The Holy Quran Statistics And Facts

The Holy Quran Statistics And FactsHelp This page offers details from the Quran in both Arabic text as well as English translation.

There are 28 Letters/Alphabets in Arabic Language. But they also come in different forms. So, in the Quran 36 variants of Alphabets are employed. The five most frequently used letters/Alphabets include: Alif “” is frequently used 43542 times in the Quran “l” is used 43542 times, while Lam “l” is utilized 38191 times, and “n” is used 27270 times “n” is used 27270 times “m” is utilized 26735 times.

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And the 5th most popular Alphabet “Waw “w” that is used 24813 times in The Holy Quran.

The data shown in the statistics includes the following:

  1. The totality of chapters that contain verses, words, words and characters.
  2. Words with minimum and maximum length as well as lengths of verses, word/verses, and word/verses.
  3. Chapter breakdown of totals.
  4. Quran pause marks count.
Non-Repeated Words5277
Min Word Length (chars)1
Min Wordi
Max Word Length (chars)17
Max Wordwell-proportioned
Avg Word Length (chars)4.23
Min Verse Length (words)11
Min VerseIn the name of Allah Almighty, the Most Merciful
Max Verse Length (words)256
Max VerseIf you have believed that you have contracted an obligation for a specific period
Avg Verse Length (words)25.49
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  1. Chapters
Chapter IndexChapter NameNo of VersesT. WordsT. Chars
1The Opening774314
2The Cow2861231652639
3The Family of Imraan200708030276
4The Women176734731845
5The Table120559823932
6The Cattle165622626109
7The Heights206679628550
8The Spoils of War75252510834
9The Repentance129516922679
13The Thunder4317017360
15The Rock9913895896
16The Bee128375715908
17The Night Journey111322313549
18The Cave110335013823
21The Prophets112243710109
22The Pilgrimage78253710938
23The Believers11821168871
24The Light64261111316
25The Criterion7718467811
26The Poets227271010938
27The Ant9323529712
28The Stories88290011817
29The Spider6919698353
30The Romans6016367003
32The Prostration307453153
33The Clans73259411343
35The Originator4515196492
37Those drawn up in Ranks18218817896
38The letter Saad8815536600
39The Groups7523199831
40The Forgiver85244910388
41Explained in detail5416486929
43Ornaments of gold8917857486
44The Smoke597103023
46The Dunes3513115561
48The Victory2911695157
49The Inner Apartments186632889
50The letter Qaaf457623150
51The Winnowing Winds607533182
52The Mount496802852
53The Star627383072
54The Moon557233155
55The Beneficent788153278
56The Inevitable968493538
57The Iron2911885139
58The Pleading Woman229204111
59The Exile248973971
60She that is to be examined137153129
61The Ranks144251828
63The Hypocrites113671558
64Mutual Disillusion185032182
66The Prohibition124782115
67The Sovereignty306592707
68The Pen526502760
69The Reality525752318
70The Ascending Stairways444481945
72The Jinn285732424
73The Enshrouded One204221750
74The Cloaked One565262274
75The Resurrection403531445
77The Emissaries504021653
78The Announcement403741618
79Those who drag forth464181783
80He frowned423061329
81The Overthrowing292431005
82The Cleaving19171730
84The Splitting Open25243993
85The Constellations22211995
86The Morning Star17132523
87The Most High19144638
88The Overwhelming26191835
89The Dawn302931211
90The City20177727
91The Sun15157655
92The Night21172703
93The Morning Hours11108418
94The Consolation862265
95The Fig869280
96The Clot19134557
97The Power, Fate556237
98The Evidence8169822
99The Earthquake875319
100The Chargers1183373
101The Calamity1186343
103The Declining Day, Epoch329132
104The Traducer966297
105The Elephant546203
109The Disbelievers648191
110Divine Support343191
111The Palm Fibre552193
113The Dawn545170

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