Harmony in Diversity: Exploring Different Prayer Times Within A City

Different Prayer Times Within A City – Understanding Variations in Salah Schedules and Navigating Spiritual Unity Amidst Diverse Prayer Practices” Ramadan is getting closer. Prayer time is getting greater important, mainly the fajr time (imsak time, quit of sahur).

My questions is, regularly we determined prayer time for isha and fajr for the same town are one of a kind (about 20 mins) from one supply to the opposite. Why it is appear? And which one which we ought to pick and why?.


Assalaamu Alaykum,

Thank you very a whole lot for raising a totally pertinent and vital question.

The difference in Fajr and Isha timings in our masajid within the identical city comes from the use of specific criteria. Some use 15 tiers of the solar’s depression and others use 18 or even 20 levels of sun’s melancholy.

In some locations humans use 75 or ninety mins criteria. Both techniques have their validity among pupils and you could pick out based to your choice

The Quran and the Sunnah did no longer prescribe any tiers of the sun’s melancholy as the Quran said devour and drink until the white thread of dawn seems to you awesome from its black thread, then complete your speedy till the night seems.(2:187)

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The Sunnah guides the believers to offer Isha at the disappearance of shafaq. Scholars have differences on the meaning of the time period and those differences are the principle reason for adopting distinct techniques to determine prayer timings for Fajr and Isha.

Those who observe 15 degree of solar despair technique follow nautical twilight wherein the horizon is toward sea stage because its visibility is not possible to determine a latitude close to the horizon.

Those who follow 18 degree criteria observe astronomical twilight in which there’s no mild and it is dark with out a perception of twilight.

However, NASA defines astronomical twilight. “Before the start of astronomical twilight within the morning and after the give up of astronomical twilight in the nighttime the solar does now not make a contribution to sky illumination; for a enormous interval after the beginning of morning twilight and before the give up of night twilight, sky illumination is so faint that it’s far practically imperceptible”

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We can finish on the basis of above discussion the subsequent


Subh Sadiq (Fajr-al-Mustatir) when morning light inside the sky begins spreading horizontally


When the pinnacle of the solar’s disk just appears above the horizon.


When the sun starts offevolved to say no after reaching its highest factor (Zenith) inside the sky. Five minutes after Zenith.


When the length of any object’s shadow reaches a aspect of the duration of the object plus the period of that item’s shadow at Noon.


Theoretical time as given in newspapers while the top of the solar’s disk simply disappears underneath the horizon.


For Sunni’s, it’s miles 3 mins after theoretical sundown; for Shi’aas it is 17 mins after theoretical sunset.

Calculation Methods allow you to follow a conference on which attitude to apply for calculating the Fajr & Isha time and shadow factor for Asr time. Unless overwritten, the default Fajr & Isha calculation technique for North America (United States & Canada) is Fiqh Council. For the rest of the arena, the default is Muslim World League.

The angles (in degrees) used for Fajr & Isha are as follows:

  • Muslim World League – 18, 17;
  • Fiqh Council – 15, 15;
  • Egyptian General Authority – 19.Five, 17.Five;
  • Umm al_Qura – 18.Five, 90min;
  • University of Islamic Sciences – 18, 18;
  • Institute of Geophysics – 17.7, 14;
  • Leva Research Institute – 16,14.

For Asr, the Common technique (Shafii, Hanbali, Maliki & Jafari) is based totally on shadow factor of one and Hanafi as 2. Unless overwritten, the default Asr calculation is the Common approach.

Please be aware that the time (Imsak) to stop consuming Sahur (for fasting) is a few minutes before Fajr.

You can trade the calculation technique to override the defaults by way of traveling the settings web page (click on the equipment icon at top-right nook).

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