Significance of The Black Stone Kaaba (Hajr-e-Aswad)

The Hajar al-Aswad (The Black Stone) It is situated in the eastern side of Ka’bah. Tawaf is a ritual that begins and ends with the sacred stone. Over the centuries, numerous people, including many of prophets (upon their peace be) and The prophet Muhammad (PBUH) his own and The Sahabah as well as pious people as well as thousands of Muslims who have completed Hajj as well as Umrah have placed their blessings on the stone.

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Significance of The Black Stone Kaaba (Hajr-e-Aswad)

What is the origin of Hajar al-Aswad come from?

  • It is said that the Hajar al-Aswad was brought from Jannah and then presented for the blessing of Ebrahim (`lyh LSLM) to be placed in the Ka’bah’s corner. Ibn Abbas told of the time when prophet Muhammad () stated: “The Black Stone came down from Paradise and it was whiter than milk, but the sins of the sons of Adam turned it black.”[Tirmidhi
  • Du’as are accepted in the Hajar al-Aswad, and on the Day of Judgement it will prove the favor of all the people who had it kissed. In the words of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) declared: “By Allah! on the Day of Qiyamah, Allah will reveal the Hajar al Aswad in such a way that it will be adorned with 2 eyes, and also a tongue that will confirm that it is the Imaan (faith) from all who have kissed the Hajar.” [Tirmidhi The Prophet () said:

The laying in the Hajar al-Aswad, when the Quraysh built the Ka’bah

  • The time that the Quraysh removed the Holy Ka’bah to rebuild it, there was a dispute as the structure reached the level of Black Stone. They had a disagreement on the question of who could be eligible to return the Black Stone in its original location. The civil war was set to begin. Banu Abdu’d-Dar brought an empty bowl of blood, and all the tribes put their hands into it this meant they had decided in that they would be at war with each other. However, Abu Umayya Ibn al-Mugheera , their elder, pleaded with Quraysh to concur with the verdict on the initial person who came via Bani Shaybah Gate. Bani Shaybah Gate and all of them agreed to this idea.
  • The first person to pass to this door was the prophet (). It was five years prior to his mission. He placed his Black Stone in the middle of cloth and asked the representative of each tribe to take each of its edges, and then raise it to the level of its original. The Prophet () removed it using his elegant hands and returned it back to its place. This is what the prophet () stopped war from breaking out between the Quraysh with a dazzling display of intelligence.

Ahadith related to Hajar al-Aswad

  • Ibn Abbas tells us his belief that Prophet (PBUH)  who was leaning against the Ka’bah, said:”The Hajar al-Aswad and al-Maqam (Ebrahim) are two precious stones in the love of Paradise. If Allah () had not hidden their brightness they would have illuminated everything in between East and west.” [Tirmidhi
  • Umar has once kissed Hajar al-Aswad, and said “I realize that you’re one of those stones that does nothing good or harm. If I had not witnessed Muhammad (PBUH)  hug you and kiss him, I would never have done this.” Umar made this statement due to the large number of people who had recently converted towards Islam and he didn’t want them to be under perceptions that Muslims also revered stones , just as the Arabs revered and worshiped stones as idols during the time of Ignorance. Umar (stated that he was adhering to what he believed to be the Sunnah practices of prophet () and also that, although stones are blessed, it does nothing harm or good.

It is believed that the Hajar al-Aswad was once stolen

  • The Hajar al-Aswad was stolen from the Ka’bah in 930 CE by Qarmatian warriors, who belonged to the Ismaeeli Shia sect. They took over Makkah and destroyed it with the Well of Zamzam with Muslim corpses, then took the Black Stone away to their base in Ihsaa which was in medieval Bahrain. According to historian Al-Juwayni it was then returned the year 952 CE and reconstructed to its original position.

