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Dear Brothers and Sisters, like any other language (Urdu, English, French, Farsi), Arabic Language requires time and determination to learn read or write. As with other languages (Urdu, English, French, Farsi), there are many online classes and courses, PDF books and video tutorials available to help you master the Arabic language. The language of language resources available can be overwhelming. Which ones are the best?

QuranMualim wants Arabic language students to master the language. To help with this, we offer a variety of courses (Tajweed. Quran with Tajweed, Tafseer, Qaida, Learn Quran, Norani Qaida, Basic Islamic Teaching) for every ability level and offer additional resources to help students build upon what they learn through the courses. These All resources have been carefully selected and can be enjoyed by students and non-students of QuranMualim.

There are two main types of written Arabic Language: Classical Arabic & Modern Stander Arabic.

1.Classical Arabic – the language of the Holy Qur’an and classical literature., Grammer, some of which is archaic. All Muslims recite the Holy Qur’an in the original language (Arabic Style); however, many rely on translations in order to understand the text.

2.Modern Standard Arabic (اللغة العربية الفصحى /) – the universal language of the Arabic-speaking world which is understood by all Arabic speakers (Gulf). It is the language of the vast majority of written material and of formal TV shows, Newspapers, Videos and lectures, etc.

These are some Arabic countries sub-continent of Afrecia e.g. (Algeria country, Bahrain country, Comoros country, Djibouti country, Egypt county, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, the United Arab Emirates and Yemen.) or region also has its own variety of colloquial spoken Arabic. These colloquial varieties of Arabic appear in written form in some poetry, Essay, Arabic Dramma, Short Stories, , cartoons and comics, plays, Arabic Short Stories and personal letters. There are also translations of the bible into most forms of colloquial Arabic and Grammer. You Know Arabic has also been written with the Hebrew, Syriac and Latin scripts.

Important Notable Features

  • Type of writing system: Haroof e abjad
  • Direction of writing: all Alphabet words are written in horizontal lines from right to left, numerals are written from left to right
  • Many Arabic Alphabets letters: – Dear A few letters are used in Arabic language when writing place names or other words containing sounds which do not occur in Standard Arabic, such as /p/ or /g/. Additional letters are used when writing other languages.

Consonant Alphabets (Abjads)

Arabic Language, Hebrew (hebrew translation), manichaeism definition, Nabataean(nabatean), Pahlavi, Parthian, Phoenician, Paleo-Hebrew (hebrew to English, Hebrew alphabet, Hebrew translation), Proto-Sinaitic / Proto-Canaanite, Psalter, Punic, Sabaean, Samaritan, Sogdian, South Arabian, Syriac, Tifinagh, Ugaritic

Used to write: Arabic Language ,  Fulfulde Language, Afrikaans People,, (egyptian people), Arabic (Lebanese), Arabic (Modern Standard), Arabic (Moroccan), Arabic (Syria), Arabic (Tunisian), Arwi, Äynu, Azeri, Balti, Baluchi, Beja, Belarusian, Bosnian, Brahui, Chagatai, Chechen, Comorian, Crimean Tatar, Dargwa, Dari, Dogri, Domari, Gilaki, Hausa, Hazaragi (hazaragi language), Indus Kohistani, Kabyle (kabyle people), Karakalpak Language, Konkani Language, Kashmiri, region of kazakhstan, Khowar Language, Khorasani Turkic, Kurdish, Kyrgyz, Lezgi, Luri, Malay, Marwari, Mandekan, Mazandarani, Morisco, Mozarabic (mozarabic language), Palula, Parkari Koli, Pashto (pashto language), Persian/Farsi, Punjabi, Qashqai (nissan qashqai), Rajasthani (rajasthani rasiya), Rohingya (marwadi rasiya), Salar, Saraiki, Serer, Shabaki, Shina, Shughni, Sindhi, Somali, Tatar, Tausūg, Torwali, Turkish, Urdu, Uyghur, Uzbek, Wakhi, Wolof and a number of other languages

Arabic Sources | Best Arabic learning website, modern standard Arabic, digital library pdf, free, resources pdf, lesson plan pdf, ebooks pdf

