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Dear Students Knowledge of Ilm-ut-Tajweed  has many name like : Science of Tajweed, Principles of Tajweed, Rules of Tajweed. Tajweed (تجويد‎, meaning “elocution”), sometimes rendered as Tajwid, refers to the rules governing pronunciation of letters of Arabic during recitation of the Qur’aan.Majeed  The term of Tajweed  is derived from the Triliteral Root Jeem-Waw-Daal meaning “to make well, Good, make better, improve”. Basic Tajweed is a Fard Ayn (Personal religious duty) when reciting the Qur’aan. Pak
Arabic Pronunciation makes use of sounds which are articulated very uniquely in Arabic elocution. There is a system for emissions of the sounds and their points (Makhraj ul-Huruf). See: Makhraj for more info. There is also the system for Manner of articulation. as the word Sifaat suggest, it is about the attributes of a Alphabets letter (Haruf) which make it unique from other Alphabets letters.
Dear Student Haroof Sifaat and Haroof Makhaarij are the basis of Ilm ut Tajweed, they are used together, other rules/systems can affect Sifaat and/or Makhraj. Remember: In this Article We will learn and get Free Tajweed Books in English PDF Download
Dear Students. There are Some most renowned personalities in the world of Qirat ul Quran. Theses are the best persons in the world. If you want to get knowledge or learn the Tajweed , then you should listen the recitation of the Quran in the voice of these Qaries.
1.       Maria Ulfah
2.       Mustafa Ismail
3.     Ahmad bin ali al ajmi
4.      Husain Burhanuddin
5.     Mishary Rashid Alafasy
6.     Mohamed siddiq el minshawi
7.     Abdul Basit ‘Abd us-Samad
8.     Mahmoud Khalil Al-Hussary
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Qawaid Al Lughah Al Arabiyyah


Tajweed Book: Free Tajweed Books in English

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About Quranmualim Academy:
Quranmualim Academy offers basic and advanced learning Qur’an reading with correct principles of Tajweed. The Quran Tajweed purpose behind this program is to ensure that one comprehends the correct articulation points of the Arabic alphabets, Tajweed rules and Tarteel (combining theory and practice). Further Tajweed benefits include memorization of different surahs and masnoon du’as. These classes are accessible during weekdays and weeknights all male and female qualified teachers.
Prerequisites : Basic reading fluency, such as knowing:
  • The letters of the Arabic alphabet in their various forms
  • The different vowel signs and what they do to a letter
  •  When to stretch the sound of a letter
What you need/ Requirements
  • A computer, Internet connection and a headset with microphone
  • A personal Skype or Zoom account or Team viwer
  • A dedicated notebook ,stationery  and Have a good Mind for Learning
  •  The textbook PDF – Tuhfatul Atfaal & Qirat Books PDF
  • Timing & Fee can check. Please Check Our Home  Page Thanks 
  • Don’t delay and mail or Call with today!

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