Manner of Drinking Water: Proper Etiquette and Practices-

In this article we will discover the Islamic Guidelines for Drinking Water38 and Their Health Benefits-

Manner of drinking water

  • One should drink water while sitting.
  • One should drink water with the right hand.
  • One should drink water whilst his head is covered.
  • One should recite before he drinks water.
  • One should recite after Al Hamdulilah he has drunk water.
  • One should drink water in 3 breaths.
  • Leftover water should not be thrown away.

 Eating food Manner

  • It is a sunnah to wash both hands up to the wrists
  • One should eat food whilst sitting according to sunnah. A suinnah of sitting whilst eating is to keep the left leg folded on the ground so that the thigh rests on the calf and the right knee is erected.
  • One should eat food with fingers of the right hand (the thumb, the forefinger and the middle one).
  • To recite ﷽ before eating food.
  • One should eat small morsels chewing them properly.
  • One should wipe the plate etc. clean after one has finished.
  • One should recite after Al Hamdulilah after one has finished eating.
  • If one forgets to recite  Bismillah or Du’a in the beginning, one should recite Bismillah Awal and Akhir when he recalls it.
  • Break the loaf with the right hand whilst holding it in the left hand.
  • Do not take some extra food in your plate etc.
  • Wash and dry your hands properly after you have finished eating.

Manner of sneezing

  • While sneezing, keep your head downwards and cover your mouth.
  • It is a sunnah to recite Al Hamdulilah after sneezing.
  • It is wajib for the hearer to recite یَر حَمُکَ اللہ.
  • When the sneezing person listens to the reply of the hearer, he should recite.

Manner of yawning

  • It is stated in a Hadis, when a person yawns, satan laughs.
  • Yawning is from satan; one should stifle it as much as possible.
  • While yawning, cover your mouth with the back of your left hand.
  • A tried and trusted way of stopping yawn is to imagine in the heart that the Prophets never yawned.

Manner of trimming nails

  • Long nails are as eat of Satan. That is, satan sits on them.
  • Biting nails is Makruh and can cause leukemia.
  • Start trimming nails from the forefinger of the right hand
  • In the end, trim the nail of the right hand’s thumb.


  • Good and Bad Deeds
  • Always treat your parents and elders with respect.
  • It is rude to talk with parents aloud.
  • When parents come, stand up in their honor.
  • Kiss your father’s hand and mother’s foot at least once a day.
  • Whole-heartedly do every permissible chore given to you by your parents.
  • Make Du’a for your parents, Murshid and teachers after every salah.
  • Lying is a very grave sin.
  • Calling someone names is impermissible and a sin.
  • Stealing is also a grave sin.
  • Causing harm to any Muslim is a sin.
  • Laughing and making noises in Masjid are both forbidden.
  • Backbiting is a Haram act leading to hell.
  • Tale-teller will not enter paradise.
  • The one who remained silent got salvation.
  • My Lord Allah grant me the power and ability but I may be grateful for your favor which you have bestowed upon me and upon my parents, and that I may do righteous good deeds, such as please you and make my offspring good. Truly, I have turned to you in repentance, and truly,, I am one of the Muslims (submitting to your will). Quran (sura Al- Ahqaf)

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