Self-Discovery: Exploring the Untapped Potential Within You”

A Journey of Self-Discovery – Addressing the Question of Leadership and Unlocking Your True Potential” To solution this question, I consider, one must ask ” Who wants me to be a leader?” “Am I purported to be a pacesetter?” “If I actually have characteristics of a leader then, why I am not a pacesetter?”

A lot of soul searching is needed when one points a finger towards himself in an try and find out his own trends and features.

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We realize that at the bottom of our hearts there lie talents and talents unknown to us. It is only thru tough paintings, desires, missions, passions and emotions that there’s the energy of bringing them to light. One of the approaches to find out skills and abilities, hidden in us, is to study the traits of a success people, who eventually turn out to be leaders of their personal groups or countries.

One of the studies research approximately the lives of a success leaders has found out that the commonplace trait among them is their potential for sustained paintings.

They paintings tougher than a mean person, as soon as an goal and aim have been formed. It has been said over and over that the primary distinction between a large guy and a touch guy is that the little guy quits whilst he is tired and sleepy, even as this is the very time whilst the massive man works more difficult.

He works tough with the purpose of having human beings to work collectively closer to a common aim useful to all.

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There are pretty a few human qualities and traits which can be needed to end up an effective leader. The maximum vital and fundamental are difficult work and attention of time. Human beings have not but observed or invented substitutes for time and hard paintings.

Today, time remains the most precious commodity recognized to man. In order for one to turn out to be a leader one has to work more difficult and longer hours. In this context, it should be referred to that no human being has ever died because of lack of sleep.

It is likewise quite possibly that humans will consume greater food for the duration of the ones lengthy hours of hard paintings due to loss of excessive energy.

Islam has provided these fundamental elements of fulfillment in the form of Prayer (Salat). For this purpose allow us to recollect the Islamic name for prayer – the Adhan, that is referred to as five instances a day.

The mental effect is awesome at dawn, whilst the whole humanity is inside the palms of sleep and the proclamation is made via Adhan that prayer is higher than sleep.

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Time is an detail that is given the maximum importance and importance within the lifestyles of a Muslim – male or lady. Five each day prayers modify the lives of a Muslim, and makes Muslims more privy to time.

Another crucial component of Prayer that stands proud is that a Muslim remains occupied and busy throughout the day. It has been said if you need a job to be finished proper and successfully, supply it to a hectic individual.

A busy Muslim who is lively and who has regard for time is aware of the use of time and is ready to just accept and perform a task that can be assigned to him. Laziness, lack of paintings and inactivity has been recognized because the worst enemies of people.

Salat i.E. Prayer, in different phrases, is practice for a Muslim to come to be greater lively, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Now, two elements emerge from Salat and sleep; one is that a person can work longer hours if he restricts his sound asleep hours to a minimum; two, a person who is able to regulate his time can efficiently and effectively use it.

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Muslims have a responsibility to alleviate the sufferings and sorrows of the network by using working hard to put into exercise the Islamic answer for the ills of humankind; and the education needed to do this is thru Salat.

If you could work difficult, have a undertaking, have a goal in thoughts and are ready to work lengthy hours to accomplish that goal, then you definitely are a frontrunner. A chief is a person who unearths a want and fills it.

He takes a lead in doing a mission, initiates action and sees it through to the very quit. He keeps his imaginative and prescient and project in perspective and continues to work till results are performed. It should be found out that leadership is a series of actions, not a position.

The emphasis is on taking motion. You have to discover a want, regardless of how small it is, in the network and make plans to meet that need via taking suitable movement, and turn out to be one of those folks that make things take place.

Remember, there are 3 sorts of people in this international. Those who make matters show up, individuals who watch things take place and those who wonder what passed off.

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We know that Islam is a manner of life. It includes Huqooq-Allah, Huqooq-un-Nafs and Huqooq-ul-Ibad.

We are excellent in Huqooq-Allah — someone’s duty towards God, belief in one God, not associating companions with Him, and doing right in this global and making ready for the hereafter and try to stay a smooth and top life — If we had been to together grade our selves as practicing Muslims, with out being too immodest, we will possibly provide our selves as a minimum a B grade if now not an A in Huqooq-Allah.

In the region of Huqooq-un-Nafs — someone’s responsibility towards himself or herself, eating simplest Halal or permissible ingredients, now not harming one’s frame, even committing suicide — In this admire together we are able to probable supply our selves the same grade as in Huqooq-Allah.

In the place of Huqooq-ul-Ibad — someone’s responsibility toward humanity, being appropriate to others, no longer harming others, getting worried in assisting others in improving their satisfactory of lifestyles, supporting orphans and terrible — our collective overall performance is quite terrible.

Without getting into grades lets just say that we want to improve ourselves appreciably in this area.

I strongly consider that our performance in the place of Huqooq-ul-Ibad is answerable for the various ailments within the Muslim community. God tells us inside the Quran (three:a hundred and ten)You are the great community that has been raised up for humankind... We want to make certain we uphold this verse of the Quran and be an example for peace, liberty and justice for all.

God does not assist the circumstance of a human beings till they take the time to help them selves. To watch for a savior to return and help us is likewise a maligned mind-set.

Each and each one of us has to chart-out our Quranic responsibility in all walks of life. We have to improve our collective performance in the place of Huqooq-ul-Ibad to gain the very quality.

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Please, put together your self to assume the placement of a pacesetter in this international; on this existence. Find a want of the community and fill it. Become a leader … Take action. Work for the welfare and improvement of humanity. Make matters show up.

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