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Authentic Verses of Duas Made by Prophets in The Quran

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In this Article We will learn about Authentic Verses of Duas Made by Prophets in The QuranMasnoon Duaas hundred hearts while crying. His chest is broken, his heart in a hundred pieces, and the manner in which he is crying and lowering himself, he guessed right thing is to acknowledge and satisfy his supplication right away. In any case, I am deferring in giving him what he wants, since I make the most of his tears and modesty. A similarity of this is the point at which a granddad lures his grand kids by offering them desserts.

In the event that he gives them the desserts they want, they would take the dessert sand run off to the other children and continue playing. However, if he plays around, by offering, then holding it back, they cry more, and say sweet words, and do cute actions which makes the grandfather enjoy this playful treat. Therefore, the grandfather will tease the child, and play with him, trying to keep the child close to him for as long as possible, so that he could savor the pleasure of enjoying the company of his beloved grandchild.

In the same way, when the Mu’min is crying, and talking to Allah , Allah enjoys it, and if Allah grants the   Mu’min what he requires, the Mu’min will run away having got what he wanted. Allah  continues explaining to the angels, “…and how he tries to fool me (so to say), by saying, ‘O Allah, I will never do this wrong again,….O Allah please gorgive me., and next i am committed hat i will now nor sin again .” Like the child who tells the grandfather that he wants only one sweeten Hazrat Moulana Qasim Nanotwi Saheb  continues by giving the following example: Parrots and nightingales are closed in cages because they have the ability of talking and singing respectively.


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Masnoon  Duas

Allah is enjoying your crying, and Allah, is also enjoying all the promises that are made by you, and the way you talk to Allah is beloved to Him.So that Allah is closer to you, . Therefore, may Allah give us the Taufeeq (ability) to understand these subtleties of Tasawwuf, walking towards Allah .may we understand, that things that cause us to become so worried, are the very things that should make us feel happy. we are very fortune people if Allah love and kind to us.

If we pray to Allah ,Allah listen and response to us. Allah is the almighty. Allah is the owner of the universe. Allah is one. Allah is the owner of the day of judgment. Allah id the owner of the all creatures and we should beg to him. He did not refuse to your prayers.So that we should follow their orders. Muhammad is the messenger of Allah and last prophet.He gave last book of Allah to the Muslims and everything mentioned in it.

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