The Arabic language

 You know There are two kinds of Arabic Sematic and Arabic Script .Arabic is a Semitic language with about 221 million speakers in Afghanistan country, Algeria country , Bahrain country , Chad, Cyprus, Djibouti, Egypt, Eritrea, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kenya, Kuwait country, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Niger, Oman, Palestinian West Bank & Gaza, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria country , Tajikistan country, Tanzania country, Tunisia country, Turkey, UAE, Uzbekistan and Yemen. There are over 30 different varieties of colloquial Arabic Language which include:

Egyptian Style – spoken by about 50 million people in Egypt and perhaps the most widely understood forms, thanks to the popularity of Egyptian-made films and Videos, and newspapers. Algerian – spoken by about 22 million people in Algeria country. Moroccan/Maghrebi Style – spoken in Morocco by about 19.5 million people (in Morocco country). Sudanese people – spoken in Sudan by about 19 million people in Sudan. Saidi – spoken by about 19 million people in Egypt country. North Levantine – spoken in Lebanon and Syria by about 15 million people in this country. Mesopotamian – spoken by about 14 million people in Iraq country, Iran and Syria people

Najdi – spoken in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Jordan and Syria by about 10 million people in this country

Semitic languages

 Akkadian, Amharic Letters , Arabic (Egyptian People), Arabic (Modern Standard), Arabic (Moroccan), Arabic (Syrian), Aramaic, Argobba, Assyrian / Neo-Assyrian, Canaanite, Chaha, Chaldean Neo-Aramaic, Ge’ez, Hadhramautic, Harari, Hebrew, Himyaritic, Jewish Neo-Aramaic,maltese poodle, Mandaic, nabataean kingdom (nabataean empire,the nabateans,nabatean temple), The Phoenician (the phoenician resort), The Punic , Qatabanic, Sabaean Meaning (sabean mandean), Sabaic, Silt’e, syrian orthodox, Tigre, Tigrinya, Turoyo, Ugaritic, Western


Languages written with the Arabic script Adamaua Fulfulde Language, Afrikaans People, Arabic (Algerian), Arabic (Egyptian), Arabic (Lebanese), Arabic (Modern Standard), Arabic (Moroccan People), Arabic (Syria), Arabic (Tunisian), Arwi, Äynu, Azeri, Balti, Baluchi, Beja, Belarusian, Bosnian, Brahui, Chagatai, Chechen, Comorian, Crimean  Dargwa,  Dogri (dogri language,dogri language in which state,dogri is the language of which state), Domari, Gilaki, Hausa, Hazaragi, Indus Kohistani, Kabyle, Karakalpak Language, Konkani Language, Kashmiri, Kazakh, Khowar, Khorasani Turkic, Kurdish, Kyrgyz, Lezgi, Luri, Malay, Marwari, Mandekan, Mazandarani, Morisco, Mozarabic, Palula, Parkari Koli, Pashto Language, Persian Language , Punjabi, (Punjab) Qashqai, rajasthani rasiya, , Salar (about salar jung museum), Saraiki, Serer, Shabaki, Shina, Shughni, Sindhi, Somali, Tatar, Tausūg, Torwali, Turkish, Urdu, Uyghur, Uzbek, Wakhi, Wolof

The transliteration of consonants of Arabic Language used above is the International Standers Organization version of 1984. There are many other ways of transliterating Arabic meaning. Here is This chart shows how the letters change in different positions, i.e. Final Middle and Last.

Arabic Sources | Best Arabic learning website, modern standard Arabic, digital library pdf, free, resources pdf, lesson plan pdf, ebooks pdf

Dear Star kids: If you want to learn Arabic or build upon your Arabic language foundation, here are some of the best Arabic language resources that can complement your lessons, Arabic Lattes, Arabic Language Letters, and Sounds, Grammer, Arabic handwriting practice, learn Arabic writing, learn Arabic script, letter r in Arabic, Iraq alphabet Arabic phonetic alphabet ,Abjad Arabic, Arabic letters with words Arabic number letters basic Arabic Grammer, Arabic Alphabet for You free of cost:

An Arabic Keyboard. An Arabic keyboard can be handy in your Arabic language lessons and Sources. It appears on the screen and is a great way to associate Arabic alphabet letters (alaf to Yaa) to their English counterparts. Affiliated the Arabic and English Alphabet letter can give you valuable practice in spelling, writing and reading Arabic words.

