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What Breaks The Wudu?-QuranMualim

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What Breaks The Wudu?-QuranMualim – Ever wonder what could cause your Wudu to be invalidated? Wudu is a activity Muslims should perform before performing the prayer. Wudu is a way to purify our bodies before we face Allah by praying. This will bring Muslims some…

How to Perform Salah (Namaz)? Learn Islam

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Introduction to As-Salah in the book of My salah: Virtues of As-Salah ,Names andTimes of As-Salah Adhan-The call for As-Salah ,Purify yourself ,How to perform Wudu? (Step-by Step)How to perform Ghusl? (Step-by Step) How to perform Tayammum? (Step-by-Step). Compulsory and…