Is Cutting Your Hair A Sin? For Women

Is Cutting Your Hair A Sin? – What is the time when cutting hair is not allowed for women? What scholars have said is not permitted in relation to cutting hair for a woman who cuts her hair are the following:

  • If she wants to show it off in front of non-mahram guys.
  • If she cuts her hair, her goal is to emulate unbelievers or immoral women.
  • In the event that she cut her hair, she should do it in a way that resembles hairstyles worn by men.
  • In the event that her hair was cut by a man who is not a mahram such as in salons that are sinful.
  • In the event that she attempts to do it without her husband’s consent.

The reasoning behind this ban in these cases is very evident, and there is no reason for confusion. The logic behind this ban is also simple.

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Is Cutting Your Hair A Sin? – If the woman’s goal is to impress her husband and be attractive with him or if her intention is to ease the hassle of taking care of the long locks, or to achieve other acceptable, legal goals that are acceptable, then there’s nothing wrong with doing so in accordance with the solid academic opinion. This is due to the fact that the primary notion regarding issues of customs and traditions is that they can be accepted until there is proof that something is not allowed.

There is no evidence in Islamic doctrine to suggest that it is not permissible to cut hair of women however there is a study that suggests that it is acceptable. The hadith is that from Abu Salamah ibn ‘Abd ar-Rahman (may Allah have mercy on him) who claimed that the wives of Muhammad (blessings peace and blessings of Allah be on his soul) were accustomed to cutting their hair to ensure that it fell no less than the ears. (Narrated by Muslim, 320)

The report also stated that the initial Arabic in this article could be understood to refer to hair a little longer than shoulder length. Imam An-Nawawi (may Allah have mercy on him) declared:

“This indicates that it is permissible for women to cut their hair .” (Sharh Muslim, 4/5)

Shaykh Ibn Uthaymin (may Allah have mercy on him) declared:

“For women who cuts her hair, it was considered to be makruh (disliked) by certain scholars. Some scholars believed it was forbidden (forbidden) however some scholars believed it was permitted.

As long as there’s an opinion divergent from the scholarly community on the subject, we must rely on The Quran or Sunnah. As of now, I haven’t found any indication that it is not permissible for women to trim her hair.

On this basis the principle that governs this issue is that it’s permissible and local customs can be observed in this respect.

Women in the past wanted to have hair that was long and were proud of it. they wouldn’t cut it in the absence of some health-related reason or necessity to do so.

The situation has changed and therefore the notion that it’s not allowed is not true and there is no evidence to support it. The notion that it is not liked needs some further thought and analysis.

The notion that it is permissible closer to the core rules of Islam. Muslim told during his Sahih that wives of the prophet (blessings and peace Allah be on his soul) used to trim their hair in such a way that it fell below their earlobes.

However, If an woman cuts her hair in a way that is too short and it resembles hairstyles of men, it is certainly haram since prophets like Prophet Muhammad (blessings and blessings of Allah be on his name) cursed women who look like men.

Also If she cuts her hair in a manner that is similar to hairstyles worn by disbelieving women or women who are immoral and imitates person is one of them.

Is Cutting Your Hair A Sin?However, if she cuts it in a small amount and isn’t far enough to resemble hairstyles worn by men and is not similar to hairstyles worn by immoral women and women who are not convinced There is no problem with that.” (Fatawa Nur ‘ala Ad-Darb (Fatawa az-Zinah wa’lMarah/Qass)

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Women will be covered in all their hair during the Day of Judgment?

What is believed to be said about the woman’s hair covering her during her Day of Resurrection is something for which there isn’t any basis in Sunnah or reports and we haven’t seen this mentioned in the writings of the experts. We should be wary of spreading and believing in this notion before confirming that it is true and substantiated in the scriptures of religion.


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