 The Arabic Alphabet

 Dear Brothers and Sisters, this flash demonstration covers the basics of the Arabic alphabet. Knowing the All Arabic alphabet is the fundamental stepping stone to basic spelling, writing and reading Arabic words. Once you know the All alphabet and how to read or write and spell Vocabulary and Arabic words, it becomes easier to communicate each other, even if your uncomfortable with speaking and understanding spoken Arabic Grammer and Arabic Language.

Arabic Sources | Best Arabic learning website, modern standard Arabic, digital library pdf, free, resources pdf, lesson plan pdf, ebooks pdf

Arabic chat alphabet and Numbers

Dear brothers and Sisters, when chatting online Arabic speakers write in the Latin alphabet. So there are some Arabic Alphabets Letters for You:

Arabic numerals and numbers

Dear Students, these numerals are those used when writing Arabic and are written from left to right Order. In Arabic they are known as “Indian numbers” The term ‘Arabic numerals’ is also used to refer to 0,1, 2, 3,4 5,6,7,8,9, etc.

Arabic Sources | Best Arabic learning website, modern standard Arabic, digital library pdf, free, resources pdf, lesson plan pdf, ebooks pdf

Arabic Countries

Sr.NoCountry NamesVarieties of Arabic spoken
1Afghanistan CountryTajiki
2Algeria CountryAlgerian Saharan
3Bahrain CountryBaharna, Gulf
4Chad CountryChadian
5Cyprus CountryCypriot
6Djibouti CountryTa’izzi-Adeni/South Yemeni
7Egypt CountryEgyptian, Saidi, Libyan, Eastern Egyptian Bedawi
8Eritrea CountryHijazi
9Iran CountryMesopotamian, Gulf
10Iraq CountryMesopotamian, Najdi,, Gulf
11Israel CountryJudeo-Tripolitanian, Judeo-Moroccan, Judeo-Iraqi, Judeo-Yemeni, Judeo-Tunisian
12Jordan CountryNajdi, South Levantine, Eastern Egyptian Bedawi
13Kenya CountryOmani
14Kuwait Country

15Libya CountryLibyan
16Mali CountryHassaniyya
17Mauritania CountryHassaniyya
18Morocco CountryMoroccan design /Maghrebi, Hassaniyya
19Niger CountryLibyan, Hassaniyya
20Oman CountryGulf, Omani, Dhofari, Shihhi
21Palestinian West Bank & Gaza Country CountrySouth Levantine, Eastern Egyptian Bedawi
22Qatar Country Gulf
23Saudi Arabia CountryNajdi, Hijazi, Gulf
24Sudan CountrySudanese
25Syria CountryMesopotamian (mesopotamia definition), Najdi, Eastern Egyptian Bedawi
26Tajikistan CountryTajiki
27Tanzania CountryOmani
28Tunisia CountryTunisian, Judeo-Tunisian
29Turkey CountryNorth Mesopotamian
30UAEGulf, Shihhi
31Uzbekistan CountryUzbeki
32Yemen CountrySanaani/North Yemeni, Ta’izzi-Adeni/South Yemeni, Hadrami, Judeo-Yemeni
For a full list of all varieties of colloquial Arabic PDF Free Download

Arabic Sources | Best Arabic learning website, modern standard Arabic, digital library pdf, free, resources pdf, lesson plan pdf, ebooks pdf

Free Download: This Arabic Article is available as a convenient and portable PDF in Mobile, PC and Laptop that you can take anywhere. 

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Learn How to Pray in Arabic

Dear Students, the most widely used form of Arabic is that which is found in the Holy Quran, the holy book of Allah the Islam faith. Arabic and Islam are very intertwined. To help you get a better grasp of the Arabic language and Arabic Grammer, it is a good idea to learn how to perform Five Times prayers in Islam, including how to read and recite the Holy Quran, and practicing the Islamic rules and many prayers recited during important Islamic rituals.

