What is the History of the Holy Quran ?

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In this Article We will lean about What is the history of the Holy Quran? It is a manners to keep the Holy Quran for a situation or in a spread. Muslims have been follow  this since the time of the aabah and Tabi’in 8 (Bahar-e-Shari’at, part 12, pp. 139)

 One of the aadab majlis of the Holy Quran is to refrain from turning one’s back towards it, spreading out the legs towards it, putting the feet higher than it, furthermore, being on a higher surface when contrasted with it . (ibid) The 3 sciences of Lughat [language], Naw [grammar: Arabic syntax], and arf [morphology] are all equal in status. 

In these books ilm kalam can be placed ; on top of those, books of Fiqh [jurisprudence] can be placed; and on top of those, books of adiš and supplications mentioned in the Holy Quran and adiš can be placed. Then on top of those, books of Tafsir can be placed; and altimatly Quran is a sacred book so that we cover the cloth. Do not cover the cloth  on top of a suitcase in which the Holy Quran has been placed. (Fatawa ‘Alamgiri, vol. 5, pp. 323-324) 

If someone keeps a Holy Quran in his house with the intention of blessings and goodness, but he does not recite it, he will not be sinful. Actually, even this expectation of his will be a methods for remuneration for him . (Fatawa Qa?i Khan, vol. 2, pp. 378)

If the Holy Quran accidentally falls from someone’s hands or rack onto the floor, there is no sin for him nor is any Kaffarah [expiation] required. Truth be told, even this goal of his will be a methods for remuneration for him or puts his feet on the Holy Quran with the intention of disrespect; he will become a Kafir. ‘Ilm-ul-Kalam is that branch of Islamic sciences which deals with philosophical study of attributes of Allah  A statement made in words of a vow (Qasam) or oath whilst holding the Sacred Quran in the hands or setting the hand onto the Holy Quran is perceived as an extreme pledge (Qasam).

However, if someone says something without uttering specific words of a vow/oath while holding the Holy Quran in his hands or placing his hand onto the Holy Quran, the vow (Qasam) will not be established in this case nor will any Kaffarah [expiation] be required. (Fatawa Razawiyyah – referenced, vol. 13, pp. 574-575)  Even if there are many Qurans stocked in a Masjid, and not all of them are being used; and some are wearing out. However, such Qurans may be distributed to be placed into other Masajid and Islamic schools. (Fatawa Razawiyyahreferenced, vol. 16, pp. 164) Allah!  O my Allah! May recitation become part of my daily routine!

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