It is currently split into pieces

  • The Hajar al-Aswad used to be an entire stone, but due to historical incidents the stone is now composed of eight pieces of various dimensions, bonded to a larger stone, and then encased in the frame of silver. The frame made of silver was initially constructed by Abdullah bin Zubair and was later replaced by Khalifas after the need for it came up.
  • The six (additional) fragments are said to be found in Istanbul, Turkey. One of them is inside the mihrab at The Blue Mosque, one of them above the entrance to the grave of Sulaiman the Great and four more in the Sokullu Mehmet Pasa Mosque (one over the mihrab, another below on the pulpit below, one is over the upper pulpit, and the last one is on the doorway to the mosque). Their authenticity has been questioned. other pieces is questioned however they are believed to be authentic. Turks were the rulers of the area that is today Saudi Arabia for many years and have many historic Islamic artifacts. And Allah () knows best.

The man who kisses the Hajar al-Aswad

  • Be aware that when you kiss the Hajar al-Aswad, one must not force people to move or harm anyone since although it is true that kissing Hajar of Aswad, which is Sunnah and causing harm to people is considered to be a sin (haram). If the area is packed, it is sufficient to point to the Hajar al-Aswad by using one’s hand or a stick while saying the Takbeer. Then, kiss the stick or hand. At the same time, The prophet (PBUH)  was kissed by the Hajar al-Aswad straight and pointed it towards it in times of pack, so it is obvious that the act of kissing and pointing at the Hajar al-Aswad are Sunnah.

What’s what is Kaaba the Black Stone?

In a ritual of pilgrimage, it is commonplace to search for the Black Stone located in the eastern part in the Kaaba. Although there is a misconception that the Black Stone is thought to be one piece, and can be observed in a silver enclosure, it actually consists of eight small rocks made of Arabic and frankincense.

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What’s inside Kaaba stone?

The interior is a mess of the three pillars that support the roof as well as a few of hanging silver and gold lamps. In the summer, it is Kaaba is covered in massive black brocade, also known as the Kiswah. The Kaaba is surrounded by pilgrims during the hajj. Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

What exactly is Black Rock in Mecca made of?

It’s been described in various ways as basalt, Agate, a piece made of glass, or, perhaps, a meteorite with a stony appearance.

What is the reason why Kaaba’s Stone within the Kaaba in black?

Pilgrims typically kiss, touch or wave at the al-Hajar al’Aswad. “The stone originally was apparently white, not black. It’s thought mankind touching the stone and seeking forgiveness from God is the reason the stone is black, reflecting the sins of humanity, according to Muslim sources,” said al-Akiti.

 Are you able to touch it? Black Stone in the Kaaba?

If you are making a circle around in the Kaaba to complete the tawaf you may try to touch the stone with your hands and then kiss it. If you are unable to reach it, you could touch it with your finger or point to anything else that touches the stone. The cornerstone of Kaaba the Black Stone, is the most sought-after stone of earth.

What Happened to the Black Stone of Kaaba?

Who is allowed to enter the Kaaba?

The Kaaba is closed during the Hajj due to the large number of visitors. However, those who visit the Kaaba at other seasons are occasionally allowed to enter the Kaaba. It’s beautiful The walls are made of white marble on the lower part with green layers on the top.

What is the cost in Black Stone?

Black  Price can go higher based on factors such as cutting, quality,, and dimensions that the stone. The price of Black Onyx per carat can vary between the price of Rs 100 per carat to Rs 500 for a carat.

What is the reason Kaaba is covered in black cloth?

Black Kiswah was ascribed to the Tradition of Prophet to Mourn Some have linked it to Battle of Karbala however saying of Prophet to wrap Kaaba with black cloth after 100 years or before the date when the events of Sorrow began.

What exactly is Black Stone used for?

Black stone is employed for centuries in Antiquity to treat bites from snakes as well as localized infections. The effectiveness of this stone is in debate. As no clinical trial has been conducted, we conducted an array of in vitro and in vivo experiments on an animal model.

How old is the Black Stone?