Prayer makes up a big part of worship of the Allah and is a dominant component of All Arabic countries. By learning how these prayers are said, learning the Tajweed  Rules and being able to interpret what the prayers say can greatly help you in learning Arabic. Language, and Arabic Grammer

Arabic Sources | Best Arabic learning website, modern standard Arabic, digital library pdf, free, resources pdf, lesson plan pdf, ebooks pdf

AGU 101 Roots and Patterns

AGU-101-Terminology -Source in Arabic

AGU-101-Terminology-2 -Source in Arabic

AGU-101-Terminology-3 -Source in Arabic

AGU-101-Worksheet-01 -Source in Arabic

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The Root Pattran System Free PDF

AGU 103 Adjectives and Agreement

AGU-101-Worksheet-Answers Free PDF

AGU-103-Drill-1 -Source in Arabic

AGU-103-Drill-1-Answers Free PDF

AGU-103-Drill-2 -Source in Arabic

AGU-103-Drill-2-Answers Free PDF

AGU-103-Drill-3 -Source in Arabic

AGU-103-Drill-3-Answers Free PDF

AGU-103-Worksheet -Source in Arabic

AGU-103-Worksheet-Answers Free PDF

Arabic Grammer -Source in Arabic

Arabic Grammer 01 -Source in Arabic

Arabic Books & Worksheets

al-Jaleys Part 1 Final -Arabic Source

Alphabet Flashcards -Arabic Source

Alphabet Flashcards-Boat -Arabic Source

Arabic Grammar Book -Arabic Source

Arabic Writing Writing Sheet1 -Arabic Source

Arabic Writing Writing Sheet2 -Arabic Source

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Arabic Writing Writing Sheet4 -Arabic Source

arabic -Arabic Source PDF Free Download

Beginners Guide To Arabic -Arabic Source

Blank-Vocabulary Table of Arabic -Arabic Source

Blank-Vocabulary Table of Chinese PDF

Blank-Vocabulary Table of Polish -Arabic Source

Classical Arabic -Arabic Acceleration Report

Designing Learning Expericence PDF

Getting Away Torture Translation PDF

Jordan-Arabic Language Lessons -Arabic Source

learning plan 3 -Arabic Source

Learning Plan -Arabic Source

Part2 Final -Arabic Source Arabic workbook pdf

Part3Final-al-Jaleys -Arabic Source

Arabic Grammar Unpacked

AGU-101-Terminology Arabic learning resources

AGU-101-Worksheet arabic learning resources

The Root Pattran System Answer 02

The Root Pattran System - Answer

The Root Pattran System 02

The Root Pattran System 03

Arabic PDF Sources

10-Reasons to Learn Arabic Language

ACTFL-3-Lesson-Plan arabic learning resources

AlAdhaFeast12 arabic learning resources


Arab World-Lesson Plan arabic learning resources

Arabic Curriculum for Grade 03

Arabic Grammer-Interrogative Words

Arabic Letters-World arabic learning resources

Arabic Musical Insturments

Arabic Paper arabic learning resources

Arabic Acceleration Report Arabic workbook pdf

Arabic-Broad casting-Project


Beginners Guide To Arabic Arabic workbook pdf

Blank Template arabic learning resources

Body-parts arabic learning resources

Choose the right Word arabic learning resources

Clothing and-Desciptions arabic learning resources

Contest-Lesson Plan arabic learning resources

Curriculum Maptusd arabic learning resources


Eid Al Adha Feast11 arabic learning resources

Elementary-Level-2 arabic learning resources

Elomeri-lessonplay-2016 arabic learning resources

Fadi-Abughoush arabic learning resources

First Grade Arabic arabic learning resources

First-Grade-Lesson arabic learning resources

Four Grade of Arabic arabic learning resources

Healthy life arabic learning resources

Jordanian Arabic Grammar for Beginners

Khayameya-Full Unit arabic learning resources

Kindergarten Arabic Lesson

Kindergarten -Unit-1-Greetings

Kindergarten Unit-2-Using-Arabic at School

Kindergarten-Unit-3-Fun with 1-20

Kindergarten Unit-4-Colors and Fruits

Kindergarten Unit-5-My Family

Lesson-plan arabic learning resources

Morocco---s-presentation Arabic workbook pdf

My Cellular Devices Arabic workbook pdf

My Shopping Cart Arabic workbook pdf

My Small world Arabic workbook pdf

My School Arabic workbook pdf

My Trips-QFI1 Arabic workbook pdf

pdf Toimage Arabic workbook pdf

Plans Elementary Level-1 Arabic workbook pdf

Professions and Places in My Neighborhood

Scope and Sequence Arabic workbook pdf

Scope Sequence-Biographies

Scope and-Sequence for Careers

Scope and Sequence Intermediate-Social

Scope and Sequence The Environment

Second Grade of Arabic Arabic workbook pdf

Sharing the world AnimalsUnit7

Sharing the world-Unit1 Arabic workbook pdf


The Refugee Rights Arabic workbook pdf

The Arabic Alphabets Arabic workbook pdf

Third Grade of Arabic Arabic workbook pdf

Trips lesson plan 3 Arabic workbook pdf

Weather-and-Seasons complete

What do you Study Arabic workbook pdf

افلام عربية 3Arabic Words Arabic workbook pdf

Dear Students, Each letter of the Arabic alphabet can have a maximum of four shapes depending on their position in the word: initial, medial, final attached, or final isolated. .

