Learn Quran Word by Word | Rules of Tajweed-Quranmualim

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Here we learn in this article ,Learn Quran Word by Word | Rules of Tajweed-Quranmualim. The word “Tajweed” means to improve, to do better and to be good. Tajweed of the Holy Quran is the knowledge and application of the rules of recitation of the Holy Quran, so that the reading of the Holy Quran is as recited by our The Messenger of Allah  (PBUH).

The Rules of Tajweed Principles:

There are basic 4 Principles of the Tajweed: Good Pronounce of the Letters, Basic knowledge of the Characteristics of the Letters, Knowledge Change rules of the Letter and last knowledge of the Characteristics of the Letters.

Qaida Tajweed :Method of learning Quran fast

Dear Brothers and Sisters , Often this question rises that how Quran can be learnt fastly. To learn quickly learner should give more time and more efforts to the Holy Quran. Here we are giving you some useful tips for fast learning of Quran from Qaida Tajweed .

Read the basic course of Qaida Tajweed .

Make five days learning programmed with a tutor at www.Quranmualim.com(Alasad Online Quran Tutor) Prepare and learn , by practicing your lesson every day , so that lesson’s concept  and exercises should be learnt by heart by you. Time and again listen the readings of tour teacher or go to learn Qaida Tajweed, Quran reading, Quran With Tajweed and Arabic grammar . Lesson will be  more beneficial, if they are aloud or in videos or one to one . By this way you can speed up your  learning process via Skype online One to One Classes With Sincerely Zeal and Zest . You will may be able to start fluently reading with in six months Inshallaha (انشاء اللہ ) CEO Hafiz Abdul Hameed.

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