too hasty in ingesting dinner.” Prophet Muhammad encourages his companions to invite the negative to proportion dinner with them. He likes to say:

“Whoever has sufficient meals for two people should convey a third. Whoever has enough meals for four humans have to convey a fifth.” (At-Tirmidhi)

Sometimes, when the Prophet has a good quantity of meals at his home, he may invite ten people to consume with him. At different instances, he has not anything at domestic however dates and water.

Then there are instances while days cross via and there is nothing at all for him to consume. There is one nighttime when a person techniques the Prophet exhausted and emaciated, with signs of hunger written into the traces of his face. He says:

“O Messenger of Allah. I actually have fallen upon problems.” The Prophet immediately sends the servant to the house of one in every of his wives to ask if there is any food to serve this distraught visitor. She replies to the Prophet:

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“I swear with the aid of Him who sent you in truth, I have nothing however water.”

He sends the servant to some other of his other halves’ houses, however she says the identical element. He gets the equal answer from every of his wives in flip. So the Prophet appeals to his partners:

“Who might be this man or woman’s host nowadays and obtain Allah’s mercy?”

Abu Talhah speaks up and says “I will” and takes the person to his domestic. 

The Prophet‘s Eating Manners

Prophet Muhammad eats his meals on a big mat that he spreads at the floor. He by no means eats off a raised desk. When the meals is served, he invokes Allah’s call and starts of evolved with what’s immediately in front of him.

He does not reach over to other elements of the mat. He eats with three hands and instructs his followers to consume from the threshold of the platter and leave the center vicinity, wherein the meals is heaped, till the end of the meal. He says:

“This is in which the advantages are.” 

The Prophet does now not make an difficulty out of his meals. He eats whatever is ready at hand. He asks his own family:

“Do you’ve got whatever for me to eat?”

They might reply that they’ve nothing. They might say that they have got best vinegar to serve with bread, to which he’s going to respond:

“What an terrific condiment vinegar is.” (At-Tirmidhi)

Prophet Muhammad in no way criticizes meals. If he reveals it palatable, he’ll devour it. Otherwise, he simply leaves it by myself. When he eats inside the organisation of his partners, he always engages in pleasant communique.

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Occasionally, he speaks about extra severe matters, like etiquettes or non secular expertise, like the time he instructs Umar ibn abi Salamah on desk manners. Umar ibn abi Salamah is the son of the Prophet’s wife Umm Salamah from a previous marriage.

He is being raised in the Prophet’s family. Once whilst they are ingesting together, the kid starts offevolved reaching all around the platter snatching up pieces of meat. The Prophet says to him:

“O toddler, begin with Allah’s name, eat with your proper hand, and consume from what is right now in the front of you.” (Al-Bukhari)

Later on in existence, Umar will bear in mind this incident and say:

“I even have observed these desk manners ever because.” 

Once, the Prophet turned into sitting with his partners when they were served a dish of lamb on a mattress of gravy-soaked bread. He turned into given from the shoulder, that is his favorite reduce of meat. He takes a bite from it. Afterwards, he says:

“I will be the leader of humanity at the Day of Resurrection. Do you know why? Allah will collect the complete human race, the primary of them to the last of them, on one extraordinary flat undeniable.

A summoning voice can be heard by using anybody and they may all be exposed to standard sight and the sun will come near. Its warmness may be insufferable. In desperation, a few people will say to the others:

“Don’t you notice the kingdom you are in? Don’t you see what has overtaken you? Why do not you locate someone to intercede for you together with your Lord?” Some of them will say: “Go to Adam…”

The Prophet then describes to his companions how the people will go to the various Prophets in flip, and they all will decline to intercede for the human beings, till they method him, and Allah will permit him to intercede on behalf of all humankind.

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Whenever the Prophet finishes consuming, he licks his palms. He encourages his partners to ensure that every one of the closing remnants of food at the plate are sopped up and eaten, saying:

“You do now not understand wherein part of your food the advantages lie.” 

When the tablecloth is lifted off the floor, he says:

“Praise be to Allah, a bounteous, desirable and blessed reward.

Praise be to Allah who has sustained and refreshed us. It cannot be compensated for, nor can or not it’s proven right gratitude, nor can or not it’s left aside, nor can it be achieved without.

Our Lord! You have fed us and given us drink. You have enriched us, fulfilled us, guided us, and sustained our lives. O Allah, yours is the reward for every and every issue that You offer.” 

He washes his mouth after eating meals. He also does so every time he liquids milk. After dinner, he liquids nabidh, a local non-alcoholic beverage crafted from fruit that has been left soaking in water considering the fact that morning.

He also liquids this beverage after lunch, for which it is ready from the night time earlier than. When he takes dinner with certainly one of his better halves, he’s heat and sociable at the same time as ingesting. He teaches:

“Even the morsel of food which you area on your wife’s mouth is a shape of charity.” Aisha tells us something of the playful way in which she could take dinner with the Prophet, saying:

“Allah’s Messenger used to name me to eat with him. He could take a bone which had some meat on it and swear that I can have a number of it. Then I would take a bite and placed it aside.

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Then he could pick out it up and region his mouth on the very vicinity I had simply taken a chunk. He might call for something to drink and swear that I will have a few earlier than he drinks whatever.

I could then take it and drink from it then put it down. He could then take it up and drink from it, setting his mouth on the very factor of the cup where I had taken a sip.”

We can see from this the manner Prophet Muhammad suggests his wife how tons he loves her. He turns the simple act of getting dinner collectively into an expression of love and emotional sustenance for his or her marital lifestyles.

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