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Dear Brothers and Sisters, In this article we will learn about eLearn Quran Dictionary PDF Free Download.The Holy Quran Dictionary for Kids is an ideal first reference Divine book of Allah Almighty for Kids, children, Toddlers and Adults who are curious to know about the Holy Quran Pak (The Book of Allah). Quran Worksheets arrange especially for children and Adults, this unique treasury of Quranic words PDF (Quran Dictionary) guides them through over 360 names.

Basic terms and concepts mentioned in the Holy Quran Majeed. These Quranic Worksheets arranged, words by Words are clearly defined and pictures that make it fun for children and Adults to find the words and understand them. Beside this, Quran Dictionary for Kids includes prayers from the Holy Quran Pak with references and Quran facts to help children and Adults learn the message of the Holy Quran Pak.

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Learn Arabic through the Noble Quran. The Noble Quran is composed of around 77,797 words Maximum. The total number of unique words is around 14,870 in the Noble Quran. These unique words are from a statistical point of view. Interestingly the actual words from the Lexicon point of view are hardly around 2,000 in the Noble Quran. Only two thousand distinct words in the Noble Quran.

Reading the Noble Quran in this way by looking at the meanings of Arabic words (Arabic Stories PDF, Arabic Worksheets for Grade 1, Hijri Calendar 1440 or List of Hijri Months) will give you a chance of learning Arabic simultaneously while reading and understanding the Noble Quran. During prayers (Fajar, Zuhar, Asr, Maghrab, Isha), Muslims on average recites & repeats 200-250 words of Arabic from the Noble Quran. Reading the Quran by seeing its vocabulary will help you improve concentration and quality of your prayers (Salah).

  1. The Holy Qur’an Pak;
  2. Is the Word of Allah Almighty.
  3. was compiled in written scripts.
  4. was sent down to the Messenger of Allah
  5. Its recitation is a form of worship (ibadah).
  6. Conveyed by verbal perpetuation from generation to generation.
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Holy Quran explain this briefly (Quran Dictionary):

The Noble Qur’an was received by the messenger of Allah in the form of revelations over a period of twenty-three years. In short, the Qur’an Pak is unique and has its own specific approach. Just as no human being was capable of producing anything like it during that period or in later periods, no human will ever be capable of producing anything like it in the future.

  1. The Holy Qur’an Pak is the Word of Allah Almighty.
  2. The Holy Qur’an is a divine book of Allah whose recitation is a form of worship.
  3. The Holy Qur’an was transmitted by verbal perpetuation from one entire generation to the next.

Developer's Description QuranMualim

An excellent guide to lead you to the understanding of the Noble Qur’aan (QuranMualim). All you have to do is SPEND 3 to 5 MINUTES PER DAY and insha-Allah WITHIN Six Months, you will understand most of the Nobel Qur’aan, Hadees Shareef (Sahih Bukhari, Shaih Muslim, Sunan Abu Dawud, Sunan Nasi and Sunan Ibn Majah). Make this book (Quran Dictionary PDF) a part of your life. Keep it on your desk, Bed, Pocket, Laptop and study it for a couple of minutes every day in life until you are able to understand the Noble Qur’aan and Arabic Learning fast.

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Free DOWNLOAD Quran Dictionary

For students of Arabic, there are a lot of wonderful dictionaries in the internet and resources of Arabic, Arabic Grammmer PDF, Arabic Alphabets, Arabic Vocabulary with Pictures pdf Free Download, Basic Arabic Verbs. Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam, Arabic Worksheets for Kindergarten, Pre-Class, JUZZ AMMAH Word to Word 1-30 Sources (The Noble Quran), Arabic Sources, Arabic learning website for Grammer Learning sources , available online and in-print free of cost.

However, the wrong dictionary (Quranic or English) at certain stages of learning could lead to a lot of frustration, unnecessary expenditure of time and even ultimately a loss of motivation to study Arabic, or directions to learning. But also keep in mind that Quran Dictionary PDF and Quranmualim is a reliable and according to Quran and Sunnah Sources.

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