What is English translation of the Holy Book by al Jaburi ?

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In this Article we will learn about What is English translation of the Holy Book by al Jaburi ? There are now over 75 different translations of the Holy Book into 35 various languages, and these numbers are expected to keep growing… The Holy Book (the book of allah) is the final conclusion of all divine revelations especially those that descended to the family of the Abrahamic faith: It particularly sums up what was revealed in the Torah of Moses and in the Bible of Jesus Christ, peace with them.

Islam’s first and most significant tenet is Tawhid, the belief in the One and only God Who reveals the same truth to all nations, addressing each of them in its own language, according to its own understanding, culture and traditions, hence the differences among religions. Muslims believe that since there is only One God, there is likewise one single truth, one human race that descended from one and the same couple: Adam and Eve, that there is one and the same heaven, Paradise, one hell, and one way to achieve salvation and eternal bliss.

While inviting the faithful to lead a pious and righteous life, the Holy Book also contains many observations about natural phenomena and details that totally agree with modern scientific discoveries, a testimony that there is no conflict between Islam and science as took place during the Middle Ages between science and the Church.

Read The Holy Book of Islam about the creation of planets in the universe referred to as “worlds” (1:2), about the earth splitting from the sun then getting cooled in preparation for life (21:30), about the creation of everything in pairs (36:36), about the succession of the night and the day (36:37), about the numerous earthly and celestial phenomena… Read in it about the galaxies, the stars, the planetary systems, and the orbiting of the sun and the moon (36:38-40), the creation of which, the Holy Qur’ān (The Holy Book of Allah) asserts, is greater and more complex than that of our human species.

The Holy Qur’ān (Allah book) refers to the heavenly strata (84:18-25) and to the “heavenly bodies,” the asteroids and the comets. It informs us that water is the origin of life (21:30). Read in the Holy Qur’ān about the stages through which the human embryo passes until it develops a living being (23:12-15); it is in complete agreement with modern science. And the Holy Qur’ān (The Holy Book) refers to the gradual evolution, to the six periods of aeons that culminate in the life as we know it (7:54).

Is there any description of our creation more eloquent than this? Is there anyone who can alter this sequence in our creation? If all human beings are unable to come into this world in any way other than the one stated in these verses, then it is the speech of the Almighty, the Creator of everything and everyone, the Lord of the Worlds. So praise be to God and Exalted is He above what they otherwise describe and claim.

The Holy Qur’ān (the book of Allah) contains a vast wealth of knowledge relevant to the science of astronomy; it enjoins the faithful to contemplate on the creation of the heavens and earth, encouraging them to look above to witness the wonders of the heavenly kingdom so they may realize the greatness and omnipotence of their Creator.

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