Guardians of The Divine: Understanding The Mystique of The Angels in Islam

Unraveling the Celestial Realm: Exploring the Role, Nature, and Significance of Angels in Islamic Belief” The  Arabic  word   for  angel  is    malak. Malaa ikah  is  its  plural.  Allah created the angels.

Allah Almighty created all the Angels  just as He created man ,Earth, Sun, Moon and everything . They are made of day and Nights. We cannot see the Angels,  but we know that they are in the World and Heavens!

This is because Allah’s Messenger told us so. The  angels are Allah’s  servants.  They obey  Him  all the time. They carry out His commands. They have no power to disobey Allah.

Allah wanted man to obey Him, so He sent Angel Jibreer   to   Prophet Muhammad. Anger Jibreel told the Prophet what AUah wanted man to do. Jibreel brought the Qur’an to the Prophet at the command of Allah. This was

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Jibreel’s duty.

Allah sent Angel Jibreel to many Prophets before Prophet Muhammad There    are    many    angels.    Different angels do different duties. Angel Jibreel is one of them.  Every one of us has two angels who remain with him all the time.

They never leave him, and they write down everything he does or   says!   They   write   down   his good actions and bad actions. Mikaa’eel , lsraafeel , Ridhwan and Jibreel are also some of the angels.  A Muslim believes in the creature of Angles

These are the Famous Angels and their duties.

1. Jibril

Jibril (AS) , is known for delivering revelation. This Angel brought revelation to several Prophets, including: ‘Isaa (Jesus), Musa, Dawud and Muhammad.

2. Mikail

Mikail (AS) is said to be responsible for directing rain and wind.

3. Israfil

The trumpet holder and blower is Angel Israfil (AS) . He will blow the trumpet twice, on which the next day (Day of Judgment) will begin.

4. Malik Al-Mawt

The responsible for taking the soul. He is known as Malikul Mawt (AS). Malik Al-Mawt  Also known as the Angel of death.

5. Harut and Marut

The two angels, Harut and Marut (AS), are known as the teachers of magic. They were sent in this world for the human being test. The two Angels (Harut and Marut) warned the people not to learn black magic from them, but the people refused and learn continuously black Magic.

6. Maalik

Hell has several Angels guarding it. The head of those gatekeepers is Angel Maalik (AS). “Maalik will be the Door Guard of the Hellfire.” [Sahih Bukhari 1386]

7. Munkar and Nakir

The two Angels Munkar (AS) and Nakir are responsible for the interrogation in the tomb. They will ask the people about three things: Who is your Lord? What is your religion and who is your Prophet?  “The interrogators of the grave are Munkar and Nakir (AS) .” [Sunan Tirmidhi 1071]

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