In the year 1980, Elsebeth Thomsen of the University of Copenhagen proposed that the Black Stone may be a glass fragment or an impactite resulting from the fragmented impact of a meteorite that fell around 6000 years ago in Wabar. The site of impact is in the Rub’al Khali Desert, that is located 1100km away from Makkah. 

Who was the architect of Kaaba?

Some believe that Adam was Adam was the humankind’s father. Adam created the Kaba but , over the course of many centuries, it began to decay and then vanished into the mists of time which was later rebuilt by prophet Abraham along with the son of Abraham, Ishmael. Everyone agrees they believe that the Kaba was built in the name of Prophet Abraham.

What was the inside of the Kaaba prior to Islam?

The pre-Islamic Kaaba contained The Black Stone and statues of pagan gods. Muhammad reported to have removed Kaaba Kaaba of idols after his victory-bound return to Mecca and returned the sacred site back to monotheism Ibrahim. Black Stone Black Stone is believed to be given to Ibrahim by Angel Gabriel and is highly revered by Muslims. 

What is the amount of gold mined in Kaaba?

It is constructed from 670 kg of silk, as well as the equivalent of 120 kilograms gold, and 100 kilograms of silver thread, which is used to sew into the Quranic verses.

What is the value of Kaaba worth? Kaaba worth?

What does The Kaaba worth? The construction cost is estimated at $100 billion. It covers 9,000 square metres (99 acres) in area and has both indoor and outdoor worship areas. The Grand Mihrab is an inward-facing niche within the wall of the mosque , shows where the holy city of Saudi Arabia. 

What is the value of Kaaba’s Kaaba fabric worth?

It is divided into five pieces, covering 4 sides of Kaaba as well as a curtain to cover the entry point to the holy place. With a length of up to 50ft It weighs close to 1500 lbs of silk that is made from the finest quality. It’s cost $6million to create and is typically paid for from Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia kingdom.

The number of stones in black exist?

From the captivating the black Garnet to the sparkling Tahitian pearls, as well as from the mysterious dark Tourmaline as well as the Black Diamond to the stunning black Sapphire Here are 63 gemstones that are black, and their numerous qualities, benefits, and uses. 

What is the meaning of black stone?

 Onyx is a traditional black gemstone that has been used since prehistoric times for jewelry and for healing purposes. Onyx that is solid black is soft and with a beautiful luster, however it isn’t a shining stone.

What is the Black Stone from Jannah?

It is known as the Black Stone, al-Hajaru al-Aswad, “Black Stone”) is a stone that has been carved into the eastern part of the Kaaba located situated in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. It is regarded as a sacred stone by Muslims because it is an Islamic artifact that is believed, in accordance with Muslim custom goes to the period when Adam and Eve lived. Adam as well as Eve.

Are Hajre Aswad an angel?

According to Islamic historical records and the Hadith from Muhammad (PBUH) and the hadith of Muhammad (PBUH), Hajr e Aswad was reintroduced out of heaven and brought to Earth by angel Jibreel (AS). This proves the fact that Hajr e Aswad is indeed an angelic stone.

What did Muhammad appear?

His eyes were black and were big with long mascara. His joints were quite big. There were tiny hairs that were raised, stretching from his chest to his navel. However, all of his body seemed hairless. “He carried thick, hefty palms as well as large fingers and toes.

What is the reason Hindu aren’t allowed in Mecca?

In the public forum Quora there are some who believe that non-Muslims aren’t permitted to enter Mecca because it’s sacred. 2. Others state that one needs meet certain conditions for entry into the place, and that holy places are primarily for meditation , and generally have some basic requirements to be admitted.

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Hajr e Aswad – Summary

Hajr the Aswad is an angelic stone that was from Heaven that was given by God to the prophet Ibrahim (AS). As the true believers, Muslims must know that being able to kiss or touch the Black Stone is only done because Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) kissed and revered the stone. Hajr e Aswad is to be revered and revered. It is important, however, that Muslims must remember that Allah SWT is the only Lord and should only be worshipped. Nothing other thing (or any other person) holds that honor.

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