Teaching Kids the Holy Quran – Surah 18 by Mr Mezbauddin Mahtab

Teaching Kids the Holy Quran: Kids are the most precious creation of Creator. They are the future of the mankind and it is rightly said that that child is the father of the nation. The future of the nation depends upon the right sort of their children and kids, they are to take the responsibilities and play their role after replacing the old generation. If they are brought up and nurtured with care and in accordance with the objectives and norms of the nation, the nation is bound to make progress and will make its mark in the world at last otherwise; there will be only memory in the pages of the history. Teaching Kids the Holy Quran is for the better education and training of the young generation.

The teaching of the holy Quran is the sacred mission and is the responsibility of every Muslim. Teaching kids is not difficult but is quite easy and can be taught using the simple techniques. There are different teaching techniques that help the teachers and parents to teach their kids the most important holy book, the Quran. Different stories and incidents from the major chapters of the Quran have been selected to attract the children to learn the Quran with interest and devotion.




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Surah Kahf which means the Cave contains four stories and events that are attractive for the children. It is one of the very first revelations and is full of divine messages in the shape of the stories and tales. The Surah deals with the special connection present between the four narratives that are described in the Surah. The writer of the book also describes the special power if it over the followers of the Christ. It can be safely said to be the Anti Christ Surah.  The writer is bringing into light the reasons behind these narratives and the Anti Christ narration.

The writes have made an attempt to give the message present in the four narrations not only for the kids but also for the elders. The book is a great message for learning the facts about the narrations present in the holy book which have hidden meanings for the betterment and welfare of the kids and elders as well. 

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