Muslim Prayer Rug – Prayer Mat Muslim for Men and Women

Prayer mat: Prayer mat has a special importance in the Islamic society and the Muslim worlds. The prayer mats are used to say prayers in the masajids and at homes. The prayer mats are the part and parcel of every Muslim home wherever he lives. They have special attraction for the Muslims.  Islamic prayer mat is in vogue these days as the holy month of Ramadhan is approaching fast.surely, the prayes mats are the perfect gift for the Muslims especially in the sacred month of Ramadhan. The Islamic prayer mat is also known as the janamaz in the subcontinent and the surrounding areas.

The product of Islamic praying mat is available in plenty of varieties in the Amazon web site for the lovers of the janamaz. These prayer mats are specially prepared in turkey which is the house of mats and the related products.  







Following are the features of the Turkish prayer rugs.  

  • HIGH QUALITY: As for as the quality of the Turkish prayer rugs are concerned, no doubt can be raised and one can trust the high and lasting quality of the Turkish prayer rugs with confidence. These prayer mats are for all men, women and children of every age. No compromise on the quality is possible. Take it and buy it with confidence.
  • The Turkish prayer mat is a precious gift for your near and dear ones on this special occasion of Ramadhan.
  • Another amazing offering for the lovers of the Turkish prayer mat is the gift pack for them which are available in each packet. The gift is two prayer beads which look like pearl and is wrapped in the packet of the Islamic prayer mat. The gift of pearl looking beads is designed with the Urdu alphabet of “و”. And it has silk tassels which are soothing and comfortable effects.
  • The Islamic prayer mat is prepared from the hundred percet100% pure cotton and is stretchable. It is also noted that the designs have a lot variety for the buyers.
  • As it appears from the name, the Islamic prayer mats are made of turkey which is well known for her rugs and carpets in the international market. These prayer mats are special gifts from Turkey for the Muslims during Ramadhan.
  • Size of the prayer mats range from 115 cm x 68 cm (45 in x 27 in”) to onward according to your choice and facility.
  • These prayer mats are light weight and create no problem while taking anywhere. As these are made of pure cotton, their folding capability is also remarkable.


The product (Prayer Mat Muslim for Men and Women) is made for your comforts and ease. Special attention is given in this preparation for the customers. Every sale is taken personally and is given follow up after sale. Just trust on us and we would never disappoint you.  

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