Ethics: Theory and Contemporary Issues by Barbara MacKinnon

Contemporary Issues: society is the name of institution where every member of the society is to cooperate with every other member. Without this mutual cooperation, the foundation of society is bound to collapse. Ethics and the ethical values are the pillar of the society. The world of the today is suffering from many evils and diseases. Frustration, depression and suppression are the gift of the today progress and development in science and technology. The current social problems are creating so many frustrations among the people. This has resulted in the terrorism, extremism and even brutal killing. Contemporary issues are making the life hell and everyone is crumbling under the load of these issues.

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Every religion of the world preaches peace and prosperity for his followers but the followers are making the lives of the others very deplorable and heinous. Socio economic issues are the worst aspect of the modern society. These issues should be addressed and tackled immediately before it is too late. Religion and global ethics, utilitarianism and deontology, natural ethic laws and feminist care ethics are some examples of the social issues. Without solving the issue of the social ethics, the progress and prosperity of the material world is useless and wastage.




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Economic justice, equal rights, fair distribution of the resources, fair excess to the justice and opportunities, problems related to the globalization, question of racism and homo sex marriage are the issues that are emerging rapidly and they need the immediate address to solve them otherwise things will get complex and the speed deterioration would be doubled.  These issues have taken the young generation in their grip strongly. These contemporary issues are not such as would be left unsolved or unaddressed.

In the present book, the author observes the socio economic issues minutely and presents the different aspects and their consequences in the society. The author has also presented the solution of many of the contemporary issues in the best interest of the humanity. Look around yourself and you would definitely find many of the people suffering from these issues and failing to overcome or solving them, they fall a victim to their ultimate consequences and disappointed, embrace death. No issue is big enough to take the life of human being but the overall behavior of the society which left him to tackle the situation alone forces him to move towards the death. 

Look around and find what are the social issues that have spread in the society that are unbridled and uncontrollable.

The book is very informative and gives the issues in interesting manner. Just visit the site and have the thorough look at the content and you would definitely find it interesting and worth reading.

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