Buy Excelife 86150 Multi Folding Wooden Korean Tea Table Medium

Tables are considered the part and parcel of every home. Even the houses of the poor families    have one or two tables in their houses. There is a vast variety of tables according to size, application, design and functions. These tables provide appropriateness to the settings and arrangement of the interior rooms and decorations. Tables provide ease and comfort to the guests and for making large scale arrangements for some indoor functions. Taking dinner, having lunch and enjoying dinner are helped out when one sits at the dining tables with comfortable chairs around the tables.

Tables perform different functions in the houses and shops, malls, restaurants and even the offices. The needed thing without which offices are incomplete and do not look offices is the presence of some kind of table. Tables are prepared out of wood, cardboard, chip boards and even now plies are being used to make tables. But these plies made tables are not lasting and durable as water rusts them easily and their life time decreases to great extent. On the other hand, the tables prepared with wood of fine quality are more lasting, durable and beautiful. These tables are costly though to some extent.



Furniture Finish


Base Type

Legs, Folding

People of good taste and quality prefer the wood made tables in their homes, offices and even resting places. There are different types of table available in the markets. Chinese tables and Japanese tables are in fashion and in great demand now a day. Tea table is of so many tables. Tea table has special importance in some houses. They are in habit of taking tea with their near and dear ones in the evening and enjoy and relish it very much.

Tea tables are available in different designs, styles and quality. Teas tables are also imported from Japan and China. These tea tables are of fine quality and attractive to look at. Touching such tea table gives the sense of comfort, smoothness.

Tea table in our website is multipurpose and multifunction. It is also multi folding table. Many shapes can be given to tea table. It can serve as the tea table. It can fulfill the function of dining table. It can be used as the writing table. It can function as the computer table. It is available in different sizes from small to large size. It is in brown color which adds to its beauty and attraction.

The main traits of the tea tables are:

  • It has a beautiful and remarkable style popular in Asia. It is multi functional tea table. And can be folded to give it the shape of your choice and requirements.
  • It is made from kalapanax which is durable and lasting.
  • It is easy to use for eating, writing and using laptop.
  • It is strong, durable with round edged rectangular shape.
  • It is easy to carry as it is light weight and portable design.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • It can be folded for keeping it in the storehouse.
  • Measure Size: L 26.5x width 19x height 10

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