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Namaz Dua – Based upon Quran and Sunnah Recited at the end of every Fard Salah. When prayer Salah It was the customary sunnah practiced by the Muhammad (the Prophet) Muhammad () for him to quietly pray a supplication during the takbeer etahrimah (inital allahu akbar for the beginning of salah) and Surah Fatihah. 

These duas are referred to as dua al isiftah, or the opening prayer. The first and most well-known one taught is known as thana. It is probably familiar because it is the dua that starts with the subhanakallahumma wabihamdika. Take the time to understand the complete dua. .

The class will help students to perform their Salah according to the manner that was taught by Allah Almighty and his Prophet. The ritual of offering Namaz is a great way to gain spiritual and physical advantages. The benefits include:

  • Unity lesson
  • Protection Against evil
  • We must be humble
  • Cleanse away the guilt

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Namaz Dua – Dua is the exchange of words with Allah the Almighty. The act of performing Dua is of the greatest significance. Dua is the most pure kind of worship. Through the practice of dua, we can see our shortcomings and pray to Allah (SWT) for assistance.

There are many forms of worship within Islam and Salat is among the most important obligations for the Muslim. Namaz is a lot of significance in our daily lives and we need to be aware of.

We provide Salah daily five times as well as Namaz times are determined in accordance with the movement that the sun makes. Five times the names of the Namaz are:

  • Fajr
  • Zuhar (Duhr)
  • Asar
  • Maghrib
  • Isha

For worshippers, every salah or namaz has distinct meaning and value. In the Namaz Course, you will also be taught to perform ghusl and wudu. The next step should be observed.

  • Intention
  • Say Bismillah
  • Begin by washing your hands.
  • Rinse mouth
  • Cleansing the nose
  • Cleanse your face
  • Cleanse your arms
  • Perform Masha

Similar to Wudu, Ghuslalso has numerous steps.

  • Purification intention
  • Clean private parts
  • Create Wudhoo’s (ablution) similar to the Wudhoo’s used for Salah.
  • Pour the water first to the right side, then the left.
  • Sprinkle water on the head and then cover the entire body with water.
  • Cleanse your feet prior to the close at the Ghusl.

If you aren’t sure the ability to perform Namaz correctly, do not worry, this namaz course will guide you on how to do Namaz. In the beginning, you need to ensure that the wudu has been properly made before you begin to pray salah. Below are some Salah steps:

  • Standing
  • Takbir
  • Fatiha – Recitation
  • Ruku – Bowing
  • Sujud – Prostration
  • Tasha had – Sitting

It is vital to know the salah’s steps that prayer is composed of rakah, which are prayers in units. Each rakah follows the same essential steps within it.

  • Here’s an example of to consider when you’re standing
  • The part in which you’re reciting the Quran
  • Other than bowing
  • In addition to the time you’re making sujud

For the Muslim, Masnoon Duas also are important. It is imperative to master how to say the Masnoon Duas. There are many reasons why Masnoon Duas are said such as dua before bed and dua prior to eating and dua to stop sneezing. dua to leave your home, dua to celebrate the iftar ceremony, dua to thank you as well as dua to protect us.

Additionally, you will be taught 6 Kalimas in this class. It is a requirement for all Muslim to comprehend, read and be a believer in the kalma of Islam. 

Kalma is the primary thing that distinguishes a Muslim from the rest as a believer in kalma must understand that Allah is God is the creator of the universe is the creator of this world , and from whom the world was created, and that the Messenger of Allah, Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) has been declared to be the final Messenger of Allah who has the complete wisdom of Allah to enable the Muslim to live his life here in this world.

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Fihristli 41 Yasin – Namaz Sureleri ve Dualar

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Prayer in Islam

Namaz Dua – There is a pressing need for an easy and clear guide that provides the fundamentals prayers for Muslims. This book was created to help people who aren’t sure how to pray or aren’t certain whether they have learned the right way as well or not.In this book, you’ll learn about the prayer by understanding clear and concise instructions on how to perform the prayer as well as images to make sure that you were able to comprehend the correct way. 

One of the distinctive features to this text is its ability not confine its teaching to the rituals of the prayer. There is also an entire chapter dedicated to understanding the significance behind each word and act during the prayer.

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  • Publisher :CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform edition 6/28/11
  • Language : English
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Mustafa Umar

Namaz Dua – Shaykh Mustafa Umar was born in and raised in Orange County, California. He earned his B.S. with a major in Computer and Computer Science at UC Irvine while studying Arabic and experiencing the many Islamic sciences through his own study and by taking local, intensive Islamic classes. 

A thirst for knowledge was what led him to study at Nadwatul ‘Ulama’ , Lucknow, India and then to Cairo, Egypt. In the East then he retreated to France for a further three years. He graduated with an education in Theology and Islamic Law [taught completely in Arabicat the European Institute of Islamic Sciences. He then went on to assist the Muslim community in Southern California as an Imam and activist for a period of 3 1/2 years with the King Fahad Mosque and the Islamic Society of Corona-Norco.

Shaykh Mustafa quit his job as Religious Director and Imam, and made the decision to concentrate upon his academic studies. He relocated to the UK and wrote a number of books on Islam and, in his free time, he completed an M.A. of Islamic Studies from the University of Gloucestershire. 

This means that Mustafa is the only person who has the unique advantage of being able blend with the authenticity of the traditional Islamic education alongside the academic knowledge from both Arab as well as Western worlds, and all with a thorough understanding of modern society.

The Director is now Outreach and Education for the Islamic Institute of Orange County as well as the Director and Founder of the College of Islamic Studies.

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duas to read in namaz ,fajr namaz dua ,how to make proper dua after namaz , namaz duas ,namaz e janaza dua for female ,namaz sajda dua ,namaz sonrası dua,tahajjud namaz dua,witr namaz dua, witr namaz dua in english,after namaz dua,after namaz dua in arabic,allahummaghfirli dua in namaz

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