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The person who want to learn the Holy Quran, they have to learn and read Noorani Qaida English PDF. For the starters, it is foremost step for Quran reading. Reading of The Noble Quran becomes easier not only children but also for alders.

Noorani Qaida lays the foundation of Quranic learning with Tajweed for the Muslims though the world. There (noorani qaida) in it are various exercises including verses and words of The Noble Quran.

In a Hadith , narrated by Abu Huraira , the Holy Prophet Peace Be Upon Him said, “If someone travels long for obtaining knowledge , Allah makes easy his way toward heaven.”

Why to learn Noorani Qaida English PDF?

To learn the pronunciation of the Quranic words, Noorani Qaida English PDF is basic booklet. This booklet is necessary for Tajweed for the Holy Book of The Noble Quran.

This contains all the vital lesson regarding Quranic recitations. Beginning of this book (Noorani Qaida English PDF) is with Alphabets of Arabic and gradually takes the students from easy to difficulty letters and words, verses and tajweed rules.

This is existing prevailing way to learn Quranic words in the Non Arab world. In this booklet (Noorani Qaida English PDF) following topic are covered:

  • Learning the rules of RAA and Laam.
  • Learning the basic Arabic Alphabets and symbles.
  • Learning the fundamental norms of pronunciation, and basic alphabets.
  • Learning the waqaf rules there by one knowns where to stop and where to pause.
  • Learning the consonents, and short vowels i.e. Harkaat, Fata and Kasra, sounds of Dammah.
  • Learning of Long vowels i.e. Haroof-e- Maddaah , Haroof –e- Leen and Haroof-e- Noon Sakinah, Tanveen.

Learning the rules of tashdeed, Tashdeed alongwith Sukoon, Tashdeed alongweith Tashdeedafter madd etcita. In subcontinent of India and in South Asia, Qadias are chain of books for starters for learning of Quranic Arabic (Lighat ul Quran).

Noorani Qaida English PDF is the basic book that is used by the beginners to read the Holy Book of Quran. In this website WWW.QURANMUALIM.COM,

I am attaching the chain of pdf books Noorani Qaidas. The starting  Noorani Qaida English PDF are categorized in further more includeing this Noorani Qaida.

Muslims kids and Muslims adults can learn easily the Quranic Arabic words as this Noorani Qaida English PDF is especially made for the easiness of the Muslims learners for the recitation of Quran. This learning is made more easy through PDF Files.

This Noorani Qaida English PDF is comprising of seventeen chapters of lessons. Every nest lesson is preceded regarding the difficulty level for step by step learning.

Here various Noorani Qaida are available and you can free download from this website  as under Kids Supplication,Norani Qaida in English PDF, Qurani Qaida, Urdu Qaeda Recognition System for Isolated, and zmZiub_nooraniah Thanks

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Noorani Qaida contains the All-Arabic alphabet Letters. A non-Arab person needs to learn the alphabet of the Arabic language, Basic Arabic Grammar,

Arabic Vocabulary, Arabic Worksheets for Grade 1, learn Arabic or Arabic for beginner before he/ She learns the Noble Quran. Are the Noorani Qaida beneficial for all those who are not the native Arabs and New Muslims.

Yes, Noorani Qaida is beneficial for those who can’t cannot pronounce the Quranic words until they learn the basic rules about how to pronounce the Arabic alphabet Letters. Noorani Qaida teaches the beginners, Kids, Toddlers, Muslims, New Muslims accurate pronunciation of Arabic words,

Arabic letters. You are a Muslim, and you want to know about the Basic teaching of Islam; you are supposed to recite the Noble Quran. You cannot recite the Noble Quran until you learn the Noorani Qaida.


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam, if you are a non-native Arab; you have never learned the Arabic Alphabet of the Arabic language; you cannot recite the Noble Quran.

You are supposed to start leaning Noorani Qaida. to know about Arabic language first of all. Having learned the Arabic alphabet; you begin learning the rules of pronouncing the compound Arabic words.

It is the initial stage you make a lot of mistakes. You need not lose hope. It is common among all Kids, Children and beginners. You will soon make up your shortcomings by mastering the rules of pronouncing the Arabic alphabet.


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam, If You are willing to learn , Noorani Qaida , Supplications, Quran with Tajweed, and the Noble  Quran with Tafseer and Hadithees Books; however, you don’t know how to recite the ,Basic Alphabets,, Arabic Letters Arabic words accurately.

You need to understand the Noorani Qaida English PDF. Of course, Noorani Qaida teaches you the alphabet of the Arabic language, Arabic Letters. Also, you learn the basic rules of pronouncing Arabic words and letters accurately.

Find a good Arabic teacher:

The importance of a reliable online Quran Arabic teacher is evident from the way the teacher teaches.

Show the student the best possible way to express each word and spend his time and effort in providing instructions received from the Good teacher. In this vein, it is difficult to find a Good Quran teacher on the Internet who teaches Noorani Qaida


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Some important Questions?

  • Why learn Noorani qaida?
  • How to learn Noorani qaida online?
  • Benefits of learning Noorani Qaida.
  • I want to learn Noorani Qaida Online.
  • In which is the best Qaida and who can learn it?
  • What is the best source to learn Noorani qaida?

Affordable Fees & Family Pakage:

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam, Our aim is to offer the best Noorani Qaida course and incomparable services of Noorani Qaida teaching to your kids, Children and family pakage with affordable fees at your doorstep.

As compared to other educational institutions that charge a very high price for their Islamic courses (Islamic Teachings ), our online course is a much more preferred option, both in terms of learning and cost.


Noorani Qaida by is one out of many useful many Islamic Teachings to date with its attention to detail and practical approach of teaching The Noble Quran with Tajweed and Arabic.

It is a complete guide in English for learning to read Arabic alphabets, Arabic Learning and how to join different alphabets to form words. Dear, Start learning the Arabic language now and become proficient in reading The Noble Quran with Noorani Qaida.

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