Buy nuLOOM Lilah Medallion Vintage Runner Rug- Blue

Runner rug: the running rug is the presentation of Donna Kerr-Foley. It was introduced as the portable mat to do the exercise outside the house and now inside the house, it is also being used.

It has many uses. It is used to wear around the waist in order to remain fit and fine. The runner rug has the best use for the trainers and the people who want to remain fir and are used to de exercise in and outside the houses.

The runner rugs are in vogue these days by the men and women equally. They are the best helper to do the exercise without fear of spoiling the dress and other clothes.  The runner rugs the best use for taking exercise. These exercises will keep you mentally fir and physically strong.

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Like Buy nuLOOM Lilah Medallion Vintage Runner Rug

These are available in three different size, design and width.

  • There are three feet wide runner mats.
  • Also runner rugs are available in the pack of 12 runner rugs for saving pack.
  • Twelve runner rugs are also available for the purchase of separate pieces.
  • The rubber runner rugs are available in diagonal texture. They are helpful in trapping the mud and keep the floor free of mess and waste.
  • They are specially made to withstand the frequent uses and also to face the weather conditions well enough.
  • They are made of recycled material in black and grey colour.
  • The runner rug is easily manageable inside as well as outside the homes.
  • The runner rugs are made for the special purpose of running and doing exercise standing on the same place.
  • They are adorned with the splitting hair of fibers which help the runners to run smoothly and their grip does get loose.
  • The nonskid back of the runner rugs are also useful in preventing the runner from slipping and shifting from one side to other side.
  • They are easy to wash and do not need much time and effort to clean and wash them. As they are not made of extra back up or fabric liner, this quality help the user to wash it with simple water and soap.
  • The runner rugs are easy to take away with him and can be used easily.
  • It is easy to roll and can b adjusted in the small places.

Size, 2′ 8″ x 8′, Colour, Blue, Pattern , Blue

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Place your orders and secure your pack of runner rugs before it is too late. Register yourself and get your order by parcel at your home address.

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