Numbers in Arabic Language by Reem Djawad

Numbers in Arabic: Languages are the gift of Creator. Each new language learnt proves a window in the mind. Every new language learnt give uncountable benefits for the learner of that language. It is full of knowledge of the culture, civilization and tradition and customs of the region where that language is spoken. Alphabets and the number of the language are very important to learn for the new learners and the toddlers. Arabic language is the language of the Quran and our Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. Numbers in Arabic are for those young learners to know the basics about the language of our own religion and Quran.

Counting in Arabic is very important for the young learners to learn. It would enable them to learn the basics of the mathematics and the numbers. Counting in every language is the basic key to proceed further in the language learning and the mathematics of any language. The base of the mathematics is the same all over the world. For learning the basics of the mathematics like addition, subtract multiplication and division, the learning of the counting from 1 to 1000 is very necessary and integral. Arabic number from 1 to 10 is the key words and must be known to the young learners and the toddlers.

The Numbers in Arabic contains the simple ways to teach the young learners the basic counting. An easy approach has been used in the book for the toddlers to learn the counting in easy and interesting manner. The book is written according to the psychology of the young toddlers and the methods to teach them are the result of the experiences of the decades. The book is based on the new concept of the activity based learning. The activity based learning is the easiest way to attract the young ones to the boring process of learning. The educationists have advised the activity based learning to make the procedure of the learning interesting and attractive.




 110 pages

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It is dot markers activity based book and help the toddlers to build up the writing power and also their writing would improve with the passage of time by doing sufficient practice in the dot marking activity. The book is the best way of teaching the kids who are not yet going to school or are the students of the prep or kindergarten.  Definitely, it would help them a lot in the later stage of their learning.

Following are some of the features of the book Numbers in Arabic:

  • The book has a lot of practice opportunity for doing a dot exercise to play while learning the counting.
  • Many activities are made the part of the book like dot marking, bingo daubers, dab marking and do dot marking.
  • At least 15 geometrical shapes are introduced in the book to discover English language with Arabic tradition and pronunciation.

 Every activity is given twice for every shape and number. In short the book is valuable for teaching the toddlers and young learners. Hurry up and place the order as it will enable you to handle the new beginners in a better way.

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