Islamic Prayer Rug Made in Turkey – Janamaz for Salah

Prayer Mat: Prayer mats are used to perform the most sacred worship, the Salaat or prayer. The collection of the prayer mats is available at the website for online purchase. These prayer mats are the product of the Amazon from the country which is well known and famous for carpets, rugs and mats. These are the prepared from the cotton, wool and other materials. These prayer mats are reliable and long lasting with beautiful designs and style. The prayer mats and prayer rugs have soothing effects and give the sense of calmness and purity which are the two basic conditions for offering prayer.

The Muslim prayer rugs are special offer for the Muslims in the coming holy month of Ramadhan. In size and designs, the prayer rugs are very fine articles which would cost you not much in comparison with the other prayer rugs available in the markets.

The prayer rugs are rectangular shaped and are available in multicolor and design. The material used for making and preparing the prayer rugs is finely synthesized velvet. The prayer mats are blotless and no kind blot or cut is present on the prayer rugs.


42″ x 27″





Size of the prayer mat is 42″ x 27″ which is very comfortable for standing and performing prayer for one person. These prayer rugs are spiegel cum plush which look very attractive, these are selected by famous and reliable group Al Rashad and the quality is given the top priority. The quality is superior and second to none.

Another quality is its Spiegel Style. It means that it has two textured level on the surface which gives it additional edge to other rugs found in the markets.  It is thick and plush that provides soothing effects and impression of smoothness and calmness.

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