The 99 Names of Allah: Their Meanings from the Quran by Muhammad Zakari

The 99 Names of Allah: Islam is the religion of peace and the followers of Islam are Muslims. They believe in the existence of some power that is running this world is the master and owner of all the worlds and all the things present in all the worlds. They believe in the oneness of Allah, the creator and sustainer of all the universes. For the unlimited blessings of Allah almighty for the human beings, they believe that it is their sheer duty to become grateful and obliged of that power. If they feel obliged and offer gratitude to Allah Almighty, the number of blessings would be doubled and tripled by Allah Almighty. It is decreed and ordered by the Almighty to recite the 99 Names of Allah whatever and whichever the work is to be done

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Alasad Online Quran Tutor,Free Islamic and Educational Platform

Alasad Online Quran Tutor,Free Islamic and Educational Platform

Alasad Online Quran Tutor,Free Islamic and Educational Platform


These names of Allah almighty are attributive and not accidental names are given to human beings. These names are derived from His attributions and show the greatness, glory and grandeur. The universe is created By Allah and it is declared in the Holy Quran time and again. Surely the evidences present all around us are the proof that that there is no god but Allah. To Him belongs to the most beautiful names. Who is Allah is the most discussed topic and subject that is targeted in the holy Quran. Along with the teachings of morality and ethics, the oneness of Allah is discussed in detail and with the help of irrefutable arguments. Islam names these attributes to the one and the only Allah who is the sustainer and caretaker of the universe.

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The book The 99 Names of Allah confirms and describes the names of Allah. The book throws light on the meanings of these names in Arabic language. These names are discussed in detail. The causes and reason of these names also are described with the background and effects that can influence human life. If the people know these names and know the meanings of these names, they will try their best to avoid the sins and mistake that are made consciously by the human beings.

The book The 99 Names of Allah will be helpful in many ways for the readers. They would surely enjoy reading it and get the advantages related to the 99 names of Allah.      

By the end of ‘The 99 Names of Allah’, you will know:

  • The significance of the 99 names of Allah and the attributes that is related and connected with these names.
  • The book will throw light on the meanings of the names of Allah with the help of the holy Quran.
  • The readers of the book would be able to learn how to use these names for the strengthening the prayers to be accepted by Allah Almighty.
  • These names would be the surety for the recitations to get into the heavenly paradise.
  • How to use the 99 Names of Allah to increase your emotional connection to Allah and bring life to your prayers.

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