Learn to Perform Hajj PDF

Dear Students, Hajj is the most important in the life whole of a Muslim. It is required for every Muslim at least once in his or her life. The Hajj is an annual journey Mecca to Madina , the holiest and Sacred  city in the Muslim faith. The multi-day journey involves specific rituals, performing Namaz and prayers to be conducted and recited along the journey. You know I have many PDF about Hajj and Umerah.

Learning the various prayers and rituals of Pilgrims is a great way for Arabic language students to expand their vocabulary and grasp of the Arabic language.

Learn the Rules of Tajweed

Tajweed is a set of pronunciation and basic rules used when reciting the Holy Quran. These rules involve pauses and accents. Knowing these basic rules for reading the Holy Quran will help students in their Arabic language studies.

Dear You can get free pdf and Worksheets the explains the rules of Tajweed, with an emphasis on “nasal assimilation,” one of the most important rules.

Some PDF and Worksheets for learning Arabic can be found inside this Quora post. The author even gives suggestions for specific resources depending on your level of knowledge of Arabic Language and Arabic Grammer or any Educational information.

You know Arabic is an important, useful, Basic, key point and worthwhile language to learn in today’s the all over the world. Arabic can teach you about other cultures, Lives, Social, and Religious life.

Dear, If you’ve found these free Arabic language PDF, Worksheets, Books, resources and tools useful, take the next step and sign up for Arabic courses at Thanks!

Looking for Latest Information?

  • Learn the Arabic All Alphabet – our flagship Arabic alphabet course with free PDF and exercises updated for 2020
  • Arabic Worksheets for Grade 1 – Free PDF that includes a crash course on the Arabic alphabet
  • Basic Arabic Grammar: Guide to Learning Arabic Faster – 90-page PDF that dives into how the Arabic language works and free Printable Worksheets for Kids
  • Arabic PDF Free Download – a kids ’s lesson that gives an bird eye view and some details Arabic Grammer about nouns, pronouns, adjectives and adverbs in Arabic grammar, collectively what we call ism
  • Arabic Vocabulary– a short tutorial that explains the essentials about Arabic sentences, Arabic Vocabulary and Arabic Guides in preparation for more advanced topics
  • A to Z Arabic Printable Worksheets – a tutorial on Arabic grammar that focuses on the definiteness and indefiniteness of words. Includes detailed discussions about Arabic Grammer, Arabic Vocabulary, Arabic All Alphabets and various kinds of pronouns, such as personal pronouns, demonstrative pronouns, relative pronouns, etc.


Dear Brothers and Sisters, If you want to know more latest information about Quran, Islamic, Education and Arabic Language Programs, please contact us or used comment Box only thanks 

Lesson Plans

Dear Brothers and Sisters, These sample lesson plans include multiple learning targets from the beginning, Primary , Elementary and High and end of various thematic units. Dear Students Many activities outlined in the learning plans, Printable worksheets, Arabic Flash cards, Quran with Tajweed, Quran Translation and Basic Islamic Information are accompanied by sample authentic resources, Ways and teaching educational And Islamic materials. Each learning plan of Arabic learning , Grammer, Tajweed ,Quran with Tajweed, Tafseer  also contains PDF of one or more activities being delivered in a real classroom. Quranmualim, thanks e for developing these materials. Primary, Elementary and High.

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  • Learn MSA, which is used and understood throughout the Arabic Countries.
  • Arabic Language activities PDF with key role plays in your daily life.
  • Extensive vocabulary practice printable worksheets pdf free download
  • Worksheets and eBook to practice handwriting worksheets download
  • Language notes and grammar explanations free printable pdf download
  • Islamic and Educational Worksheets including advice on what to do and what not to do
  • Support materials, Books, Notes, downloads and study plans printable pdf free download

Dear Brothers and Sisters, all our Arabic courses (Quran, Quran with Tajweed and So on) are meet the requirements of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

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