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What is Dua Qunoot ?

Dear Brothers and Sisters, In this Article We will learn about Learn Dua Qunoot in Arabic Text PDF Download. Dua Qunoot means to appeal, begging, Prayers to Allah or invocation, it is a prayer of supplication, worship blessing prayer or request. It is without a doubt that in Islam, Duaa or Prayer is considered to be a profound act of worship. The Messenger of Allah Hazrat Muhammad is narrated “Dua (Prayer) is the essence and the doctrine (phenomenology, belief, functionalism, creed,) of worship” In the same matter Allah Almighty has said “Call upon Me; I will respond to you” This is to show the importance of Dua or Prayer. Read this article Learn Dua Qunoot in Arabic text PDF Download at www.Quranmualim.com Dua or Prayer is classified into the following three main groups:

  • To ask Allah for a particular thing and get the very same thing you asked for.
  • To ask Allah for something and get something different than what you asked. Dear Dua is A Weapon of the Man
  • To ask for anythings and don’t get it till you die. This considered being the most precious class of dua or Prayer because it will be rewarded in this World and the hereafter
  • Nevertheless, there are many ways, Times and times of when to conduct Dua or Prayer, for instance, witr prayer dua. Many Scholars have said that Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him, used to recite qunoot al witr during Salat al-Fajr, Salat Witr (Esha Prayer), and sometimes during other prayers throughout the year.

Qunoot al witr In English Transliteration

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Qunoot al witr in English & Urdu Translation

What it is not!

Qunut Nazilah is different to Dua kunut) which is recited in Wit’r Salah daily.


In the Hanafi Madhab, Dua Qunoot is only recited after Fajar Salah after the second Ruku as indicated in the Ahadeeth, above or recite in the Esha Prayer.

What to recite?

Any Duas which are applicable to the needs of the Muslims can be recited although the duas mentioned in the Quran and Sunnah are obviously considered superior such as:

How to recite?

Since there is no clear evidence of raising his hands in the Sunnah during Dua Qunoot so in the Hanafi Madhab and the Muqatadi is supposed to keep their hands on their side during Dua Qunoot.

 Since there is no clear evidence of the followers uttering Ameen loudly behind Sayyiduna Rasul-ullah (Sallaho Alaihe Wassallam) in the Hanafi Madhab Ameen is uttered silently.

 How to perform Dua kunut:

It is without a doubt The Messenger of Allah would recite Dua Qunoot in the last Rakaah during Fajr prayer, Witr in the Esha Prayer.Therefore, he would perform Dua kunut after saying ‘Sami’Allahu liman hamidah’. Therefore, he would put his hands across his chest and make the Dua kunut. So that after reading Dua kunut , you would be wondering, well what do we exactly say in the Dua.

Let us help you memorize Dua-e-Qunoot

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