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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam, it is very important for us to build a connection with the Holy Quran- Lughat ul Quran (the Last Book). NOT ONLY must we read the Holy Quran, but we must also understand the meaning, Lughat ul Quran Translation, Arabic Grammer, Tajweed rules and the guidance of Allah Almighty contained within it. In the early stages of our approach to the Holy Quran, reading the translation in one’s own language (Arabic Language). But, as a Muslim, one of the most important objectives of our lives should be to learn the language of the Quran… (Lughat ul Quran, Arabic language, Arabic Grammer)

If you’re looking to learn to speak Arabic online, you’ve probably understood both Quranic and Modern Standard Arabic. Most Arabic language schools offer courses in both (Arabic Language and Quran Grammer– Lughat ul Quran). But why? What is the difference between the two (Quran and Arabic MNSA) and which one should you learn first? Continue reading to find out.

Quranic Arabic Lughat ul Quran

Quran Arabic (Lughat ul Quran) is the form of Arabic in which the Holy Quran (Holy Book of Allah) is written. Quranic Arabic is also called classical Arabic. As the Quran was written as early as the 6th century A.D., the language will be slightly different from the Arabic Language of today. Dear What is different in Arabic grammar (Lughat ul Quran-Noun, Verb, and Basic Rules of Arabic) and punctuation words of Arabic between the Holy Quranic and modern standard versions of Arabic.

In Classical Arabic (or Quranic Arabic) special symbols are used to signify proper pronunciation, Tajweed Rules and Waqaf Riles, Qirat and to give emphasized effects to Quran words by Words, such as pauses between All words. These written Arabic symbols are almost exclusively used in oral reciting of the Holy Quran. Almost, most Arabic speakers will know both Quranic Arabic (Tajweed Rules, Grammer, Waqaf and Qirat Rules) and Modern Standard Arabic. But others non-Arabic Speakers did not know proper Rules

Modern Standard Arabic

Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) is the most widely used version of Arabic Language used today in Arabic speaking countries (Gulf and So on). Modern Standard Arabic is used in virtually every media outlet from TV to movies to newspapers to radio broadcasts etc. Most books are written in MSA-Modern Standard Arabic is very similar to classical (or Quranic) Arabic. In fact, many Arabs use them interchangeably. Although, the two types of Arabic are very similar.

The Differences Between MSA & Quaranic Arabic

Dear Brothers and Sisters, the difference between Modern Standard Arabic (Arabic learning Books PDF) and Quranic Arabic is in the form in which they are presented. Quranic Arabic (classical) Arabic is more common in literature and writing while Modern Standard Arabic is more common spoken. Because both are the same with a few differences, most Arabs can be taught one and quickly learn the other. If you have with both versions of Arabic being so similar, once you master one, you’ll be able to quickly learn the other.

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Dear Brothers and Sisters, being fluent in Arabic Language has many benefits, in Books, Arabic learning Books PDF and Grammers, Quran with Tajweed and Arabic Communication in business. If you want to begin learning Books PDF either Quranic or Modern Standard Arabic, take a look at our Arabic Language courses Lughat ul Quran | Arabic learning Books PDF and contact via Whattapp or mail now. I will help You Inshaalah.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam, You will cherish it once you can comprehend Arabic Grammar and Lughat ul Quran | Arabic learning Books PDF (Quran with Tajweed, Arabic Translation and Arabic Learning Books PDF )Quran insha’Allah. Quran will change your relationship to the Holy Quran, with your prayers. Ameen.

GRAMMER IN ENGLISH : (لغت القران)

English - 80 Pages-1-14 : Lughat ul Quran

English -80 Pages-15-24 : Lughat ul Quran

English -80 Pages-25-34 : Lughat ul Quran

English -80 Pages-35-38 -Lughat ul Quran

GRAMMER IN GERMAN : (لغت القران)

German-80 Part-1 : Lughat ul Quran

German-80 Part-2 : Lughat ul Quran

GRAMMER IN HINDI : (لغت القران)

Hindi 80 Grammar 35-38 : Lughat ul Quran

Hindi 80 Pages 01-14 : Lughat ul Quran

Hindi 80 Pages 15-24 : Lughat ul Quran

Hindi 80 Pages 25-34 : Lughat ul Quran

HIndi 80 title, Back Cover and Preface

Lugha tul Quran PDF and Rules : (لغت القران)

6-Groups Roots : Lughat ul Quran

10- Groups Babs : Lughat ul Quran

Dictionary of the Quran : Lughat ul Quran

Eng 80 charts : Lughat ul Quran

Eng 80 CARDS 1-14 : Lughat ul Quran

Eng 80 VERBS 15-24 : Lughat ul Quran

Eng 80 VERBS 25-34 Arabic learning Books PDF

Essentials of Arabic Grammar English

Grammar Table Arabic learning Books PDF

Quranic Arabic Eng Dictionary

Quranic Root Words Arabic learning Books PDF

Lughat ul Quran in URDU : (لغت القران)

Lughat ul Quran 6 Arabic learning Books PDF

Lughat Ul Quran By Mufti Muhammad Naeem

Lughatul Quran Bengali-1 Arabic learning Books PDF

Lughat-Urdu-Part1 Arabic learning Books PDF

Lughat-Urdu-Part 2 Arabic learning Books PDF

Lughat-Urdu-Part3 Arabic learning Books PDF

Lughat-Urdu-Part4 Arabic learning Books PDF

Taseer Lughatul Quran Arabic learning Books PDF

Thek eye to a success ful day -Lughat ul Quran

URDU 80 % Words of Quran Part-1

URDU 80 % Words of Quran Part-2

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